Amway,  in it's promotions of itself as one of the fastest growing corporations on the planet, states that it has a force of 3 million "entrepreneurs".   The slight-of-hand that Amway is actually doing for its world audience with this promotion is categorizing everyone who buys an Amway Sales and Marketing Kit as an entrepreneur.  To anyone who knows the truth about the number of people who buy kits who actually become "entrepreneurs",  this is not only a misrepresentation, it is so much of a misrepresentation as to qualify as an out and out well-calculated  LIE.   The actual percentage of these 3 million kit buyers (this number may even be a misrepresentation) who are actively building an Amway business (being entrepreneurs) is so small as to be an embarrassment to Amway in the face of its egregious claim.

Of course, the more unsuspecting people who believe this misrepresentation the more credibility for Amway and AMO distributors and the more chances people will buy kits containing Amway products and more people will join AMO's hoping to get rich in the Amway business via AMO "systems" which will condition them to buy motivation and leave all but a select few broke and depressed. When high level distributors hype Amway and the opportunity with various tricks and misrepresentations, keep in mind that they are, to a significant degree, duplicating their "upline" (read: Amway).




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