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As a past Amway Silver in the Britt Org ("active"1981-85). I have to agree with most of what I have read. I was "smart enough to be dumb enough to do what I was told", trusted my upline, and achieved moderate success in Amway. When I got in the business, I was very successful in my career, but really wanted the independence that I thought I could achieve through the Amway business. My problem, however was maintaining the proper focus... I was stp'ing 3-5 nights a week, going to all the weekly meetings, rallies and seminars, bought all the books and tapes, etc., which affected my family, my job performance and eventually led to my dismissal... a fact that I am not proud of, but a lesson nonetheless. When I finally woke up, I refocused on my career... I am currently very successful in my career, my income exceeds diamond, my retirement is secure. If I had rationally analyzed the "opportunity" instead of dreaming, I might never have gotten in. I still have some of the friends I made "in the business", most of whom are out now, we still tell the war stories, and wonder where everybody went... I view my Amway experience as a (very expensive) education.

I believe that there are abuses in any business, including Amway. The problem is that the pitch is so universally appealing to the masses, especially to those who don't have the opportunity to succeed in the corporate system. I count myself fortunate that I woke up from the Bill Britt dream before I totally screwed myself up.

I happened to come across your web site while looking for a search engine to place my web site. As I read your home page I became very interested. I can remember having a similar Amway experience as you. I was in the Amway business for about 5 years when I started noticing some of the very things you mentioned. However, rather than give-up on the business and create a web site to take out my frustration, I decided to implement my own "system" using the best parts of the Britt System along with ideas that I had gathered during my first 5 years of non-growth. The big change I made was to do more prospecting and be very up front with people. I avoided the kind of people that would easily be persuaded by someone that would quit the business and spend hours developing a "beautiful" web site designed to educate people about the Amway business.

Your "unbiased" opinion of the Amway businesses, will be used in my training sessions to my new people. I want them to see some of the things that are being said by people that get negative and decide to do the "opposite" of what I did. I am now debt free (Amway Income), because I decided to make changes and continue with my business. And you obviously spend hours and hours on your web site trying to justify your decision to quit. I would love to give you the opportunity to speak to our team at one of our meetings. You obviously get a kick out of being an Amway expert to your readers that are looking for a good reason to also quit the Amway business or never get started. If your schedule permits I invite you to attend a training session in Charlotte, NC. I will pay your expenses. (Opps...I forgot. You don't think speakers should be compensated!)

Good luck on your web site! I'm sure you've found another business or job that's a lot better than the Amway business and provides you with plenty of free time to work (waste) on your web site.

btw - I don't have a problem with speakers being compensated It's lying about it like this "We don't need these functions... we're doing it ALL for you because we luv ya"

You are a bigger hypocrite than some of the leaders in the Amway business that pressure people into buying books & tapes. You claim that you are "unbiased" and just giving the facts, but I noticed that you commented negatively on EVERYTHING that the fellow had to say in your "Explanation of The Work & System Income from a Britt Distributor". The guy was simply addressing the sections of your web site that were in his opinion and my opinion very misleading. However, I have not seen where you have inserted your positive comments from your negative Amway responses. You are being misleading when you claim to be "unbiased". That's being no better than the people you claim to be against.

How fair would it be if I created a web page and lumped you with all the mainframe computer consultants that mislead their clients, don't do an honest job, leave bugs in the programs, scam companies out of fees, etc. Of course that wouldn't be fair, because every occupation and business has corrupt people. Charles, most of your concerns are very true. There are a lot of Amway people that completely "suck". That's why I really related to your experience. But unlike you, once I figured out the changes that needed to be made..I made them. I'm not like most Amway people. I believe in treating the Amway business like a business and not getting caught up in a bunch of motivation and religion (I even have a beer when I want and go to night clubs). But what you are doing is hurting a lot of people. Because you are completing misrepresenting the business with your bias. I would respect you more if you just admitted to being negative and "pissed" at Amway and the people in Amway.

But, like I said. My business started to grow when I; 1) Started being myself 2) started prospecting more people, 3) stopped selling the business to people 4) Stopped blindly following instructions 5) started looking for people that could not be persuaded by people like you.

