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The World of Amway - 1996

In the table below you will find the distributor counts listed at Amway's Global village for the 40 foreign markets that Amway operates in. The distributor counts for several of these countries have not been updated in over a year. These statistics are not provided to present an accurate picture of Amway's size in each of the foreign markets, but a general picture. However, the statistics for Amway Asia and Amway Japan are accurate. Since they are publicly held corporations, Amway does release information about the number of distributors and more accurate sales information for these entities which they are not required to do for the privately held portion of Amway.

The numbers for the Amway Asia Pacific countries come from a press release, which I found by searching Alta Vista for +Amway +Asia. The distributor counts for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras were combined into one distributor count of 30,000, so I gave each country 10,000.

I was unable to find the distributor counts for some countries, so they have been left blank. This table was updated with the counts from Amway in Nov 97.

Amway Distributor Counts by Country
Country Count Country Count
Argentina 22,000 Indonesia 22,000
Australia 88,000 Italy 44,000
Austria 9,000 Japan 1,093,000
Belgium - Korea 100,000
Brazil 150,000 Malaysia 115,000
Brunei - Mexico -
Canada 72,000 Netherlands -
Chile 18,000 New Zealand 18,000
China 80,000 Panama 9,000
Colombia - Poland 63,000
Costa Rica - Portugal 13,000
Czech Republic - Slovak -
El Salvador 10,000 Slovenia -
France 8,000 Spain 18,000
Germany - Switzerland -
Greece - Taiwan 178,000
Guatemala 10,000 Thailand 143,000
Honduras 10,000 Turkey -
Hong Kong 45,000 United Kingdom 35,000
Hungary - Uruguay 3,000

The Phillipines and South Africa are so new, there are no statistics available yet.

Adding up these distributor counts in the above 26 countries give a total of 2,376,000. On Amway's web-site they have posted that there are nearly 700,000 U.S. Distributors which is approximately the same number of distributors that Amway released in a November, 1997 press release, which was "over 3 million."

Hmmmm...not much left for the rest of the world is there?

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