Received: from by; Sun, 4 May 97 18:12:02 -0500 Return-Path: Received: from by; Sun, 4 May 97 18:12:01 -0500 Received: (from root@localhost) by (8.7.6/8.7.3/AOL-2.0.0) id TAA15400 for; Sun, 4 May 1997 19:11:59 -0400 (EDT) Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 19:11:59 -0400 (EDT) From: Message-ID: <> To: Ashley Wilkes Subject: amway friends Mr. Wilkes, I had some close friends that are currently being hurt by the AMO's. They used to be some of our best friends, but since Amway they have become distant. My wife and I started dating about the same time as this couple, and were married about 2 months apart. My wife and I were both attendants in their wedding, and they were both in our wedding. Anyway, they got into Amway not too long after that, and when we didn't sign up, our friends slowly started drifting away. We used to go out to eat with them, or to the movies about once a week, then it became every other week, then monthly, and finally a hello in church was about the only contact we had with them. It's really sad, they used to be so much fun to be around, but the longer that they are in Amway, they less I want to be around them. Their sense of humor left, their ability to talk about anything outside of Amway (sports, church, JOB) left, and the last time that we went out with them, I told them that until they retired from their jobs, and were doing Amway full-time, I don't want to hear anything else about it. That was the last time that I talked to them until recently, my wife still called them every now and then, but nothing of any substance was ever talked about. I know for a fact that they are presently doing worse financially than when they started Amway, but they don't admit it. Well, about a month ago (probably a year since last going out with our friends) I was offered a job, in another state about 1000 miles from where we lived, I accepted the job and my wife and I did everything necessary for the move. About 2 days before leaving, I called them, told them I was leaving and asked them if they wanted to get together for old time's sake. They agreed, and we decided we would meet them at a restaurant about 6:00 PM. As soon as we got to the restaurant, we were informed that they had to eat fast, because they had a meeting to go to at 7:00 PM. I couldn't believe it, we had a lot of people that we were trying to say farewells to, and we chose to spend the evening with these particular friends (at least they were friends in our book). Their meeting, which they could have gone to any night, was more important than spending some time with people that the used to be very close with. Well that ripped it for me, the only way that I will ever agree to spend time with these "friends" again is if they are no longer in Amway. I hope that one day they wise up and see where the AMO's are taking them, and I hope that one day when we go home to visit family, friends, etc.. that we can see our old friends, but until they are out of thier AMO, it doesn't appeal to me too much. Thanks for listening and any advice you have would be appreciated, Clay
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