I meant what I said. I am going to read excerpts from your site to my group. I think it will be good for them to hear your concerns, because nothing you said is a reason for not building the business. It's a good example of a guy that blindly bought the system and is now trying to justify his decision to quit rather than deciding to make the necessary adjustments.

I got this from a distributor from Indiana. He has sent or is sending it to Amway Legal. Any comments?

Start of Forwarded message via Prodigy Mail

Dear Amway Corporation Legal Department,

We have recently heard and seen some information which we find very disturbing and ask that you give a written response.

1. I was informed, and confirmed via the Internet, that Double Diamonds Brig & Lita Hart are suing Dexter Yager & other diamonds, for taking tool money. This tool money makes up a significant portion of their income. Is it indeed true that diamonds and above and even some lower pins to make in excess of 50% of their income from the tool system? If that is indeed true, is there anything in writing as to the amount of income a pin will make as they develop a large tool using organization? Why are people being led to believe that the Diamonds lifestyles are from Amway, and not from the tools business?

2. I have had distributors inform me that the 10 retail customer and 70% rules must be enforced in order to earn a performance bonus. Are these rules needed in order to keep from practicing as an illegal pyramid? Also, does the tool part of the business constitute an illegal pyramid since no one but a distributor would buy them and you can't retail them.

3. When showing the Amway Marketing Plan, if one uses the "Profiles of Success" to show very successful distributors in the business, is this approved by the Amway Corporation? Since the Hart lawsuit and other information shows that much of the lifestyle shown in the Profiles comes from tools and not Amway, why isn't this considered misleading people and exagerating income?

4. With regard to the BSM form we signed, we were informed by our upline that this only meant that we are buying our tools with no binding agreement with Amway. We must inform you that the BSM form was signed without a CLEAR explanation from our upline. We were led to believe this was just a formality. We were unaware of the implications of that form and would like to revoke that signature. Could you respond to us in writing so that we will not be held accountable / liable to the statements stated in that BSM form. If you need us to sign a formal document could you please send that on to us.

5. Does the Amway Corporation endorse the movement of tools at the volumes they are being moved in the business? Has the Amway Corporation ever approached Dexter Yager about the amount of tools and lack of guidelines set forth for distribution of profits to downline distributors? Do these said amounts makeup a percentage (30- 80%), of higher pins' income? We ask this because as we achieve larger pins, and a larger percentage of our income does indeed come from the tool business, we need security in knowing what income is due to us, who regulates that income and that it can't be taken from us like happened to the Harts.

6. Finally, does the Amway Corp. feel that it is a conflict of interest that Dexter Yager has a huge distributorship and produce and sell tools which are a focal point of endorsement by the Yager organization?

The following is a document that was sent to us by our upline Diamond. Is the focus on sponsoring and buying tools because that is where the money is, rather than retailing Amway products?


OBJECTIVE: Direct distributor in 90 days to 6 months

1. STP 15 - 20 times per month (Go Getter )
2. Add to your list continually.
3. SOT1 and SOT2 each week.
4. Attend all upline promoted functions by your Gold Direct or Above.
5. Read a minimum of 15 minutes per day from a book on the recommended tape and book list.
6. Focus on the Goals that will accomplish the DREAM !

1. Sponsor enough people personally (as quickly as possible) to pay out 10 to 12 PV checks in width each month.
2. Follow all the keys listed above.
3. Counsel upline on a consistent basis on where to work in depth. It is important to stay accountable.
4. Order each week for the next 13 weeks the tapes listed below and begin to apply the information on these tapes.

