Thursday 7:20 pm remote message from Dr. David. Hey, folks, listen up to COO, Tom

Thursday, 9:24 am remote message from Tom Eggleston. It's Thursday, July 15 and this is Tidbits From Tom. This is a two-part tidbit.Twenty three years ago this
month I attended a leadership conference of the American Academy of Achievement in Dallas. People spend three days in seminars with us, all recent high school graduates. I recall Terry Bradshaw, who was still in college, before his Super Bowl wins for the Pittsburg Steelers, and others from different professions. One breakfast I sat down next to a man about 50 sitting alone. I told him my name, but did not hear his. When I asked him who he was, he paused, then told me this story. He said that he was so shy as a young student that he literally hid behind his books as he walked down the hall. To express himself, he began to doodle. His childish stuff evolved into sketches. He got pretty excited about his collection. At the same time Walt Disney announced a search for the top 50 animators to join Disney to develop this new film technique. He summoned all of his courage and sent his best sketches to Disney. IN the return mail, he got them back with a note "We are looking for the BEST. You are not." He was devastated and completely withdrew. Sometime later, an adult neighbor joined his family for dinner. He inquired about the teenager's interests and finally pried from him a peek at his sketches. The neighbor said this "I'm no expert but YOU have REAL talent. Rather than draw these fantasy characters, why don't you draw people you know? Despite all of his fears of rejection, again, that's what he did. He created a cartoon
about a shy boy and his dog and his friends. Today we know his characters
translated into 40 languages around the world. A couple of weeks ago he also made the sports pages because Charlie Brown won his first baseball game after all
these years. You see, my breakfast partner was Charles Schultz. The real hero of
his story is the neighbor whose name I don't know but whose sincere interest in a
shy teenager sparked a gift to all of us in the Peanuts cartoon. It's the same
in Amsuds. Our new businss kit coming in Septmember will equip you like never
before to spark interest in people sincerely WITHOUT A HINT OF DECEPTION OR PRESSURE Next week in part two I will give you more business kit details.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 2:15 am from Slick Matthews. Hey, here's a special one, uh, imagine
yourself down the road on the new Enterprise with Tom Eggleston, with your upline AS YOU JOIN THE RANKS OF THE ELITE OF THE ELITE IN THE WORLD OF AMWAY AND THE LIFESTYLE AND THE INCOME THAT BUY YOU THAT LIFESTYLE WHICH BUYS YOU TIME AND, AS JOHN LARD SAID so well tonight the "you are one of those few who have chosen to JUST KEEP HELPIN' PEOPLE AND KEEP HELPIN' PEOPLE and over time you'll have TWELVE DIRECT LEGS and, uh, one of the things that is not a challenge is income and anything that's related to income because all of those needs are taken care of and you can move on to the kind of good that you can do, uh, you're making decisions from a whole different perspective. See yourself, can you dream that big?, see yourself on that yacht as a double diamond down the road, I hope you can, uh, I hope you see yourself step by step envisioning a thousand PV, direct, Ruby, you're lookin' at diamond and you're seein' beyond that, uh, I HOPE you can cuz, uh, if you can see it, if you can visualize it, you can be there so WE BELIEVE IN YOU, listen to THIS one.

Thursday, 5:05 pm remote message from Dr. David. Hello there, folks, I've
got an interesting special Tidbits from Tom from the French Riviera, listen up.

