Dear Ashley ,

Yes, Lesa and I have been writing and talking on the phone quite a bit. She's such a wonderful woman and it's just a shame that her husband is apparently choosing the busines over her. I am glad to be her sounding board anytime. We will make a difference. Take care. Have you talked to Lesa? Her husband is actually missing his aunt's 50th > anniversary party for a meeting! I told her I'm not surprised. My > sister-in-law missed her favorite cousins wedding and a 50th anniversary > party for her aunt! In fact, she was disgusted with me and Rusty for going > and missing the function and not supporting her decision! The more I hear, > the more disgusted I am by this business! It just eats at my soul the way > these people are separated from their family and friends. I read a letter > in the skeptics dictionary from a concerned sister who's brother and > sister-in-law have gotten so bad that at her niece's christening, the family > had to stand in the back of the church, because the new Amway family were > sitting in the families reserved seats in front! The same thing happened at > another niece's devotional! It is so so sick! I wish the hand of God would > come down and slap these people right in the face! They need a serious wake > up call! Thanks for being my sounding board! > > Take care > > Kelly > >

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