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Number of Products and Companies

Last year, when I combined all of catalog price files into one spreadsheet, there were 6914 items in the spreadsheet. A small number of these items are duplicates. Some items are listed in the Personal Shoppers catalog and then again in some of the specialty catalogs like Spring & Summer and the Office catalog. I didn't think it was worth the effort to scan through a 7000 row spreadsheet and delete at most a few hundred duplicates.

The Amway items price file contained 1,418 items. When I deleted all of the sales aids and catalog items available through the Regional Distribution Centers (RDCs), that left 721 items. In many cases, the cleaning products that Amway manufactures come in two or more sizes.

During a five year period, I heard many different speakers show the plan in the Britt Organization. Even when I was a gung-ho distributor, I thought it was strange that the number of products and companies always seemed to be different. I have heard numbers ranging from 5000 goods and services to 15,000 and the number of companies range from 400 to 2000.

I have also heard many distributors claim that Amway deals with most of the Fortune 500 companies. Fortunately, there is an easy way to verify this.

Fortune 500 magazine is accessible over the internet. From their web-site you can download the current Fortune 500 and the Fortune 1000 list as an Excel spreadsheet. They don't charge you for doing this, so I would highly encourage you to get this list.

In November of 1996, I downloaded the Fortune 500 list and then I deleted the companies that Amway could not possibly be involved with, IE utilities, banks, brokers, insurance companies, other retailers, industrial equipment manufacturers, construction firms, oil refiners, health care providers, railroads, aerospace companies, mining companies, etc. This exercise left a pool of only 190 Fortune 500 companies that COULD be involved with Amway. I admit that I might have deleted a few companies, such as a bank, broker, or insurance company that Amway is associated with. But that number would have been very small. If there was any doubt, I left the company in the pool.

Of the companies that were left, it would be very surprising if Amway marketed products from all 17 chemical manufacturers, 20 electronics and electrical equipment manufacturers, 18 forest and paper products companies, 12 industrial and farm equipment manufacturers, 16 metals and metal product manufacturers, 9 pharmaceutical companies, and 12 telecommunications companies. Some of these 104 companies and the other 86 could very well market their goods or services through Amway, but not all of them.

Amway certainly deals with quite a number of name-brand products. But they won't even release the number of companies they deal with, because it is constantly changing. (Go ahead -- ask them. I did)

So what companies does Amway deal with? Good question. I did what no self-respecting Amway distributor would do. Over a several week period in April and May 1997, I checked out the Personnal Shoppers, Spring & Summer, Health & Fitness, Office, and Major Appliance catalogs to find out what corporations Amway buys products from and write them down! I did not have access to Amway's Great Midwestern Steak, Amagift, Christmas, or any other catalog. So the companies that are listed in these catalogs may or may not be listed here.

First off, since this was a manual search, I will admit that I may have inadvertently left out a few companies. Also, in many cases Amway does not list a manufacturer of the product in the catalog. This is especially true of some of the office supply items, furniture, and house-hold items.

Next, just because you have access to a particular company, that does not mean you have access to that companies entire product line. In most cases, Amway only purchases a few items from that companies product line for resale to their distributors.

Finally, these are the companies that Amway deals with in their U.S. catalogs. If you take a tour of Amway's Global Village, you will find that they list the products that are sold in most countries.

If you take this tour of Amway's Global Village, you can tell that the statement "Wouldn't it be smart for a company to sell their product through Amway and have access to 2.5 million distributors world-wide?" cannot possibly be true! Typically, when Amway opens in a new country, they start off with a limited number of Amway's core-line cleaning products and then gradually expand the number of products. Sometimes that includes products that are offered in the United States and sometimes not.