Thursday, 2:31 pm remote message from Tom Eggleston. This is a special Tidbits
from Tom from the French Riviera where Cathy and I are hosting distributors who
have qualified at Double Diamond and above. This summer some of us are
christening this brand new Enterprise 5, a 169 foot ship DESIGNED PERSONALLY BY
JAY VAN ANDELL AND RICH DEVOSS . The right way to christen this Amway treasure is with our distributor leaders who have impressed Cathy and me deeply with their commitment to keep and making this business better and better. I want to briefly mention some important legislative activity starting at the federal government level. As you know, one of the most difficult challenges for distributors marketing Amway's Nutrilite product line is Amway Corporation's and YOUR inability due to the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, to fully inform your customers of the many exciting developments in nutrition science and the important role of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help in maintenance and disease prevention. THANKFULLY THE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY DOES HAVE SOME EXCELLENT FRIENDS IN THE US CONGRESS. IN PARTICULAR, SENATOR ORIN HATCH FROM UTAH AND REPRESENTATIVE BILL RICHARDS FROM NEW MEXICO have introduced legistlation entitled the dietary supplement health and education act of 1993 which would provide manufacturers and marketers dietary supplements relief from much-needed FDA regulation. The legislation is very complex but, in a nutshell, it will allow you to provide customers valuable information concerning the health benefits of dietary supplements and ensure the continued availability of quality Nutrilite products. We are planning some additional distributor communications concerning this issue including a future Newsgram article. Also I want you to know that Amway and Nutrilite are working hard to support this legistlative effort. If and when it become necessary for you to participate personally in our activity, we'll certainly advise you through Tidbits. I can tell you from having spent a fabulous week here at Monaco that this is a place of great mystery and great tradition MUCH LIKE THE AMWAY BUSINESS. A place where the future is so bright AS WE CONSIDER BRINGING A WORLDWIDE OPPORTUNITY TO PEOPLE AROUND THIS GLOBE, people who's lives desparately need all of the benefits of Amway. We're proud of YOU and we're proud of this business and we know we're positioned for an extraordinary rest of 1993 and the rest of the 20th century. Thank you, my friends, for all you mean to our business. That's it this week for Tidbit From Tom.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 1:08 am remote message from Dr. David. Go ahead and pass this on folks.

Thursday, 11:59 pm remote message from Tom Eggelston. It's Thursday, June 10 andthis Tidbits FromTom to the Amway leadership. Todays' message follows a
spectacular dinner on top of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel honoring north american EDC and international Crown Ambassadors. Today kicks off our convention which culminates Saturday with a powerful tribute to Amway distributors who've made this our GREATEST YEAR EVER. Rich DeVoss will make his first return to address an Amsuds audience following his complete recovery. Jay Van ANdel will bring his wisdom to the convention stage. They wanted me to tell you first before the news media about an announcement we will make during the convention. The NBA is the hottest property in the world today with audience in Australia, Europe, Japan and around the world watching live broadcasts of NBA games. The NBA has selected Nutrilite to be its exclusive, first ever, worldwide supplier of vitamins and food supplements. We expect to use the NBA logo and the Amsuds Nutrilite logo in packaging and promotional materials. Also the NBA defensive player of the year will become the Amway defensive player.

