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Explanation of The Work & System Income from a Britt Distributor

Occasionally, I get an email from an Amway distributor that is a real jewel and deserves to be on a web-page by itself. This is a very large file. If you are using a modem, you may wish to save this to your hard-drive and read it offline.

The bold, italicized, and underlined text is from the author of this letter. He was the one who put the emphasis on these words -- not me!

Through-out this email you will see comments from me between the line separators, like this comment

I have read ALL the articles on your web page. "A HALF TRUTH IS STILL A WHOLE LIE". YOUR PAGE IS A LIE. My following comments are NOT aimed at insulting you or being a personal attack (God knows you've been through enough!). My intent is that you will have a COMPLETE and ACCURATE understanding of the AMWAY business and that hopefully you will, as a minimum, UPDATE your web page with the latest FACTS or shut your page down (while you page purports to serve a "purpose" in its present state it is riddled with MIS-INFORMATION and is FAR more DESTRUCTIVE to people than informative). Please, as a minimum, post this e-mail (without my address) so that others will get the whole truth.

The conduct listed below is for the Britt organization (more specifically Angelo Nardone's downline) and your "experiences" may have been different (I can only speak for myself and my knowledge of this "leg" of Britt)

Well, here goes.....

1. 4%/$4 Service Fee: ALL Direct distributors DO NOT pay shipping charges or the 4%/$4 "service fee" IF (and only "if") they have one (1) shipment per week AND it is always to the same location (address).

He got me here. I had overlooked that if and only if thing. Let me ask all of you a question: How many of you would ask Amway to ship an order (large or small) to one or more distant distributors and lose $600-800 a month? Especially when this Warehouse Order Distributor program has been around for years! This is not a new program. In my opinion, it would be stupid to do this.

Now, superficially this may seem to be a routine way to conduct business and make a hefty profit. However, consider this realistic scenario; you are a Direct (DD) with a "distance group" (small or large). As a Direct distributor you have to handle LARGE (volume) product orders. The Regional Distribution Center sends you, the Direct, your order in ONE BIG SHIPMENT (no shipping charges, no service fee, once per week). Now, you (and your spouse), or someone you hire, must separate the products into their respective "downline orders", check them for missing or "back-ordered" items and have an SA-1 (or a computer generated summary sheet) for each order which must be 100% correct for about 30-50 orders per week, every week. Is it "fair and reasonable" for the Direct distributor to charge the 4% (or $4 minimum) "service fee" for all of that work? (Especially if he/she/they need to hire people to help perform that service?)

A direct separates the products only for their personal downline. They do pull the products from their shelves to fill the orders for 30-50 people, but they do not separate out 30-50 individual orders a week, unless of course they had 30-50 personally sponsored distributors.

Also, the direct distributor NOT does prepare the SA-1's for each distributor. Each distributor is responsible for preparing their own and giving it to their upline. A lot of the tedious paperwork involved that used to take hours and hours to complete has been automated by computer programs that the Britt organization, Amway, and other software development companies have created.

In the Britt system, the responsibility for doing all of this work is normally placed on the wife, unless, of course, you are single, or a married man whose wife is not involved in the business.

It is certainly "fair and reasonable" for the Direct to charge the service fee for all of that work. It is also "fair and reasonable" for the people paying the 4% to know where that money is going. I was under the assumption it was going to Amway -- not my upline DD's pocket.

Also, Does the "distance group" pay for the incurred shipping costs of their weekly products?? (either from you to them or from the RDC directly to them as a WOD) Either way the "distance group" will have to pay (or it is "reasonably appropriate" for them to pay) the shipping costs and the "service fee" for their Amway products. OK, now it could be argued, by the "distance group", that you are penalizing them, via the shipping costs, for being a "distance group" of yours!! ("Do you charge ALL of your group for the shipping & the "service fee"?" they ask).

Question: What would YOU do? It IS your Amway business!

(One Answer: My Directs (Emeralds) charge the 4% if you pick up from their warehouse, will allow any distributor in good (financially responsible) standing to get on WOD, and puts the "distance group" on WOD.)

The answer in my upline: The highest pin in my area was related to our upline direct, which was 100 miles away. But since there was "opens" in both cities, there was a lot of people travelling between the cities, not only in our organization, but also in other local organizations. Whenever possible, the upline direct gave the products to someone to take back with them (I did that myself several times). There were also seminar/rallies that gave an opportunity to hand over products and also just family gatherings.