WEEK 1 ADS 64 The Dog Barks, But Caravan Moves On
WEEK 2 DBR 375 A&B Don't Be A Thumbsucking Pinhead
WEEK 3 DBR 380 A Peep Over The Pail
WEEK 4 DBR 447 A&B Attitudes & Specifics
WEEK 5 DBR 487 There Is A Secret
WEEK 6 DBR 529 How To Build Legs Instead Of Nubs
WEEK 7 DBR 729 We Went Through A Lot Of Struggles..Then Came the Second Month
WEEK 8 DBR 747 Put Your Heart In It
WEEK 9 DBR 765 The Purpose Of the Leader
WEEK 10 DBR 864 Swing Till You Hit
WEEK 11 DBR 978 3 is not 20
WEEK 12 DBR 1071 You Only Have To Be At 7,500 One Day A Month
WEEK 13 DBR 1093 Single Are Not Alone In This Business


End of Forwarded message

Hi there!! Do you remember me? I sent an e-mail some weeks ago 'coz I was reading your anti-amway site :) I'd like to know why do you HATE amway and amway distributors?? Do you know if an uninformed guy read you anti-amway site could (eventually without see the plan) hate the amway business too? I think your site contains very partial information for the people...I can now tell you that the business Works! some people don't works, but the business Works, ok!?. I think there are a lot of uninformed amway distributors (they have no experience) and they produce a lot of damage for the amway business. but there are a lot people has win a lot money in this business. I'd like you add to your site some success history on the amway business, so your site would be more unpartial... I think you don't know how good this is yet! :)

Greetings from Chile,

My name is *. I had just got done reading a lot of your little articles on Amway, they were very informative. My step-sister and her husband have been doing the Amway thing for a couple of years, I don't think they are doing very well in it, though. I have a friend contemplating on getting into it and was trying to talk me into it. Of course, I have never gotten into Amway, but I had a bad experience with a company named Equinox. I had only lost $1200, I'm sure it could have been more. These companies mislead people badly. I just wanted to drop and line and tell you that you have been very helpful, and I hope you continue to put out factual information.

Thank you,

Thanks very much for your site on the Amway business. After reading it, I have become convinced that the Amway opportunity is for me. I will keep you posted.

As for people being misled about the opportunity, I just don't see your point. Look at beer commercials, for example. That warrants a website such as yours. Beer commercials show beautiful people with slim waistlines holding up glasses of beer. But anybody who has had too much beer knows that the hangover is nothing like the commercial.

As for dreams, look at little league sports. I grew up in a town where all the boys played football. Parents spent hard earned cash to finance the sport. We missed important family events. We argued with family members about which team was better. We did all of the things that you say happens at Amway meetings, but we went them one better. We had cheerleaders proclaiming that we were the best and that we were going to crush the other team. Nobody said it was wierd to have pep rallies to get everyone excited. We went to special seminars and summer camps to learn how to play better. We did all this. And what was the result? Not one of the guys I played football with went pro. Many were hauled off on stretchers. Yet nobody sued anybody. Nobody put anti-football web pages on the internet. Why? We knew what we were getting into and what the odds were. (at age 10) So when an adult joins Amway and finds that it's harder than they expected, you put up a web site. By the way, Amway products carry a 100% money back guarantee, so HOW CAN YOU LOSE MONEY??

By the way, I used to feel exactly the way you do about all mlms. I'm so glad I had the courage to admit I was wrong.

> I don't hate all amway distributors...just those that lie
> and use false facts and information to stuff their pockets.
> If you don't do that congratulations.

There are a lot of people in this business. Some of them eventually could do that!! (that is sad)
> No....they learn more about what they are getting themselves
> into before they sign on the dotted line. I've had many
> people thank me for the information and decided to go ahead
> and try it.

That is the point!!. I am an Internet and Computer Fan, I develop high quality videogames (with some friends). When I saw the plan 3 years ago, I was looking for unpartial information on Internet, and if I had read your site, I think I would be doing another thing now...That means you could eventually don't let me to do that (Although You don't make my decisions). remember the mostly of us, are very negatives...

> Not once do I ever say the business doesn't work. I just
> let people know what kind of chances they have at succeeding,
> something most distributors won't or can't do.

the chances for suceeding are low in anything...even amway. now, that would be very important if have success were just luck...but have success is just a goal and work, a goal and work, a goal and work...that seem very easy, really it is not...but I don't know anybody that have entered in my group and working consistently with goals, and respectly that is a serious and professional activity, have no success..

> It sure does...especially when all the income from the
> "system" start kicking in!!!

