Need help. Hi, I've been through living hell with a man I care for very much. He's been involved with Amway for over three years. He's now in the process of bottoming out, as about 100 people working under him (downlines?) have quit. He claims he's just "taking a step back, not quitting". He feels like a failure, and says he will rebuild his "business". Meanwhile, we are both on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I had no idea how sick all this Amway stuff was until I started looking for information on the internet. He is vacillating. Beating himself up. Ashamed of himself for "failure". I have no idea how to support him, and I'm all he's got, since he alienated everyone he knew by trying to recruit them. I have never been involved with the "system". Is there help available for people trying to get out? How do people put their lives back together? Sincerely,

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