While I am sure that many directs have distance groups, the vast majority of a direct's organization is local (within a 100 miles). I have no doubt that some of the $600-$800 per month may be used to defray shipping costs to distance groups, but not all of it.

Also, some Emerald's and above operate their own "warehouse" so that downline can "shop" for the products. This requires investing in inventory, handling products, stocking shelves, etc. THIS IS SUCH A HASSLE THAT MOST EMERALD'S AND ABOVE HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE TO HELP THEM! (Gee, all this expense sounds like a real "money-maker" to me!)

Gosh isn't that the idea of being in business for yourself? I have heard Bill Britt mention many times that Amway gives you the opportunity to be a job provider not a job consumer. At some point in ANY business, you face a decision as to whether to hire employees to do those things you no longer wish to do or don't have the time to do. If this fact bothers you, then don't go into business for yourself!

WHY DO THEY DO IT?? "Because it has been proven over time that it builds PV and AMWAY is a PV based business" ("long term" view).

2. The "profit" on TAPES (audio and video) and SOT: True, DD's and above do get a discount on tapes (and it is much less of a discount than you describe - maybe a $1 or so a tape). HOWEVER, IT DEPENDS ON THE VOLUME ORDERED! What you fail to mention is that ANYONE can get A DISCOUNTED price on tapes IF you order DIRECTLY FROM AMI IN HUGE QUANTITY (CASES OF TAPES!). Now, since generally only Diamonds (and maybe some very big Emerald's) can order multiple cases of a single tape (say, the "Standing Order Tape") they get the "discounted" price. The downline DD DOES PAY SHIPPING for the tapes or if feasible will go get them from the upline Diamond.

Although he claims to have read my entire web-site, he obviously missed the section where I tell you how much ICCA and AMI would charge me or you to order 5,000 tapes (ICCA - $.65 and AMI - $.85 per tape).

I sincerely doubt, but have no knowledge one way or the other, if anyone who is not a diamond or possibly an emerald can even order standing order tapes from AMI. Besides, why would a person with a group of 5 order 100 copies of the same tape? THAT WOULD BE STUPID.

Also, when the Emerald (or DD) has to send tapes (Like SOT) to "DISTANCE groups" they have to pay shipping on that too! (they can't charge them $6 PLUS shipping). Plus, they have to count them, box them, label them, weigh them, handle them and do all the paperwork. My Upline Emerald stated emphatically "THE TAPES ARE THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE BUTT IN THIS BUSINESS THAT I HAVE TO DO. I WILL GLADLY HIRE ANYONE (YES, HE'LL EVEN HIRE YOU) TO DEAL WITH THEM FOR ALL OF THE PROFIT INVOLVED". He has hired people in the past and the time needed to do the job properly is not worth it to even a High School Kid!

I am somewhat surprised that an emerald feels this way about tapes. After all they are one of three most essential tools in building an Amway business and, as you claim "it has been proven over time (empirically) that it builds PV and AMWAY is a PV based business".

As far as the shipping charges are concerned, I have received email from some distributors who have stated that their organizations do charge shipping on tools. My web-site is not only about the Britt system. Besides, there are any number of opportunities to pass out tapes at product pickups, after opens, team meetings, etc. It was my experience that the upline made every attempt to avoid having to ship tapes OR products when they could. It just makes good business sense! Besides, you only ship cassettes to a distance group, how much extra cost is their in shipping a few cassette tapes along with the products?

Another real "money-maker" "SCAM" isn't it?! Need a job Charles?? For ALL that "Cha-ching" you profess on your web page you should be able to live quite more comfortably than you are now. I challenge you to back up the allegations on your page with your actions. After all, this is how "the real money" is made and you won't have to be "in the business" either (no disrespect intended). Besides this would give you a chance to earn back the money you lost in "SCAMWAY" being an "AMBOT" right?

I want all of you to know that I respectively decline his offer of employment. I have other, more profitable ways of making money.

In addition, DD's have the cost of tape inventory. How much money do DD's and above "tie up" in Tape inventory? Often thousands of dollars, (yes, even at the "discounted" prices) just so that their downline has easy access to "information" on building the business. Now, consider if these (DD and above) alleged "money hungry scammers " invested this inventory money in anything else (Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc) instead of "investing" it in their business FOR their downline. I think their "rate of return" would be significantly higher!