Pronet is a non lucrative organization. Obviously They move a LOT of money, but that is less that the amount that my University (USM) win in a year :)

> Most of the damage that I hear about comes from the big
> pins...not the lower level distributors. They just hit the
> play button and repeat what they are taught.

The taught are changing progressively (slowly), but the base is the always the same, 'coz the business is simple.

> If you would like to send me facts and statistics, I'll
> be happy to post them.
Well, I don't want to promove "crossline" throuht Net. but I have reached the Crown level in 3 years. I'd say the about 30% of my group is constantly reborning, that means there are a lot of people quitting...but there are more people entering and reentering, even rerereentering (:)). that results in more people reaching the direct level. (just with 100 products in the market). as I said above, I don't know someone that have no success in this business.

how many people have failured in the business? Millons, the important thing is if you will fail or not :)

I'm living in Japan. We don't have any of the problems with the business that you've mentioned. At first, I wondered what in the world you were talking about. Tapes, motivation. I have a few but they are hard to come by. 'Get you finger off play.' What?

Ask people in the upper management levels, they speak of Amway with the utmost respect. They will tell you what the corporation and individual members did for victims of the Kobe earthquake. They will tell you about the Amway nature center. They will tell you about when the U.N. recognized Amway's contributions to the environment. It all depends who you talk to.

Working for a fortune 500 company, I asked several people in our upper management. They recommended that I join. They know the inside story on downsizing. My experience has been wonderful. I don't have a problem building the business. I just want to let you know that there are people out there doing the business the right way, and who are profiting.

I looked at your price comparison. I don't dispute your figures, it's the way you presented them.

Anyway, try something more productive than tearing down others.

What do you mean by 'take your finger off the play button?' Is this some kind of anti-Amway slogan that people who don't like Amway enjoy using?

My point about beer commercials is that they do not show the truth about the harmful effects of alcohol. But why don't people put out websites about alcohol? I said nothing about getting rich by drinking beer. Come on, I'm sure you know that wasn't my point.I meant to suggest that if you want to put your energy behind a cause, consider a temperence website. I meant to have a sense of humor. Let's have some fun. Maybe I'm not funny. But we're obviously not going to change each other. I'm set in my way, and you're set in your way. I enjoy Amway, you enjoy slamming Amway. I just happen to believe there's more money in doing what I'm doing.

As for myself, I work for a major corporation, I have money in the bank, and speak 3 languages. I've travelled around the world. I'm not a schmuck.

If you don't mind, I'm enjoying our correspondence. I don't take it personally and I'd like to keep posted on what bashers have to say. Write me anytime. I was very glad to hear from you.

Just a note to tell you I was approached by a friend about Amway. I was suspicious throughout the whole presentation and when I decided to do some research I happened upon your site. I did not need much to convince me to keep trading time for dollars.

> >That is the point!!. I am an Internet and Computer Fan,
> >I develop high quality videogames (with some friends).
> >When I saw the plan 3 years ago, I was looking for unpartial
> >information on Internet, and if I had read your site, I think
> >I would be doing another thing now...That means you could
> >eventually don't let me to do that (Although You don't make
> >my decisions). remember the mostly of us, are very negatives...
> >
> Just what information on my web-site do you think is
> wrong or not factual?

I am not saying your information is completly wrong. just your site is very unpartial. You could add to your site some success histories...and post a list with everybody has become 18% and higher. just call Amway USA for that :)
> >> If you would like to send me facts and statistics, I'll
> >> be happy to post them. > >Well, I don't want to promove "crossline" throuht Net.
> >but I have reached the Crown level in 3 years.
> This is the kind of reply I get when I ask distributors
> for facts. I would think you would be proud of your
> success and would like others to hear about.

Yep :)

> You say you are a Crown direct, how many personally
> sponsored directs do you have?

17 in chile, one live at argentina.
> >the about 30% of my group is constantly reborning, that means
> >there are a lot of people quitting...
> That's good -- here is the United States, it is much higher.

I've a little group in Boston and they are growing...that just is like the facts on my University. the mostly of students are quitting and constantly re-entering to University (at least in UTFSM).

