Dear Ashley, > > Thank you very, very much for your prompt reply. I have printed a copy and > will hand deliver it to the harmed spouse today. > > I guess you're not suprised to hear that counseling didn't work. I think the > marriage and family are history. I'm going to contact the Ga. Psy. Assoc. > about offering continuing education credits to licensed psychologists > interested in learning how to deal with this interesting form of cultism. (I > may even offer to be the trainer.) > > I'll try to arrange an e-mail connection for the wife. I think it would be > enormously therapeutic for her to know that she is not alone. Her husband, a > highly-paid professional, was instantly converted to Amway and is apparently > willing to give up eveything to follow his "dream". I have talked to him and > his conversation sounds like a play-back of the tapes I've read about on the > Internet. > > Your class action suit sounds like a good idea. Have you thought about a > letter writing campaign, demanding that congress investigate the AMO's? I > think there might be a major research project here, but I'm not sure of the > focus it should take. How about a book? How about a talk show blitz? > > The more I learn about this thing the more concerned I become. The specter > of > broken and/or financially damaged families, along with children being reared > with values that call work a dirty word and encourage replacing goals with > dreams, scares me. I think I have to figure out a way to become involved. > > Sincerely, > Grace > > -------------------------------------- >
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