I have been in a few "warehouses" of DD's and Diamonds and yes they certainly have money tied up in tape inventory and anytime a business person has money tied up in inventory, they deserve to make a profit on their "investment."

It's very probable that the profit at the direct level is not that great. If you're a DD with 50-60 tapes going through your organization every week and only making $1 on each tape, you're only talking about a few hundred dollars a month. For them, the amount of work involved for the income may be out of balance.

But certainly by the time a distributor is at the emerald or diamond level, they have hundreds of tapes going through their organization every week, and since they are buying more tapes, they get a bigger discount. Not only are they making a profit off the tapes being sold to their direct legs, but the profit made off the distributors in their non direct legs is even greater because an emerald or diamond buys the tape at a greater discount, yet the end consumer (all distributors in the organization) are purchasing the tape for the same price.

The issue is NOT that they make money from tapes, after all business is business. Over and over again I heard Britt diamonds make the comment they didn't do all of this stuff for themselves, but for us.

It's the non-disclosure of the income produced by the "system." Books, tapes and functions were the greatest expense that I incurred in attempting to build an Amway business. My personal feeling is that the "system business" should be held up to the same standards as any other aspect of any Multi-Level Marketing business.

I'll make a deal. If Bill Britt produces a document similar to the SA-4400 that describes the tool business, I'll take down my pages on system income in a heart-beat.

Another point you FAIL to mention is DEFECTIVE TAPES ! AMI or the Upline Diamond's don't "EAT" the cost of defective tapes. (They can not be returned to be re-used by AMI because of the way they are mass produced (they are recorded PRIOR to being encased).

Does this mean that AMI doesn't have any type of guarantee on the product they manufacture? Virtually every product I have ever bought from a retail outlet has a manufacturer's guarantee. Gosh, I've even had Wallmart take back defective/broken merchandise.

Well, All of this "profit" minus these costs adds up to a big "Cha-Ching" right??! WRONG!!

WHY DO THEY DO IT?? "Because it has been proven over time (empirically) that it builds PV and AMWAY is a PV based business".

The fact that tens of millions of dollars a year is made off them is probably irrelevant.

3. The "profit" on Books: True. A profit is made on the recommended books sold through "the system". Typically non-DD folks pay list price for "A PARTICULAR BOOK". Once again you FAIL to mention that ANYONE CAN RECEIVE A DISCOUNT THROUGH "THE SYSTEM" IF YOU ORDER IN QUANTITY!! You accurately describe buying a book in quantity but how many of them do you want to own? How much money are you willing to "tie up" until someone buys a copy? Wow, let's see 10 books at 50% discount means you have to sell at least half of them just to make your "invested" money back. Also, you may have them to ship them to someone at a distance at no extra cost. Also, most of the recommended books can be bought at discount book stores, borrowed from the library, borrowed from your upline, or even purchased very cheaply at yard sales, flea markets and used book stores.

Another great, big loud "Cha-ching" for you right??

WHY DO THEY DO IT?? "To make the information readily available to everyone downline because it has been proven over time (empirically) that it builds PV and AMWAY is a PV based business".

Once again, the issue here is not that they make money from the books. Clearly, if they have money tied up in inventory, just like in any other type of business, they deserve to derive a profit from the sales....just be up front and honest about it.

4. The Functions: True, any residual from functions AFTER ALL THE COSTS ARE PAID IS DIVIDED AMONGST THE DIAMONDS. Also, the Diamonds may sub-divide their profit to their downline Emeralds or even DD's. HOWEVER, again you fail to mention "the facts"!

A big (major) weekend function is NOT only 2 or 3 days! Typical venue rental is 4 or 5 days. There is set-up, tear down, sound checks, security checks, lighting checks, video checks, etc. This all takes a huge amount of time and their is a cost associated with this time. Also, because you rent a 10,000 person facility does not mean that you will fill it! In some venues you would not want to fill it because the sound and lighting is so poor in "the nose bleed section" that the quality of the activity would be very poor for someone seated there. Also, the stage setup typically "wastes" a lot of seating space. They try to make up for this "on the floor" seating but it is tough (those folding chairs (rental) cost too!). So for a 10,000 seat venue figure it might be 6000-7000 people at best. Most likely it will be 5000 people. Also bear in mind that if only 2500-3500 people attend they don't cancel the function!