> > (just with 100 products in the market).
> That's funny, the web-site at Amway's global village says
> you have 54 products. You ought to ask them to change it

Yep. That page is outdated :) even the Amway Chile's home now are much greater...:). Amway has some associations with CTC Corp, Unicef, BCI, Disney Chile, Motorola, etc...

A question: What do you think if this business never had exists?

I hope You don't angry with me 'coz I'm sending e-mails, but as I said, if I had read your site before I entered this business, I now was studing for the global test of calculus that I have tomorrow :) Think about that.

PS: The business works for the people that set their own goals, believe on that, work, and don't think much about the "mathematical obstacles"...:)

a.k.a. SCAMWAY, its real name. I wasted my money, but cut my losses and got out. Pity those suckers.

I know when we went Direct we shelled out almost $3,000 to "move on". That fired me up. I thought to myself at the time. All these people under us think we are really doing it, when in fact we were really going into debt. Now given some of the things we bought were going to be moved downline and upline in some cases, we still incurred debt to reach that point and continued to incurr until I said STOP LET ME OFF THIS AMWAY BULLET TRAIN THAT WAS TRAVELING THROUGH A LOT OF GRIEF AND TURMOIL!!!!!!!!!!!

It can get worse! Here's an interesting one that you'll appreciate. The Diamond I was with has on several occasions TRANSFERRED POINTS to someone to put them over because he needed to have new pins to walk across stage at his major functions. Needless to say, these people slipped back after the qualification period, have never reached it again, and have stiffed him for tons of $$. His buying their way to direct taught them to be real slime balls. (Not that he doesn't deserve it of course.) But just because somebody claims to be direct doesn't mean that they are!!!!

Hi Charles: I have emailed you once before, and I thank you for you advise. I just wanted to let you know that my assistant finally quit working for me, at least I assume that he quit as he never showed up for work on Monday and I haven't heard from him since. He must have finally hit it big in the Biz but I doubt it as I have received a garnishee order for his wages. I am so angry with Amway. They took a man who was a good honest worker and turned him into a money hungry dissatisfied individual. I know that he had some financial trouble before becoming involved in Amway but I am certain that this corrupt organization finally did him in. He may still be involved, I don't know, but I did my best to set him straight. As a Christian I know the real gospel and the gospel of Amway is nothing at all like it. It is counterfeit Christianity for sure. Can you imagine Jesus telling people to put pictures of expensive houses etc up on their walls and focus on them? Can you imagine Jesus saying "Fake it until you make it"? or "Don't tell them it's Amway"? or how about "People who say that money can't buy happiness have never tried it"? or "Listen to your upline and let them make all of your decisions for you"? The bible I read just doesn't preach such a gospel. Anyway, thanks again. Your sight is a real eye opener. I do realize that you do receive some positives email about Amway but I think these people must not think their time is worth anything. They seem oblivious to the fact that only .08% of the distributors make it to Direct Distributorship. Why would any honest, especially Christian person want to encourage another person to embark on such an endeavor where the hours are so long and the chances of success so slim? An endeavor that will alienate their friends and family and may put them into bankruptcy in the bargain.

I have been an Amway Dist. for 10 years 7 full time. I find most of your information one sided and biased, as I am sure you intended it to be, and that is ok.

As to the statement "We don't make money unless you make money" Have you ever found out just how much a upline builder will invest in an individual they are working with. I would be willing to send you records of expenses I have incurred building legs to the direct level. On average it cost me somewhere between 3 & 5 thousand dollars plus countless hours to get someone to the direct level. When they reach that level I then begin to recoup expenses and make some money On each Direct leg I make about 25 - 30 thousand a year the Direct makes between 50 & 75 thousand per year. So as you can see they make more money of off there business than I do but with several direct legs I do "Ok". And yes there is money made from the "Supplies" that are available to help build a successful business. So!! Don't Universities Make money from the books, tapes and lectures that the students use to get their degree. When I was in the corporate world we quite often had to attend lectures and by books and tapes and I know for a fact that the Corp. received a rebate back from the supplier of same. How much money does McDonalds make selling supplies to it's franchisee's.. This is FREE ENTERPRISE. A person in business for himself is entitled to make a profit.

just wanted to say thank you for your very informational pages! i have been approached twice in six months, suspecting both times it was amway. confronted both "friends(?)" if it was amway, both denied it. this system is called interNet. (i asked the "friend if he bought a computer yet, still hasnt! )

tonight i was supposed to go to a meet to discuss the plan, didn't answer the phone and surfed instead.

i am glad i did! thank you!

now my dilema: should i share the info i now know about "the plan" with the "friend", or keep i him in the dark , (like he kept me in the dark refusing to tell me about the system.)

