[Myth and the Amway Experience]

The Amway Amagram We'd Like To See

Unfortunately, this issue hasn't come out yet, and it probably never will. According to [...], he got screwed bigtime by Amway. If his story is as he tells it, the [...] family would have quickly become millionaires. It's logical to conclude that they would have become Diamonds, and of course Amway's big-level Diamonds are always featured on the Amagram's front cover. This fictitious issue of the Amagram first appeared on his website. Now it's here because it raises several questions in this author's mind.

Question 1:
When was the last time a mixed-race, Diamond couple was featured on the front cover of the Amagram? (specifically a Caucasian and a Black)

Question 2:
When was the last time a mixed-race couple was featured in any pin picture in the Amway Amagram? (specifically a Caucasian and a Black)

Question 3:
Is this the image of itself conservative, 'Christian' Amway would want to convey to the world?

Question 4:
Why are many normally decent people (especially 'Christians') so hateful about mixed marriages - especially between Blacks and Whites?

Question 5:
Where does it say in the Bible that races aren't supposed to intermarry, and specifically Black peoples and White peoples?

Question 6:
Did racial considerations influence Amway's decision to do what it did to [...] ?

Question 7:
Aren't we all colored people?

This author questioned [...] regarding the possibility of racial discrimination on Amway's part. Following are some of his comments:

    I was not married when I signed on in 1984. I was married in 1985. My direct soon after displayed a lot of "control freak" attitudes that were not there before. Our daughter was born [...]. Despite repeated requests to our direct's wife to come over and to visit, she refused. She never did see Sierra. (They had no children of their own, and were married for over 10 years). The Pearl of that group showed open disdain. After we re-located to New Jersey, my Direct was short with me on the phone, even on calls that I placed to him! (He never called me). I needed information from the Personal Shoppper catalog, and he REFUSED to give it to me. On the phone or by any other means. We eventually Transferred to another group, without quitting...

    I know that in my situation, and that of my family, of which they definitely KNOW the racial compostion of, (I have sent them photos), they show a genuine disrespect and disregard for even the most basic element of decency. That being the mind-set, a "survival of the fittest" mentality, then YES, it is racist, and racist to the core. This is what Adolf Hitler believed in. And, when in 1936 at the Olympic games in Nazi Germany, with Hitler present at the stunning defeat of the "aryan" athletes by Black American Jesse Owens, Hitler used this approach in an attempt to minimalize the loss of the "aryans" to this Black American champion...

    My upline direct's wife REFUSED to ever come over after the birth of our daughter, Sierra, in 1986. We invited her frequently, but NEVER once would she come over. Many of the upline showed open disdain towards me, after I married my wife Rosie, in 1985. At functions in their homes, they would move AWAY from me at any point that our paths would cross. Many phone calls went unanswered, including the phone calls I made directly to the Offices of both Rich and Jay. In fact, I still await their call...