I would have thought that if this business was growing as fast as everyone claims it is, that attendance at these events would grow just as fast.

In five years I never attended a major weekend function that wasn't well attended. After 25+ years experience I'm sure Britt's business managers have a good idea how many people will attend a function based on the size of each Diamond's organization that will be attending. I'm not trying to imply that a function never loses money, but when it does I'm sure Britt's office combines these people with other diamonds to ensure that the next one is profitable. That just makes good business sense.

Now, go back and re-calculate your numbers using "what really happens" and the "profit" will be significantly lower. However, there still MAY be a profit.

OK, now consider that the money for ALL of this function had to, in most cases, be paid "up front", in advance. Now someone or some group of people had to "front" that money. In most cases, Diamonds have a separate account for functions. The money they may have "made" from the last function is now used as capital investment money for the next function's "front money". Of course you may be thinking that this is a big money maker still but consider ALL of the work involved. People who make BIG money from functions have HUGE organizations that they have spent YEARS to build (I read somewhere on the web 9-10 years).

First he says there is little or no profit now he says there is! That fact of the matter is that high-level distributors DO make a significant amount of money from "the system" (see below).

I am sure that a deposit is required for these coliseums and that has to come from somewhere. Sometimes to make money, you have to spend money. That is just a fact of life in ANY business. If this fact bothers you, don't go into business for yourself! Britt's business managers have been dealing with these coliseums for years. I am sure that adequate arrangements have been made concerning deposits and payments.

Also I don't wish to imply that there isn't a lot of work involved in putting these events on or that diamonds may play a significant role in putting the function together. But I always thought that Britt's office did all the co-ordinating and planning for these things! Maybe I was wrong.

I think I should also point out that I have constantly heard references to a diamond's "lifestyle" as being free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and that little "work" was involved. You seem to be contradicting that and rightly so.

Now they make a good income from the AMWAY side of the business without "the system" functions. What would possess a person to go through ALL of this hassle and risk to sponsor or co-sponsor a major function?? The money?

Double Diamond Brig & Lita Hart in a lawsuit recently filed in Florida had this to say: For some distributors, including Plaintiffs, the sale of business support materials produces revenues FAR EXCEEDING that revenues generated from the sale of Amway's consumer goods. I'm sure this fact has nothing to do with what would possess a person to go through ALL this hassle (to quote a friend of mine, yeah and snakes have hips too!)

Details of this lawsuit may be found at the Amway Untold Stories site.

I think not - the return on their TIME is just too small. Also as we both agree, usually they divide the "profit", if there is any above what the next function will need as front money, to the downline - why? Because the downline has a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES TO HANDLE IN THE PROCESS OF GOING DIAMOND. This is the single most important piece of information that you missed! With increasing income (larger group, larger pin) in the AMWAY business comes increased responsibilities. ALL TYPES OF FUNCTIONS; MAJOR, REGIONAL AND LOCAL, COST MONEY TO "PUT ON"!! An Emerald or group of Emeralds WILL LOSE MONEY ON LOCAL FUNCTIONS PERIODICALLY!! IT HAPPENS MORE OFTEN THAN YOU MIGHT THINK!!

I never said that local functions were profit makers! Actually, I said that I had little data on them (remember?). Since I didn't have any information on them I appreciate your input!

I'm not suprised that some local functions may lose money. But once again, I'm sure that when functions start losing money, Britt's business managers are savvy enough to expand the regional coverage to ensure that this doesn't happen too often. It just makes good business sense!


Permit me to explain. A "good" diamond (or above) supports his downline directs. The directs with the most responsibility gets the most support. For example; If your an Emerald running a warehouse facility, weekly "opens" at a hotel, and a facility for holding "team meetings" (at least once a month), you have a large overhead expense. You are NOT going to cover all these expenses from the "profit" on tools and entrance fees. However, you have a responsibility to the "TEAM" to have this capability in order to make it to Diamond. So what happens, the "wise" upline Diamond will NOT "pocket" this money as you profess, but instead will use (re-invest) it to promote his downline DDs. This is done in the form of sponsoring contests, Artistry campaigns with prizes, special events, etc. Now, does all of this benefit the group?? You bet it does!! It causes interest, growth and subsequent PV (yes, in the AMWAY product side).

