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The divorce rate in America is 50% and in Amway it is 1%

An article in the Nov 96 Reader's Digest "Points to Ponder" section reports that the 50% divorce rate is incorrect and misused by virtually everyone. I'm not talking just about Amway distributors, I mean everyone in the U.S.!

While it is true that in any given year, the number of divorces is about half of ALL marriages for that year, it ignores all of the previous marriages that did not divorce.

According to Reader's Digest, the National Center for Health Statistics puts the divorce rate at about 1 in 50 marriages, in my Win95 calculator, that works out to a 2% divorce rate. The article goes on to say that about 90% of all marriages last until the death of one of the spouses.

The National Center for Health Statistics web site has several reports about marriage and divorce statistics. I did not find the 1 in 50 divorce rate statistic, there are literally hundreds of reports at this site. However, I am willing to trust the accuracy of Reader's Digest reporting.

I have no way of knowing if the Amway corporation has never conducted a survey of distributors to come up with this 1% rate. It is my opinion, and I could be wrong, that some distributors started using this statistic because it "sounded good." I also feel that this is one of those statistics that is thrown out to entice those with shaky marriages to get involved with Amway because it will "save their marriage."

I am sure that for some people, the Amway business has saved their marriage. You can read many testimonials about this on the internet. But when you read through the personal stories of ex-Amway distributors that have been posted on the internet, you'll see that the "system", in many cases, has also been the cause of many near and actual divorces, along with alienation with family and friends.

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