NOT! :)

> Diamonds but no Crowns yet. It is possible they mean a US Crown that is
> very active and a Diamond in Chile.

When I read this We just laugh :). because if I'd say you who is with me now, You would not believe it. A friend of mine that is "Double Crown Ambassador" (I know that pin don't exists, but their directs are VERY actives) is here in my home, and read this with me. I think you don't believe in what your eyes can't see. I'm sorry for you. You should check our diamond home-page which will be active next month. by now, the url would be [deleted]

> I would not have spent tens of thousands chasing a false dream
> and lining the pockets of diamonds and emeralds in Britt's
> organization.

That organization isn't so successful in here in Belloto.

> Clearly some people succeed. Most don't. The rest just
> lie about their success

Next week I fly to the States, if you have enough time could have lunch togheter. Obviously depends where You live. I'll be in Boston, and Miami.

I took him up on his offer. He never replied. I reckon when it came time for this "crown ambassador" to put up or suck LOC, he sucked LOC!

This is an amvox message that was passed to me

Hi folks, this is Dr. * with another Power Point. I usually try to take our time together to encourage you with some small positive thought. But right now I really need to speak something a little different into your heart. Any time youíre trying to step up to the next level, you will inevitably encounter opposition, and this resistance will usually take the form of rejection, criticism, ugly looks or rude behavior. Now Iím not going to lie to you, it really hurts, doesn't it? And the first question we usually ask ourselves is "why? And what am I doing so wrong?" And it really is a good idea to step back and examine yourself to make sure that youíre not unnecessarily offending another person. But once you've done that you need to realize that it's not because you're doing something wrong, but it's because you're doing something positive in a negative world, something productive in a status quo society, something significant in a world that applauds insignificance. That my dear friend is very offensive. There are a lot of people who have a vested interest in life the way it used to be, the way it's always been. And when you come along talking about life from a different perspective, when youíre already stepping into your future it naturally offends those who are incarcerated in prisons of the past. Every second of their lives is confronted by what youíre saying. Everything they've ever believed is challenged by what you are doing. The more successful you are, well, the bigger the challenge. And they are faced with a very painful decision: do I stay in this decaying prison with its deteriorating walls just because it's familiar and comfortable, or do I step away from decades of believing and belonging and launch out into the unknown. Well, for most, the answer is retreat rather than response. So, what do you do when the fear, the jealousy and the anger is targeted at you? Well, first realize that in most cases you're dealing with ignorance & not stupidity, but ignorance. And there's a wonderful verse in the Bible that says "comfort the feeble minded." In other words, be as kind as you can. Don't sink to their level of behavior. Jesus said, don't throw your pearls to the pigs, so pick up your pearls and move on to the next person. I've learned from growing up in the ministry, and serving in ministry myself, you can't stop people from talking. But you can make liars out of them. So, kill them with kindness and thank God that when you had the chance for parole you took it. And don't you dare give up!

Many of your price comparisons are volume to volume, and due to concentration factors, these are inaccurate and fraudulent representations. Most product users DID NOT READ THE DIRECTIONS! That is why it is imperative that the Distributor TEACH his customers and downline properly.

PS: What organization were you with, and what state are you in?

[To the best of my knowledge, the concentration factors of both Amway and non-amway produced products are factored into the cost per use calculations]

While I was "in the business", I never cared to understand that the "tools" business was a money maker... sure there were profits, that's what you're in business for.  After all, you pay for tuition, books and fees when you go to college,,, Franchise ops charge for their "system"... why not Bill and Dexter... after all, they had the system I wanted to duplicate.  There is no free lunch!