Also, if that is not enough, consider that a Diamond (single or couple) is/are (a) successful person/people. How much do "successful" people typically "charge" to speak at functions? Diamonds are no different. They have achieved success and are willing to "TEACH" others how to be successful in AMWAY to all in attendance. Yes, they make a tape and are paid royalties by AMI (not by Bill Britt himself!) on that tape. They may be paid a speaking fee (to cover expenses) too. So what?! Do you think Tony Robbins or any of these other success gurus don't make a gigantic profit on their materials? Of course they do because they have "earned" it through their struggle to success. That's part of "the prize" of success which helps people make it through the agony of "the struggle". For a distributor's $60 or $80 or even $100 cost of a function they get 1.5 days of "teaching". That's a "big bang for your buck" if you use it! ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, AMWAY IS A BARGAIN!

In the five years that I attended major functions, it seemed like at everyone of these functions, half of the attendees were attending their first major weekend function. I didn't begin wondering about this until late in my Ama-career when we started repeating functions at the same coliseum with pretty much the same crowd of diamonds.

I reckon the value is all in the eye of the beholder. If the information being taught at the major functions was of such great "value" why was half the people not returning?

Finally, did I say that the diamonds didn't deserve their fees for speaking at a function or have their expenses covered? NO! But I hate to tell you how many times I heard that these diamonds were willing to share their knowledge, expertise and time for FREE out of their desire to help people succeed. Apparently this isn't quite true .. eh?

5. The "BRITT SYSTEM" IS A SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY: A LIE!! Your main flaw is that you keep thinking that everyone that achieves some level of success in AMWAY is an evil, money grabbing, scamming, cheating, lying bunch of jerks who are in this until they are millionaires at everyone else's expense. The TRUTH is that your upline WON'T WANT YOU TO SPEND YOUR MONEY IN "THE SYSTEM" UNTIL YOU ARE FINANCIALLY ABLE, SERIOUS, MADE A DECISION AND FOLLOW IT UP WITH COMMITMENT!! This is very obvious because you also FAIL to mention "the tool agreement" which has been in use in BRITT Worldwide for over a year now.

Nowhere on my web-site will you find me calling ANY distributor an evil, money grabbing, scamming, cheating, lying jerk. I make no judgements. I'll let people come to their own conclusions.

Nowhere on my web-site do I accuse any group of distributors of forcing people to buy tools that they can't afford. The sad fact is THAT IT DOES HAPPEN FAR TOO FREQUENTLY in many different organizations, INCLUDING Britt's. You can read many stories on my web-site and the others that show this to be true.

Unless you are talking about some kind of new tool agreement form, there was one being used back in 91 when I first signed up as a distributor. Based on the comments from distributors in other organizations, I think Britt was the only organization that used this kind of form.

I also mentioned the voluntary nature of business support materials in every place I mention BSM's and I also inform people of Amway's rules and code of ethics on this issue in the Business Compendium, including refund policies.

But do any of these statements sound familiar?

These are just a few examples of statements I have heard from Britt Diamonds on tape and at functions! These are all examples of things I had heard IN SPITE OF THE FACT that Britt's tool agreement form had been in use at least since 1991.

Everyone should be aware that in September, 1997, Amway sent out a new Business Support Material Arbitration Agreement (BSMAA) and a new Intent To Continue (ITC) form. The BSMAA consolidates much of the information about BSM's that already exists in the Amway Business Compendium. By signing these forms you are also contractually agreeing to settle ALL disputes about BSM's or with the Amway Corporation through Amway's Arbitration Conciliation process. Once the claim is settled, there is also a confidentiality clause that prevents you from discussing the issue.

You can find a reproduction of these forms off my main web-page.

The tool agreement emphasizes that participation is voluntary and that you are aware that "the system" or "tool business" is entirely separate (independent) of AMWAY.

Maybe this has changed in the last year or two, but the way I was taught to use this form was to tell people that "tools are optional, they have helped others succeed, there is no guarantee that they will help you succeed. Please read and sign this form and I will be happy to answer any questions." At no time was I ever taught by my upline, or by any emerald or diamond on any tape that my upline direct and above were receiving a profit from the sale of these materials. I didn't figure that one out until after I quit.

There was one sentence, half way down the form, that said some distributors derive a profit from the sale of these materials. I never noticed that when I signed the document. Whose fault is that -- MINE. This happens to many other people also. Whose fault is that -- THEIRS. If you don't discuss this information with a new prospect, whose fault is it -- YOURS!

