It is not unusual in the 'Amway experience' to encounter deception, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, manipulation, and abuse. The 'system' knows how to keep weak minds in the business, and demonize those who leave.

[Myth and the Amway Experience]

The Amazing Amway Anagrams
What's In a Name?

Amway must be full of creative folks. Consider all the clever names they come up with for their stuff: Amagram, Amagifts, Ama-this, Ama-that, Ama-etc. Gee, how original. This author used to gag at the term "Amagram" until he figured out it was a play on the word "anagram" - a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters: "Angel" is an anagram of "glean."

Some people are of the opinion that anagrams reveal the true meaning behind words, or validate certain words. For example, "Clint Eastwood" is an anagram of "Old West Action", and vice versa. This author's name has only itself as an anagram, meaning he's prime (I say, it's a joke, son.)

Out of curiousity, this author decided to explore anagrams of words and expressions used by Amway-types. Below is a list of some interesting anagrams found. The list is far from complete. Interested persons can explore this phenomenon further at The Internet Anagram Server. Just type in a name or expression and see what you get. If you find some really good ones, you can submit them to this site for publication. Interestingly, the author typed in "Bill Britt", and got back absolutely nothing! Wonder what that means?

The Amazing Amway Anagrams
(Note: These anagrams do not describe the Amway Corporation or the quality of its products.)

  • Amway Business
    • We, in a sum: Abyss
    • I'm a new US abyss.
    • Buy, swine! Amass!
    • I'm a new busy-ass.
    • Buy! Amass! We sin!
    • My sin was abuse.
    • Yes, Swami, ban us!
    • As we buy, I'm sans.
    • As I sway sub-men
  • Liquid Organic Cleaner
    • Regional cancer liquid
  • Amway Business Plan
    • Abysmal news. A sin. P.U.
    • New, abysmal USA pins
  • Double X vitamins
    • USA Vomit Blend IX
    • Bad toxin, evil sum
    • Dub a "vile snot-mix"
    • Bovine-lust admix
    • I'm blunt: Avoid sex (ed., Use L.O.C. instead!)
    • Vomit, six-a-bundle
  • Ain't it great!
    • I, a trite gnat.
  • Going Diamond
    • I'm on an odd gig
    • O, I'm a ding-dong
  • Go Diamond
    • Id on dogma
    • Doin' dogma
  • The Amway Amagram
    • Ay, what a Ama-game, Mr.
  • Amway distributor
    • It is a bad, wormy rut
    • I'm absurd, a roy twit
    • A bit mad. It worry us.
  • Ambot
    • A tomb
  • Amway Corporation
    • Now a piracy arm, too.
    • A no-moot piracy war