Tim writes: > I first want to say a very large thank you for your thaughts on > Amway. I can not agree with you more on what you feel about the Amway > company. I was one of those wierd teenagers that wanted money and so I was > sucked into the company at the age of 16. I had high hopes and dreams. How > ever I kept felling pressure from everyone in the organization to buy tapes, > go to functions and to buy products. I thaught that this would help me make > money but instead it was just getting me deap in to debt. The money issue > wasn't the only thing that really bothered me, the whole ethics issue was > also very disturbing factor. It seemed to me that we (as distributers) were > being taught just to look at people as a piece of meat and to see how much > blood we could suck from them. Where as they taught that it was a family > oriented business it sure seemed cold and ruthless to the way that they > wanted us to treat the prospects. > I also argree with you on the Christian aspect of the company. I am > a Christian and agree with the whole Christian belief system and life style. > However I do not feel that a large scale company like Amway should be > preaching Christianty or any religion for that matter. I too have > experienced one of the sunday morning meetings and have heard Bill Britt > preaching and pressuring people to take Christ in. Well in a church that is > all fine and good but come on this was suposed to be a Business convention. > To me is was sickening to see. > I want to wish you luck in spreading the TRUE word about Amway and > other MLM's. People really need to know the truth. > > Sincerly, > Tim >
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