Slick Matthews: this is kind of an interesting message that was passed on to me
from Dr David and it's real special, it gives you an idea of the FEELING
AND THE COMPASSION THAT THE LEADERS IN THE AMWAY CORPORATION HAVE. Actually, it's about Rich De Voss from the Seattle area. Here it is.

Friday, 12:23 am remote message from Dr David. Pretty POWERFUL message
here, folks, I'm not endorsing that, uh, each and every one of ya or any of your
kids, uh, go and write a letter to Rich De Voss like this, cuz, uh, you know,
he's obviously inundated with letters right and left but this is a pretty
powerful testimony here. I think you're gonna enjoy this one. God bless you.

Thursday, 4:25 pm remote message from Dick and Faye McCullum. Passing on.

Wednesday, 7:43 pm remote message from Will Byer. Hi, Dick, this is Will and I
wanted to pass on this message that came up from Jim Schnook. I think you're gonna
find it of great interest and, uh, especially HOW HIGHLY IT SPEAKS OF THE AMWAY

Wednesday, 6:15 pm remote message from: Hi!, Jim Schnook. Will, I thought you
might enjoy this message.

Wednesday, 4:59 pm. Hi, Jim, this is James, uh, I wrote Rich De Voss a letter
couple weeks ago, uh, telling him that I'm a 13-year-old and I help out in my
parents' Amway business alot and I'm really interested in the Business and I asked
him if he knew of any books I could read that would help me prepare for my future
in my business, my distributorship when I turn 16 and, uh, he wrote me back,
actually he didn't really write me back, he sent me back my same letter and at
the bottom he just wrote "James, I'm sending you some books and tapes, Love Ya,
uncle Rich." And along with that I got a package today, uh a video of, uh, the
Rich De Voss speech at the 1993 convention and the audio tape of Four WInds by
Rich De Voss plus I got a cassette of "Selling America" by him, uh, Heart of
Amway by him, uh, and "Life Enrichers" by him and he sent me his autographed book
"Compassionate Capitalism, People Helping People Help Themselves". And inside he
wrote "To James, Love Ya, Uncle Rich." And, uh, now I've gotta go diamond because
I owe it to him, I mean. This is NEAT. ANd, uh, just had to call and tell you
this, uh, I will talk to you later, Bye.

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