In same cases, I think the brand name of a product is listed instead of the manufacturer. Instead of leaving these out, I went ahead and left them in the list. There are 551 companies/brand names in this list.

hyGIoncie Acorn Products Inc Action Lane
Adidas Adolfo Aerosoles
After-Bite Airwalk Aiwa
Albert Nipon American Tourister Amigos
Andes Andis Anne Klein
Apollo Arctic Zone Armitron
Attix Audiovox Aurora
Austin Avery Avia
Award AT&T B & G Pickles in a Pouch
B.D. Baggies B.E.L.-tronics Ball
Barely There Bates Bath Shoppe
Bay to Bay Bebe Bland Bel
Bellsouth Best Form Best's Kosher
Betty Crocker Bic Bigelow
Bill Blass Bio-Safe Bissell
Blaupunkt Body Slimmers Bonide
Bostonian Botany 500 Brachs
Braun Brock Brookfield
Brooks Brother Broyhill
Budge Lite Bugle Boy Bumble Bee
Bunn-o-Matic Bunns & Ricker Burlington
Burns & Ricker Buxton BBW Plus Size
C-Line Cafe Roma Caffe Trevisso
California Car Duster Calvin Klein Campbells
Canon Capezio Boys Caressa
Carolyn's Carousel Casio
Casual Friday's Caterpillar (work boots) CatNapper
Cellini's Century Chadwich
Chadwick Farms Chamberlain Champion
Chapin Chaps Charlie Robinson
Charms Chefs Classics Chex
China Mist Chino's Chlor-Con
Citrus Valley Clarion Clarity
Classic Foods Clubman Coast
Cobra Columbia Sports Wear Conair
Converse Corininthias Cornuts
Craftec Craig Cristian Dior
Danskin Deer Stags Denise Austin
Dennison Denon Dental White
Desenex Dexter Dickies
Digital Dixon Ticonderoga Dockers
Docket Pads Donna Katz Double B
Dr. Scholls Dress Sports Duck Head
Dymo E.D. Michaels Eastland
Easy Track Eco-Lite Elance
Emerald Farms Emperor Norton Endex Checks
Epson Equal Esselte Pendaflex
Essence Essential Kitchen Helpers Etienne Aigner
Etonic Eureka Evan-Picone
Evenflo Fact Howard Famous Amos
Fast Choice Fast Track Fast Track
Faulard Fautless Fellowes
Ferrio Fieldcrest/Cannon Fiesta
File-N-Tote First Alert Fisher
Flag & sail Flavor House Florsheim
Formfit Fournier Foxes
Franklin French Connection Frito Lay
Frownes Fruit Twists FugiColor Film
Fuitibbles FTD G.H. Bass & Co
Gaglanion Gant Gardettos
Gatorade General Electric General Mills
Generra Geoffrey Beene Geronimo
Gerry Gilmour Giorgio
Givenchy Glamorise Goelitz
Gold Eagle Goodyear GoJo
Grand Plaza Great Lakes Grind Master
Grospete Gummi Bears GPX
GTS Haggar Hamilton Beach
Hanes Hansens Hayes
Health Rider Hedstrom Hellman's
Henry Grethel Hi-Liter Hi-Tec
High & Low Highland Hitachi
Hoover Hot Pockets HoMedics
Hunter Hush Puppies Huskee
In The Mood Entrees Intermountain Bakeries Ipanema
Izod Jake & co Jameson
Jantzen Jays Jean Paul
Jeffery & Dara Jelly Belly Jennifer
Jessica Howard Jezebel Jimmy Dean
Jockey John Henry John Weitz
John Weitz Johnson & Johnson Johnston & Murphy
Jolly Rancher Jones New York Jordache
Jump-o-Lane JVC K & N
Karcher Kaukama Kazo
Kellogs Kenwood Kids Cups
Killer Bee King Cobra Kitchen Aid
Kluge Kneipp Koss
Kozy Kids Kraft Krups
La Francaise Bakery Laiglon Lake of the Woods
