Dear Ashely,

The reality is that very little of the propaganda your upline likes= to >> feed you is true. Maybe a few people at the top have profited from the >> business, but they are very few. How many rallies have you been to with >> hundreds or even thousands of people in attendence and at the end they= ask >> for all new pins to cross stage, and there's no one, or maybe one or two.= I >> find it hard to believe that all of those people just hadn't worked or >> suffered enough to reach a pin level. >>=20 >> The reality is that the longer you stay in, the more tools you will >> buy. And your direct needs for you to keep buying those tools. Ever= notice >> how upline keeps a graph of who is on tools? They say this is to keep= track >> of those who are serious enough about the business. I suspect this is >> false. I am very convinced that tools are their bread and butter. When= my >> husband and I found some tools that are still being used today at a= garage >> sale at an EX-EMERALDS in our area, this was frowned upon by our upline. >> Why? You tell me! Could it be that they can't make money off of= something >> that isn't bought through them? It was told to us several times what= many >> of the books were mainstream and could be purchased at any book store. = So >> why are they being sold through an AMO? Why would you pay shipping and= wait >> for two weeks for a book you could have that day, cheaper? How does this >> make sense? >>=20 >>=20 > > > kelly

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