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You can build this business on a Shoe-string budget

If you've reviewed the Expenses page at Sidney's Amway Untold Story site, you're not going to find anything new here. The vast majority of the expenses I had was in support of the "Britt System", IE weekly opens, monthly seminar/rallies, weekend functions, books and tapes and the transportation to get to these functions. The actual expense associated with building the business was small compared to the educational/motivation system.

Here are my expenses for 1995, from my Schedule C:

The Car and telephone expense categories was higher for this year since I was working two groups at a distance and one local. Plus it seemed like all of the major functions for this year were 400+ miles from home (one way). What was my income for all this effort? A whopping $503.

It is not my intention to imply that these expenses are out of line for building any type of business. In fact they are much lower than many types of business. My only intention is that prospects should be made fully aware of what is expected of them up front and not after they have maxed out a few credit cards.

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