Lakewood Land O'Lakes Laserline
Laurentis Lawn Crafter Le Bra
Lean-Pockets Lee Legmate
Leighton Leslie Fay LePage
Lilyette Lipchic Lipton
Loctite London Fog London Square
Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce Lovable Lovepats
LA Gear LA Gear M.C.D.
Machina Maco Magnavox
Maidenform Major Munch Manhattan
Martex Mary McFadden Masada
Matts Maxell MaxFli
McAdams McCormick Meco
Members Only Memorex Michael Brett
Michael Lazardi Michel Iazardi Mickey & Company
Minolta Mississippi BBQ Sauce Mocho Milano
Monet Monster Mat Mootsies Tootsies
Morehouse Motorola Movado
Mr. Coffee Mr. Nature Mr. Spice
Mr. Wheatleys Muy Fresco Myonne
Mystique MCI Nabisco
Natural Ice Natural Issue Natural Sport
Naturalizer Nature Select Natures Favorite
Nevados New Balance Newell
Newly Wed Newmans Own Nexx
Nickels Nicole No Touch Tire Care
Norelco Northwest Airlines Northwestern Bell
O'Briens O'Sullivan Ocean Pacific
Ocean Spray Okla Homer Smith Olga
Olympus Orchard Natural Oreck
Ortho Oscan DeLa Renta Oxford
Panasonic Papermate Paul Chardo
Payday Pelouze Pentax
Pentel Pepperidge Farms PermaPic
Perry Ellis Personna Phonemate
Pierre Cardin Pilot Pens Plantonics
Playtex Poly-Air Porter Care
Portofino Positive Attitude Prang
Precious Moments Premier Pro Shop
Pro-Jet 2000 Pro-Rider Proctor-Silex
Puma PC Armore PDQ
Quaker Quality Park Products Quartet
Quasar Quick Chopper Quickie
Raffinati Ragold Rally
Reach Reale Reflex
Regeneration Regina Remington
Revere Ware Riceland Richard Caruso
Ridgeview Farms Ro-Pel Roadmaster
Rock River Rocsports Rolfs
Rolodex Roper Ross
Roundup Royal Royal Data
Royal Velvet Rubbermaid Rudy's Farm
RCA Sable Saddeman, Inc
Samsonite Samsung Sanford
Sanyo Sauder Scoot
Scotch Scotts Sebago
Seiko Sharp Shasta
Sherwood Shogun Shiatsu Shower Master
Side X Side Silk Impression Silken Sheer
Singer Slip-n-Strike Smead
Smith Corona Snappy Crackers Snaps
Solar Waist Sound Creation Soundesign
Sour Power Southwestern Bell Spalding
Speedo Spencer & Lowe Splading
Split Fire Sporto Spumoni
St. Thomas Stanley Bostich Star Ride
Stare Fair Steel City Mustard Co. Steins
Stowaways Summer Breeze Sun-Maid
Sunbeam Sunkist Survivor
Sweepa Sweet & Low Sweet Sue
Swiss Beauty Sylvania Tabasco Ties
Tech-Canvas Technics Terra's Red Twists
Teva Texas Twist Pretzels Texsport
Thompson Tic-Tac Tillamook
Timberland Timberline Timex
Toastmaster Tops Toro
Toshiba Track & Field Triple Dragon
TurnTec Tuscany Ultra Sonex
Ultra Wheels Uncle Ben Uniden
Union Bay Van Heussen Vanity Fair
Vela Mints Verdi Vidal Sasson
Visa Vita Master Vivitar
Voice Mate Voit Vtech
Wahl Warners Waterman
Waterpik Wearever Weber
Websters Weedeater Wege
Weider Weslo Weslo Cadence
Wheel Clean Whirlpool Whistler
White Out White Stag Wilson
Windmere Winning Spirit Wonderbra
Woodlands Woolrich Wrangler
Xerox XStamper Yard-Man
Yorx Yves St. Laurent Zebra Pencils
Zenith 1928 3M
7th Avenue

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