It is not unusual in the 'Amway experience' to encounter deception, non-disclosure, misrepresentation, manipulation, and abuse. The 'system' knows how to keep weak minds in the business, and demonize those who leave.

[Myth and the Amway Experience]

The Suckers' Game
There's a sucker born every minute. - P.T. Barnum
Did You Know?
If a person pulls the wool over enough people's eyes and leads them to believe they can be rich someday if they buy overpriced products and motivational tools, and then that person receives a percentage of everything those people buy, that person probably will get rich. Many people believe that's exactly how the 'Amway experience' works; and some people know that's exactly how the 'Amway experience' works.

Methinks the 'Amway experience' is a suckers' game - it takes suckers to make it work. For every person that "makes it", many, many more do not, cannot, for the numbers are against them. But, I guess, that's the price some people are willing to pay for the dream of being financially independent.

But nobody ever really gets financially independent in the 'Amway experience'. The people that "make it" are dependent on the hundreds and thousands of suckers below them who must be continually deceived into thinking that one day they too will "make it", so that they will continue to buy over-priced products and motivational dreck. Yet, even though the numbers are against them, - yea, and the numbers speak loudly - the masses refuseth to wake up.

Methinks it's like a carnival where folk pay to go on joy rides. At the circus called 'The Amway Experience', suckers spend money and life energy for the thrill of having the dream of being free. Instead of putting their energies into legitimate endeavors to get free, they fritter away clutching the illusion. They probably know they never will be free, but that's probably why they do the joy rides, because they're safe. They don't have to think.

Alas, the numbers are against them. Poor suckers!