A new distributor is handed this before they are permitted to purchase their first "tool"!! Also, every tape has a disclaimer printed on it and narrated at the end of the tape. So, this notion on your page that "all of the "real money making secrets" are kept from you until the DD level" is entirely false and without grounds. However, given the fact that the tool agreement form may not have existed when you were in AMWAY I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Here is the printed disclaimer that he is talking about:

"While the techniques and approaches suggested in this tape have worked for others, no one can guarantee that they will work for you. We hope, however, that the ideas presented here will assist you in developing a strong and profitable Amway business. This tape has been produced independently of Amway Corporation and has not been reviewed by Amway Corporation. Purchase of this tape is voluntary and subject to the refund policy described in your purchase Agreement for Business Support materials. Purchase of future tapes may be discontinued at any time."

This disclaimer is printed in an area 3 1/4" by 3/8" and by necessity is in very small print to get it to fit. I borrowed a Standing Order Tape produced somewhere around mid-97 and listened to the disclaimer at the end of the tape. While the sentences are in a slightly different order, the words are virtually the same with one exception. The information concerning the voluntary purchase, refund policy and future purchases are NOT included in the verbal disclaimer. Anybody besides me wonder why?

In the five years I was actively involved in the Britt system, it was my experience that these "money making secrets" and the refund policy on business support materials was never discussed at any training session, seminar or tape, even though Amway's bonus structure and refund policy and guarantees were talked about constantly. It would not surprise me if the vast majority of distributors leaving the Britt system over the past several years had any knowledge that they even COULD get a refund on those books and tapes.

6. I don't like AMWAY's or "THE SYSTEM'S" BELIEFS: The TRUTH is that AMWAY is an honest, impeccably ethical, and moral business.

So honest, impeccably ethical and moral that it plead guilty to criminal fraud in Canada; that it was found guilty of price fixing and illegal misrepresentation of income by the FTC; that it was found guilty of illegal misrepresentation of income by the state of Wisconsin; that it was fined $100,000 by the FTC for persisting in illegal misrepresentation of income; that it admits to violating its own rules in illegally transferring someone's downline out from under them (Baker v. Amway); that it destroys the business of a Crown Direct over a disputed $87 renewal fee (Gommeringer v. Amway); that allows distributors like Britt and Yager to run businesses that Amway's own lawyers, and Devos himself, found to be illegal and unethical; that it violates its own policy against not mixing religion and politics with business by allowing Billy Zeoli to go from rally to rally begging for money for Gospel Films, and allows candidates for political office to use Amway rallies as fund raising events.

Information on all of this stuff can be found at the Amway Untold Stories site. I'm not going to duplicate it here.

The "leaders" use "the Britt system" in order to help people build a long term business with stable income, NOT to fuel a "get rich for me" scam. After all, look at the MLM history and you will find it riddled with companies that have "folded" on people due to corrupt leaders and a true "scam system". Many people who were equivalent to "Diamonds" and retired were hurt!! What good is being retired when the MLM you were in folded!!

Amway had this to say about the honest, impeccably ethical and moral "tools" business. This is an excerpt of a memo prepared by Amway attorneys and entered into evidence by plaintiffs in Cairns v. Amway et al


They are in two prime categories:

A) Widespread ILLEGALITIES inherent in Amway distributor designed "systems" of tapes, books, and rallies. While most of these "systems" were conceived in the late 1960's and early 1970's as genuine "support" programs to help Amway distributors develop their Amway businesses, entre-preneurial "higher pins" discovered and developed programs for substantial, separate, additional income, under the Amway "umbrella."

Appendix 'A', a confidential memorandum to Policy Committee of August 1982, provides you with all the background as to how these "support systems" escalated to what we believe is now a threat to the future security of Amway Corporation, at least in the United States.

As this document - "Challenge of the '80's" - points out, the escalating profits and pressures of these businesses lead to an ALARMING RISE OF VIOLATIONS of the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

Subsequent legal evaluations disclosed that the dispropor- tionate (to Amway) sales, intensity and solicitation of these "tools/systems" are ILLEGAL, per se, under several U.S. federal and state laws.

Let's hear what Rich Devos said in a tape called "Directly Speaking," which was sent only to directs and above several years ago:

I get too many letters in here from people who are still being told, "You don't have to sell products, we're in a marketing group, we're just in a marketing outfit. No selling is necessary." Now you know, that's a lie. [Gee, isn't this what Britt teaches?]

