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I was wondering if you are open-minded about business and looking for ways to diversify or increase your annual income?

If you have heard the above sentence, or something similar to it, you are more than likely being asked to take a look at the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan. When you hear "the plan", you will probably hear a lot of statistics about how bad the economy is, how risky it is to own a traditional business, and how the Amway business can resolve your financial woes and make all your dreams come true.

This web site takes a look at various statistics that you may hear at a presentation of the plan and other facts and statistics that I have found on the internet about Amway Motivational Organizations (AMO's) and the corporation. In all fairness, not every Amway distributor uses the facts that I have researched here. Although the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is the same for everybody, different distributor organizations have different ways of building an Amway business. A good analogy is the NBA. They all play basketball, but they all do it a little bit different.

So first off let me say that nothing on this web-site should be construed as pointing a finger at a particular distributor or even a group of distributors and saying "Everybody says/does that."

Amway published an article in the Amagram (monthly magazine for distributors) in the Fall of 1997, that with any source of of information, there are a couple of things you should always consider:

  1. How credible is the information source, and
  2. What is the agenda of the person presenting the information

So, let's first consider the agenda of the Amway distributor. No matter what their motives are, their first and foremost objective is to get you involved with the Amway business. They need to find people who will buy products and Business Support Materials because that's how they make money!

When you are shown "the plan", you will probably get an information pack that has brochures that are either produced or approved by the Amway Corporation. You may also get some audio tapes, produced by Amway distributors and/or the Amway Corporation, and possibly a video tape, produced by Amway distributors and/or the Amway Corporation. You may also be loaned a book that is pro-Multi Level Marketing, maybe some pro-MLM articles and possibly some doom and gloom news articles about employment and the future.

Let's face it, this literature is designed to recruit YOU. So ask yourself, are they giving you all the facts, both pro and con, that will allow you to make a business decision? Or are they just giving you the "positive" stuff they want you to know about and kind of not mention anything "negative"? If you are given only one side of the picture, how credible is it?

Now let's consider my agenda. If you think that I am a Disgruntled Internet Activist on a mission from God to destroy the evil Amway empire...well...gee... thanks....but that's not quite true.

It's a hobby folks! Some people collect stamps...some watch birds...I research and collect information about the Amway business and the Corporation. Why? It's a subject that interests me.

I was an active distributor for five years. After five years of losing money, I decided to walk away from the business. A year later I found Sidney's Amway Untold Stories site. It answered a lot of things that didn't seem quite right to me towards the end of my ama-career. But there were still several facts and statistics that I had personally used for many years and I wondered if they were true or false. So I went about trying to get answers and found a lot of them on the Internet. I then decided to publish the results on a web-page. I started off with a dozen topics and you can see how it's grown. It's turned out to be a fascinating subject to research.

Does this make me a credible resource?


Heck, I don't want you taking my word for anything. That would be stupid. It would be just as stupid to believe everything a total stranger has told you about the most fantastic business opportunity in the world without checking it out.

That's why you will find links to the resources on the Internet that I have used. I highly encourage you to follow these links and find out for yourself whether what I say is credible or not. These links are to government resources, major magazines, and yes..even Amway's web-site. If you don't feel these sites are credible resources, you might as well hit your back button right now!

When the resource is not on the internet, I tell you where I got the information. In most cases, they are documents produced by the Amway Corporation. Any distributor should be able to acquire these brochures and documents for you if you wish to check them out.

Finally, I also present my personal experiences while involved with the Amway business, and yes, you will even find my opinions, which several distributors have said is biased (as if their's isn't). You can place whatever value you want on these experiences and opinions. However, I do encourage you to read the readers comments/responses page on my web-site and at the other Amway Information web-sites on my Links page and find out for yourself if my personal experience and opinions are typical or atypical.

Before the advent of the Internet, many people were asked to make a decision based only on the information that was presented when you saw the plan and the documentation given to you by a distributor. You might also have been pressured into making a decision within 24 to 48 hours. Hardly enough time to even read all the information they give you, let alone do some independent research.

Now, with a click of your mouse, you can not only research some of the things that you heard, you can also read the experience of many ex-distributors and then decide for yourself what the best course of action is for you.

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