Amway, Amway, Amway, Amway, Amway, Amway, Amway. It is not unusual in the 'Amway experience' to encounter deception, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, manipulation, and abuse. The 'system' knows how to keep weak minds in the business, and demonize those who leave.

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Cash In On Amway's Explosive Growth

Amway distributors like to point to Amway's explosive growth in the last few years to indicate what a great business opportunity Amway is. Consider this before you swallow the hook.

You are not being told that:

  • As of first quarter 1997, about 67% (and growing) of Amway's business was in countries other than Canada and the US. North American growth is largely due to the expansion of North American distributors into overseas markets, and from localized "ripple effect" from this foreign expansion.

  • Most of the growth that has occurred within the last few years is primarily overseas in countries where Amway does not have a bad name, and the people in those countries love things American.

  • Less than 1% of Amway distributors are allowed to benefit from growth in other countries. Amway rules state that only Direct distributors can receive any monetary bonuses from business in other countries. An Amway-conducted survey revealed that only 41% of Amway distributors are considered active, and only about 2% (1 in 50) of active Amway distributors are Directs. Thus 2% of 41% (.41 X .02) is 0.8%, which means that only about 1 in 125 Amway distributors can make any money from overseas growth.

In other words, unless you are part of that 0.8% group, Amway's explosive overseas growth won't benefit you a dime.

To further compound the problem, even if you are a Direct, you won't receive any monetary bonuses until your overseas recruit becomes a Direct - part of that 0.8% group.