I appreciate the insite on the Amway Corporation. > > I did attempt to finding information on the internet prior to my joining > just 2 weeks ago. However, at that time the server was down and all I > could find was their homepage. I did join, against my sister's advise > and warnings about her encounters with her Amway inlaws and my husband's > warnings. Typically I don't fall to the sales lines of people and quite > honestly I'm rather quick to shut them off. However, she was an > acquaintenance through work and we seems to hit it off. I was lured in > with all the tactics mentioned above and in the other site "Amway The > Untold Story". My first showing of the plan with my upline, let me > become the third person at which time I was able to step back and watch > them in action! All the lines mentioned were used as well as some of > the new ones out there. Upon this I rushed again to the internet to > find something to confirm my gut feelings. Fortunately I found these > sites days after I joined. My upline was planning on picking up a lit > pack given to my prospect from 2 days before at noon at my office. She > insisted she be present when they returned it. However, I picked up the > pack from the the day before at my prospects office and apologized for > their rude persistence and my involvement which was ending the next > day. When the pack was picked up by my upline, I let her know what I > discovered on Amway and I wanted all my money back ( as I had in my > trunk everything ever given to me by Amway to return to her). I > suggested she make sure I receive my money within 30 days or I will > definately warn her prospects (which I knew of one of them) of what I > discovered and also I would constantly visit her at her place of > employment to ask for my Amway money back. Within 2 days of her > checking with "her upline" I received a call from her I would have a > personal check in the mail for the full amount. Today the check should > arrive. > > Thank you so much for all your insite on Amway. I see how easily you > could put money into this that you really don't have or want to spend on > it. > > Regards, > > Deborah >
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