Eileen >writes: >> I have never sent an e-mail to someone that I don't know in such a way, but >> seeing your site and reading your story I thought I would try. >> >> My sister is into Amway and is surely moving away from our family along >> with my 13 year old nephew. The isolation from us is becoming harder and >> harder to deal with and she is starting to keep her son from us any chance >> she gets as a form of "punishment" to him when he doesn't do what he is >> supposed to do. I had recently planned a small vacation with my >> sister-in-law and brother, my mom and my nephew. My sister said it was >> okay for him to come because he and her new husband (that's another long >> story and he's the driving force behind this Amway thing) were going to be >> in Canada (Amway of course). Then I had to move the date and she said no >> because he wasn't doing his school work. She was perfectly fine until the >> date didn't coincide. >> >> I was angry and said some negative things about her husband being the one >> that was initiating this and Amway etc. which was of course the wrong thing >> to do. She launched into the Amway story and how I had it all wrong. Then >> I told her my side and she interrupted me and said it was one sided. >> Needless to say, she gave me a choice. I can see her son and deal with the >> consequences if he has to be punished or I can not ask to see him and wait >> for her to let me know when it's convenient. >> >> This is really tearing up our family because now she says our family (seven >> brothers and sisters, parents, nieces and nephews etc.) are "relatives" and >> not "family." >> >> Do you have any words of wisdom :) thoughts or suggestions? I was also >> searching the web for any scholarly work that has been done on mind control >> and Amway that could be referenced just for our piece of mind. Logic and >> reason isn't going to work but we are so sad to be losing her this way and >> sad for our nephew. I just can't give up! >> >> Anyway, thanks so very much for the Web site that helps us to understand >> how they work and I am very sorry for the pain and sadness that you went >> through. I appreciate you taking the time to show us. --Eileen > > > >
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