It is my opinion that the majority of the folks that are sponsored don't have the basic business sense to analyze the opportunity, or any understanding that it really does take money to make money... Any investment involves risk, especially in starting a business!

There is no doubt that if I had built an organization that duplicated the structure of Yaeger, Britt, or Miller, that I would have made (and kept) an immense amount of money, regardless of whether that money came from product or tools.  I chose to do it my way, I built "depth" for security, not "width" for profit... When I quit, I passed a large organization to my upline Pearl...  That was my decision!

I think the basic flaw in the "plan" was the breakaway effect, when a downline goes direct, and the 2500PV "side volume" required to stop the bonus flow to your upline.  I personally am still "in touch" with an ex-Emerald that sponsored a Diamond with Diamonds, and two Pearl orgs... On his way to Emerald, he made a lot of money and built the lifestyle accordingly.  But because of his assumed  "responsibility" to his support his downline (including his DD orgs), and more importantly, his "status" by being in that position, he (stupidly) lost focus on maintaining the 2500PV needed to keep the DD  bonus... He declared personal bankruptcy playing "fake it till you make it"... What an example!

I got the equivalent of a PHd building MY Amway business, even though Britt (that pompous ass!) would refer to me as a "loser" for quitting.  What I learned during my involvement with Yaeger/Britt, I have applied to my career... I am Vice President of Channel Development (Resellers) with a major software company...  And yes, we charge resellers to get into the program, we charge for marketing materials, education, and other forms of direct support neede to create THEIR businesses!  The difference is, that these are BUSINESSMEN (or women, sorry!), not some "dreamer" I cold contacted at the mall!  They fully understand the risk/reward factor, they have "skin in the game"... something more people getting into ANY MLM business should consider carefully!

I have been involved in the Amway Business for a relatively short time.

We have had a positive experience in all areas. I was quite surprised to read much of the info you have presented here. It is a bit misleading, although I am not doubting the truthfulness of those who are quoted.

I know that the only place that success (however one may define it) comes before work, is in the dictionary. Nothing is "easy" --it all takes work!

It does not encourage me to know that certain people or organizations have presented info in a not so truthful light. Nobody has mis-informed us, and we have met many people at all levels. Is it easy --NO. Is it simple -- YES. Will a majority succeed -- NO. Will a majority of people in any business succeed -- NO. Do you know anyone who any job has not worked out as expected? Does that mean that that profession/job does not work -- NO.

I know people that quit college for various reasons - no money, not focussed, too difficult, found good job already, etc. - does that mean college does not work or it is bad -- NO. Also, many, many people change jobs quite frequently - they are trained with the use of tapes, books, seminars, etc. - these are a tremendous expense for a business. Don't the authors and speakers make money from their efforts?

Also, the convenience of shipping to your door is great! Also, many traditional retail companys (ie. Wal-Mart, Marcs, Finast, etc.) are offering the same system - but with no rebate or income posibilities. Also, nearly 65% of the sales are paid back to distributors - more to those who have worked harder/smarter and longer - just as is the case in most businesses.

I have a 40 year family run business that I currently own and operate. It has been and is quite successful and growing. Many friends and acquantances of mine do not have that luxury and are working very hard with little hope for their families time and future - don't they deserve an opportunity, if they choose, to have a vehicle that will be able to provide that for them if they work hard?

Well, I respect your time and my own, so I will not type any more info for you to read.

Thank you for your time and efforts in informing the public (although I don't agree with you - I respect your rights from the Constitution).

Just a short note to say thanks for putting this site together. My X-wife and I became directs a few years ago and discovered that all the money is made in books and tapes, and seminars. We left the business for this reason. What a scam. I wish more of the people we suckered through the 3 years we were "in" would have had access to this information...I actually still have a guilty complex over how we were minipulated into using people the way we were. Oh well...lesson learned...thanks again

I've taken notice of your stories and i feel sorry to say that these corporation (or whatever) is floated down in the netherlands too. I Guess in this region they are about 3 - 6 months active. (North East of The Netherlands)