I guess if I'd been told all these years you don't have to sell the product, all you have to do is wholesale it to people, then I guess maybe I wouldn't pay any attention to pricing, either. But that's an illegal business. And those of you that preach it and foster it and talk about it are operating illegally. [Gee, isn't this what Britt teaches?]

Let me talk to you about the legal side, beyond price fixing, that deals with pyramids, that deals with the illegal operation of a business that does not have an end consumer, where the product is not retailed. That would include all books and tapes. The sad news, folks, is that when those things go out that way and they become excessive, beyond my ten or twenty percent theoretical guideline, hopefully acceptable, to where it's a reasonable support system, but not beyond the reasonable element, then it becomes an out and out illegal pyramid. Why BV on tapes? That's why. It was time to bring some reasonableness to all of this. We also didn't take it to the Board, by the way, because we didn't really want to put a Board member on the spot. We have Board members who operate pretty big systems. It would have been a kind of an embarrassment to put him in the crossfire; so we just decided not to even discuss it at that level.

Details on both the memo and tape can be found at the Amway Untold Stories site. I'm not going to duplicate it here.

This is a business based on a great deal of TRUST. People (upline) are handling "other people's money". The "religious rhetoric" as some have described it is primarily aimed at dissuading the dishonest and instilling "basic moral values" into the business. Not everyone will agree with it that is for sure. However, consider the alternative. Would you like being in business with a bunch of people with questionable character?? I think not! Also, I have seen consistent efforts NOT to have an organization be perceived as "only for Christians". However, I have seen the organization geared towards people of "character and integrity" no matter what their religious beliefs are!!

Bill Britt does seem to be more tolerant of other peoples religions, but I think that only happened after an Indian went Diamond. Before that, the only religious service on Sunday morning was HIS non-denominational Christian service. But that does not stop him or his organization from preaching his right-wing fundamentalist Christian philosophy.

But this attitude is not prevalent through all Amway organizations. There are some organizations where "their" religion is the only "right" religion, and if you don't toe the line -- you're squeezed out of the system profits. Didn't you read the story of what happened to that Ruby who was an atheist?

7. The "NEW AMWAY" and "THE SYSTEM": TRUE, but not as described on your web page!! The whole idea of "THE BRITT SYSTEM" is so that people would be properly trained, motivated, and successful so that the "drop-out rate" would decrease.

The fact that he makes millions from it every year is probably irrelevant!

Twenty (20) or more years ago EVERY "TEAM" HAD A DIFFERENT WAY OF BUILDING THE BUSINESS!! Naturally, some worked, some failed and worst of all, some created most of the terrible image problems that are still sometimes heard even today!

The horror stories and image problems that I am hearing are occurring NOW not 20 years ago. Read through the stories on my readers comments pages. The problem is that the stories haven't changed. The same things that were occurring 20 years ago are still occurring today.

The TRUTH IS that "the system" made it desirable (profitable) for successful Diamonds and above to "TEACH" other "groups/organizations". Before "the system" there was no incentive for "cross-line teaching". A GREAT organization was unto itself and one had to be fortunate enough to be sponsored into a reputable, growing group. Now, the "SYSTEM" provides ALL BRITT DISTRIBUTORS with teaching from ALL successful BRITT Diamonds!!

for example, let's examine that a Diamond couple from Maryland does a "Seminar & Rally" in a cross-line leg in San Diego, California. Their expenses are paid (as well as royalty rights on the tape if one is made and distributed by AMI) and perhaps they may be paid a speaking fee (this is "what is in it for them" as they have to support their organizational expenses back home). They are able to share their expertise ("TEACH") because "the Britt system" is consistent across all of Britt. So actually "the SYSTEM" you despise so much has eliminated any "scamming" across AMWAY NOT caused it!!

Nowhere on my web-site do I criticize the fact that speakers are paid for their time or that their expenses are paid for these engagements.

I was unaware that royalties were paid to the speakers for making a tape. This distributor is the first one to ever mention this fact. I also question it considering that virtually all of these tapes are recorded at seminar/rallies where the speaker was paid to make the speech or at a weekend function where the speakers are also paid to speak. They also make their profits off the standing order tapes going through their downline.

If in fact, emeralds and above are paid a royalty on the tape also, well, that's just another source of income.

