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This article list was published by Amway in Dec, 1997. Most of these articles are not available on the Internet and will require a trip to the library to find them

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 3, 1996 "Ask Martha" column includes linen-care tip to use Amway's PREWASH product on tough stains. (Syndicated column that appears elsewhere)
Cleveland Magazine April 1996 Tribe Insider - "A Clean Sweep"
Montclair (N.J.) Times April 11, 1996 "Amway Treatment System Improves Water Quality"
Soap/Cosmetics/Chemical Specialties -- Melville, NY June 1996 "The disinfectants market looks for positive change"
Pittsburg Post Gazette June 2, 1996 "Avoiding animal-tested products"
Sarasota Herald-Tribune July 20, 1996 "Packing kids off to college"
Chicago Tribune Aug. 7, 1996 "Let it flow"
Tampa Tribune Aug. 16, 1996 "Family Matters: College Kids Need Attention, Too"
The San Juan (Puerto Rico) Star Sept. 7, 1996 "Amway solution" (featuring AMWAY Water Treatment System)
The Flint (Mich.) Journal Dec. 8, 1996 "Bright and Shiny"
Chemical Week -- New York, NY Jan. 29, 1997 "A Cycle of Innovation" -- about soap and detergent industry
Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger Jan. 30, 1997 "The Brightest and the Best"
Metro Sports Magazine -- New York, NY Jan/Feb 1996 Metro Minutes - "Shaq-Dillyitious"
Health & Fitness Business Winter 1996 "Shaq (Hunger) Attack"
Amusement Business -- Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 27, 1996 "Intl. Hockey League Signs Eight Corporate Sponsors"
Nutrition Business Journal -- San Diego, Calif. November 1996 "Amway Consolidates MLM Global Leadership With $1 Billion in Nutrition"
The Grand Rapids Press Nov. 4, 1996 "National sponsors are in a hockey league of their own"
The Grand Rapids Press Dec. 15, 1996 "The Buddy System"
The Grand Rapids Press Dec. 13, 1996 "Amway sponsoring Whitten"
Shoreline Business Monthly -- Muskegon, Mich. January 1997 "Amway to tee off on Senior PGA Tour with hometown hero"
Grand Rapids Business Journal Jan. 27, 1997 "Amway Skates In As IHL All-Star Sponsor"
The Grand Rapids Press Jan. 31, 1997 "Whitten, Amway debut together on Senior PGA Tour"
Health Foods Business April 1997 "Multilevel Marketers Rack Up $6 Billion"
Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette April 6, 1997 "Golf officially opens with fabled Masters"
Grand Rapids Business Journal April 7, 1997 "Amway Takes Second Major Golf Swing"
Macomb (Mich.) Daily April 9, 1997 "Player Is The Man"
Jackson (Mich.) Citizen-Patriot April 16, 1997 "Playing with the big boys"
The Grand Rapids Press April 17, 1997 "Whitten joins state's pro contingent"
Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette April 17, 1997 "First Michigan club pro to make Senior Tour expanding his goals"
Muskegon Chronicle April 17, 1997 "Club pro's schedule full on Senior tour"
Grand Valley Advance April 29, 1997 "Life on Senior PGA Tour suits Buddy Whitten"
The Grand Rapids Press May 15, 1997 "Player returning after 7-year hiatus"
The Grand Rapids Press May 17, 1997 "Giving Griffin"
Elle -- New York, NY February 1996 "Godfrey's Guide" (ARTISTRY® Nail Colour Remover Towelettes)
Essence -- New York, NY February 1996 "Treat Your Tootsies!" (ARTISTRY® Nail Care Kit)
'TEEN -- Los Angeles, Calif. February 1996 "The Nail File"
Woman's World -- Englewood Cliffs, NJ Feb. 20, 1996 "Ready...Get Set...Glow" (ARTISTRY® Nail Colours)
Hairdo Ideas -- New York, NY March 1996 "Artistry Nail Kit"
Weight Watchers Magazine -- New York, NY March 1996 "Nail Polish Ease" (ARTISTRY® Nail Colour Remover Towelettes)
Woman's World -- Englewood Cliffs, NJ March 19, 1996 "Erase 10 Years From Your Eyes!"
Essence -- New York, NY April 1996 "Totables" (ARTISTRY® Nail Colour Remover Towelettes)
Woman's Own -- New York, NY April 1996 "Beauty Road Test: New Concealer Pencils"
New Ideas for Hair Styling - New York, NY April 1996 "La Collection Classique Body Lotions"
Spray Technology & Marketing -- Fairfield, NJ April 1996 "Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum"
Celebrity Hairstyles -- New York, NY May 1996 "Desk-to-Dinner Makeup Tips"
Coquitlam (B.C.) Now June 8, 1996 "How to choose products not tested on animals"
New Ideas for Hair Styling -- New York, NY August 1996 "Pick the right foundation for your skin type"
Sassy -- Los Angeles, Calif. August 1996 "Why Didn't We Think of This?"(ARTISTRY® Nail Colour Remover Towelettes)
Mademoiselle -- New York, NY August 1996 "Pro Secrets: Look Sharp!" (featuring ARTISTRY® Concealer Pencil)
McCall's -- New York, NY September 1996 "Pick Your Potion" (featuring ARTISTRY® Concealer Pencil)
Woman's Day -- New York, NY Oct. 8, 1996 "Nifty New Products" (featuring ARTISTRY® Nail Colour Corrector Pens)
Self -- New York, NY November 1996 "Get the Point" (featuring application tips by ARTISTRY® consultant Coreen Cordova)
Celebrity Hairstyles -- New York, NY November 1996 "The Eyes Have It!"
Fitness -- New York, NY January/February 1997 "Instant Face-Lift"
Salt Lake Tribune -- Salt Lake City, Utah Feb. 2, 1997 "Take care of your skin for your big day"
Deseret News -- Salt Lake City, Utah Feb. 2, 1997 "Take care of your skin for your big day"
Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal March 12, 1997 "Lipstick that lasts"
News Telegraph -- Tyler, Texas March 20, 1997 "Make Lip Color Last"
Indianapolis Star March 27, 1997 "Keep lips looking luscious past lunchtime"
Florence (S.C.) News March 30, 1997 "Tips for lipstick that lasts"
Norwalk (Conn.) Hour April 15, 1997 "Beauty tips from skin care expert"
Glamour -- New York, NY May 1997 "91 Best Beauty Buys for Spring"
Fitness (New York, NY) September 1996 "Cherryburger Deluxe"
Modern Materials Handling (Newton, Mass.) Sept. 15, 1997 "Conveyer, AGV systems speed up order filling"
Washington Times Feb. 21, 1997 "Mustang, Harley sold by Amway"
San Diego Union-Tribune Feb. 21, 1997 "A classic Amway"
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix, Ariz. Feb. 22, 1997 "New toys from Amway"
Garden City (NY) News March 7, 1997 "Autoworld Column"
Attleboro (Mass.) Sun Chronicle March 20, 1997 "Amway puts the top down in catalog"
Guelph (Ont.) Mercury April 4, 1997 "Amway turns to cars in spring sales book"

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