We will advertize the programs of all 27 NBA teams and provide products for each teams locker room. This opportunity to
merchandize our fastest growing group of products not only through a single
player or team but by this partnership with the entire league is historic for
Amsuds. It also come at a time when the genera public understands better than
ever how vital our vitamins and food supplements are to a healthy lifestyle. Next
time you see the Red White and Blue NBA logo perhaps in the broadcast of the
finals between the Bulls and the Suns imagine the red, white and blue Amway logo
next to it on these Nutrilite products around the world. So another slam dunk for
Amsuds. You make up proud. I had to drag myself into this after playing in the
traditional Amsuds distributor versus staff basketball game, my ego is bruised
and my knees and back sore. The distributors won this year with a tip in by
Marshall Johnson over me to win the game. IN addition, I turned David Taylor into an all-American by his great play against me and a number of other distributors played exceptionally well. Those of you joining us for convention we look forward to a special celebration, for the rest of you we'll share with you the highlights next week on Tidbit s From Tom.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday 10:32 am remote message from Tom Eggelston. It's Thursday, June 24 and this is Tidbits From Tom to the Executive Diamonds. Today's message is technical but vital. THE JULY/AUGUST 1993 ISSUE OF SUCCESS MAGAZINE is just out. It carries an article titled THE SECRET WAR. Regulators are on the march AGAINST MLM'S. In that article the author states that MLM businesses like Amsuds are in JEAPORDY OF BEING CONSIDERED SECURITIES by the US Securities and Exchange commission. The
author warns, this could LEAD TO THE REQUIREMENT THAT ALL DISTRIBUTORS BE REGISTERED AS BROKER/DEALERS IN ORDER TO SIGN UP OTHER DISTRIBUTORS. Much like stockbrokers who sell investments. First, let me assure you that the Amsuds sales and
marketing plan is not now, nor ever has been, challenged by any state or federal
regulator as a security. The author's conclusion is wrong but the subject is
important so that you understand the WHY. The author bases his OPINION ON A 1971 SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE STATEMENT CONCERNING THE APPLICATION OF SECURITY LAWS TO MULTILEVEL DISTRIBUTORSHIPS. We believe this article's representation of the SEC's statement is grossly misleading and the impact upon all MLM marketing plans is inaccurate. THE SEC DEFINES A SECURITY AS AN INVESTMENT OF MONEY IN A COMMON ENTERPRISE WHICH PROFITS TO COME SOLELY FROM THE EFFORTS OF OTHERS. To the extent that multi-level plans provide financial rewards in return for little or no effort, it runs the risk of being considered a security and subject to numerous regulations and requirements. No one knows better than YOU THE AMSUDS BUSINESS TAKES TIME AND ENERGY AND YOU ONLY GET BACK YOU PUT IN IT. It is this fundamental philosophy which by itself removes the Amsuds plan from any possibility of legal
scrutiny from the SEC. Retail sales are just one element which is indicative of
the time and effort which must be expended by a distributor to benefit under the
plan. COMPLIANCE WITH THE 10 CUSTOMER RULE ALSO INDICATES THAT DISTRIBUTORS HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXERCISE PRACTICAL AND ACTUAL CONTROL OVER THEIR BUSINESSES which is a critical factor from the SEC's perspective. The ADA council made up of 30 top distributors is deeply committed to increasing our sale of products and services to non-distributors. Your extra effort to supply 10 customers is important to that effort. The SEC's statement also addressess the potential liability for fraud under securities laws arising out of the type of income representation made to prospects. You stay legal and honest by using the latest version of the SA 4400 and avoiding unacceptable representation of earning potential. IN AMWAY, YOU MAKE MONEY THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY. You EARN it. That's it this week for Tidbits From Tom.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed. 1:07am from Slick Matthews. Passing on.

Thurs. Feb. 18 7:24pm remote message from Dr. David. Feel free to pass
this on and God BLESS you. Thurs. Feb 18, 10:13 am remote message from
Tom Eggleston. It's Thurs, Feb 18 and this is Tidbits from Tom to the
executive diamonds. This is the first of a two-part message on Korea.
With the fast pace of opening new markets in recent years and
particularly with the spectactular opening in Poland in November, we
tend to lose sight of markets which have been open a few years. Our
opening in Korea was hugely successfull two years ago so much so that
retailers campaigned against the sales plan and our products. The battle
ended up with their congress and president over last summer where Amway
prevailed. We have a strong Korean management experienced in direct
sales in the west Pacific. We have added a number of new personal care
products and strengthened our warehouse system. In short, we are
recommitted to build a large Korean Amsuds business with you. As further
evidence of that support, Amway is working behind the scenes. I want you
to know the background before any announcement is made. The world's
biggest technology fair in years with 10 million visitors will be held
from August to November, 1993. One hundred and nine countries have
committed to present their innovations in splendid pavillions built by
the Korean government in Tejon, Korea, not so far from our Amsuds
location. The last major country uncommitted is the United States.
Korean officials need their major trading partner and ally to
participate. So Amsuds took the leadership months ago both financially
and by securing other corporate sponsors to encourage the U.S.
Government to authorize the U.S. pavillion based on Amsuds proposed
design. I leave Saturday for Korea to meet at Tejon with the U.S.
Ambassador to Korea, the Korean ambassador to the U.S. and other
government officials. Part two of this tidbits message next week will
let you know of the outcome. Great news about Rick and Steve. I was with
Rick and Helen Devos yesterday at ADA. He is making fantastic progress
and looks great. Steve and Pat Zifferblat just called me from the
hospital where their doctor gave them the results of his latest blood
test. The chemotherapy has killed the cancer in Steve's bloodstream. We
cried tears of joy together. Thanks for all YOU mean to both of them.
That's it this week for Tidbits from Tom.

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