Wednesday, 5:29 pm remote message from Dr. David. Passin' on a message
of FREEdom. Wednesday, 1:25pm remote message from:

" Hank Reefer, goin' diamond. Hey, David, I've been listening to the
messages from you and Slick Matthews about freedom and I, uh, I have a
little freedom story myself. The other day I, uh, which was yesterday, I
was pickin' up my son, Kendrick, who is in pre-K and, uh, he was with
his little buddy, David, in the back seat and they were talkin' and, uh,
Kendrick looked over at David and said "wouldn't you like your dad to be
home everyday from work?" and David says, yeh, and Kendrick says "You've
got to get your dad to talk to MY dad so he can get in the Business so
he doesn't have to go to work and, uh, it was, it was really cute, and I
was listenin' to 'em and then he said, uh, listen, he goes "How would
you like to go to 7-11 everyday with your dad after school like I do and
get a Slurpy and play pinball." And, the kid said, you know, Yeh, I'd
love to and, you know, all he was doin' was sharing the joy, you know,
sharing the joy, he doesn't even know what the Amsuds business is about
but he knows what it gets. You know, it was the greatest thing in the
world to see a five year old understand what his dad's doin', what
his mom's doin' and be so excited about it and, and he does it with me
and he doesn't even know he's doin' it, he's so positive, anyway I
thought I'd just send that to ya, thanks alot and, you know, I love
this business, love ya, David. "

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