Ashley! You have a really good website! I only wish I could show this to my daughter and son-in-law and his parents who are into Amway BIG TIME (they have been in since November, 1995). We are already on their black list because we didn't get into Amway and they know we don't approve of Amway's tactics (do they really tell the people not to have anything to do with people who aren't in Amway?). Everything you have said is true. I have heard them say some of the same mind-controlling things that you mentioned in your pages. When will they wake up? How long will it take for them to go out and get a REAL job? Right now, our son-in-law doesn't have a full time job ... just a couple little 'home businesses.' They have no insurance (Public Aid paid for their baby), and they have maxed out their credit cards! They don't pay any rent on their apartment because his grandfather owns the building they live in (I suspect that Grandpa doesn't know they are NOT paying rent either. Our son-in-law's mother collects the rent for the apartment building ... pretty neat setup huh!). Our son-in-law's parents are in the construction business and have just taken out a 2nd mortgage on THEIR home for $25,000. My guess is that it will pay off their credit card debt. I am curious as to how they could go from a bonus check of $73.00 a month to Silver Direct this month. What does that really mean ... did someone in their downline (his parents are under them and also went Silver Direct this month) buy a lot of product this month or what? Did they really make that much MORE money? We are (or were before Amway) a very close family ... but Amway has caused all of us a lot of grief! We have talked with our son-in-laws brother (who is NOT in Amway) and he feels the same things we feel. Will they ever see Amway for what it is? Please do not share this with anyone or put this letter on the internet. I don't want the fragile relationship we do have with our daughter to be broken forever. Thanks for any help you can offer. Pam
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