8. WHAT IS "WRONG" WITH YOUR WEB PAGE AND HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Hopefully, you can now see that you page is filled with "half-truths", and mis-information about AMWAY. This makes it potentially very destructive to people considering or involved with the AMWAY business opportunity.

So is the vast majority of information told when the plan is shown, which all but just a few of my web-pages are devoted to. But let's not discuss these topics right?

As it presently exists IT DOES NOT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM THAT YOU ARE NOT A BITTER, EX-AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR AND THAT YOU ARE SUPPLYING THIS PAGE AS "INFORMATION". THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE CONFUSED "YOUR AMWAY EXPERIENCE" WITH ALL OF AMWAY!! Your sponsor and your upline did a terrible job of "working with you to build a big business". You should have exercised proper adult judgement and ASKED questions! However, you may have asked and they may have misled you, I was not there so I do not know. Either way, they and/or you were WRONG and NOT the AMWAY business or "THE SYSTEM"!! Please do NOT continue to lump every thing together and "throw the baby out with the bath water!"

My upline NEVER taught anything that wasn't on the tapes I listened to from Britt's organization. They were supportive and were always willing to help whenever we asked.

And if you think that my experiences in the Britt organization was unique in some through the readers comment section at my site, at Sidney's site and at the other Amway-info sites (links are on my Links page). Read other peoples stories..and then try to tell me that I was just another isolated bad experience. Actually, I can show you many examples where people were really misled and abused by the very system you are defending.

Your statement about exercising proper adult judgement and asking questions is so true. I didn't do that and it was entirely my fault. I don't blame anyone else for my stupidity. I was the one who blindly accepted the system training that I should trust my upline implicitly, that they would NEVER do anything to harm MY business, and when they told me to do something to NOT ask questions -- but just do it. That was certainly MY mistake and no one else.

If I was a bitter ex-distributor, my web-site would be full of false accusations, grand claims and unsupported facts. I would like to know what we call all of the "honest, ethical, and moral" people who use false facts and statistics to persuade people that Amway is the greatest opportunity on earth?

Your web site can meet your original desired intentions by teaching people to ask questions pertaining to "what kind of people and organization will I be involved with if you sponsor me?" This is where an individual can determine if they can be properly mentored instead of financially abused as you and others allegedly were. Help people that are looking for help on whether this is a proper business for them or not based on FACTS and INFORMATION instead of opinion and bitterness. Here are some examples that WOULD HELP OTHERS:

  1. If you sponsor me are you willing to be patient and explain anything and everything about this business (as the need arises) to me?
  2. If you sponsor me are you willing to lay out a business plan for me based on my available time and available budget for this business? A plan for achieving long term (1 year) mid-term (3-months), and short term (weekly) goals?
  3. How long can I be involved and still get a full refund?
  4. Does your organization have a tool agreement? May I have a copy to review?
  5. Before I make a decision about this business may I meet your sponsor, your upline DD, Emerald and perhaps your Diamond?
  6. Will you let me borrow tools (decision packs, books, tapes, videos)(on the honor system to return them) if I am unable to afford them?
  7. What things MUST I do to build this business successfully in the next 3 months? (Proper answer: Make a list, help w/Phone calls or hand out videos (sponsor can provide), STP w/sponsor and follow up. Read a recommended book (I can lend you if needed) and listen to tapes (in the car while in transit)(I can also lend you). Use the products in your "kit" and replace non-AMWAY products with AMWAY products WHEN THEY RUN OUT! (NOTE: NO BIG EXPENDITURES OR MANDATORY TOOL PURCHASES!!)
  8. How much of your time are you willing to spend to help me/us succeed at this? How many other "legs" are you actively working right now?
  9. Do you use a weekly "goals and tracking sheet" in your group?
  10. How often can I/we meet with my/our upline DD to counsel about the business? (Answer: at least once every 90 days if not every thirty (30) days if you are actively working the business)

Certainly, the above statements are excellent advice. People new to the Amway business generally don't know enough to ask these kind of questions. It was my experience that the vast majority of people "getting in to" Amway didn't have much if any business experience. If everyone was as forthcoming with this kind of information, I am sure there would be fewer problems.

But I'd like to add a few.

  1. Discuss this business plan that you will be laying out for me.
  2. Probable response - See step 7 above. This is not a complex business folks.

  3. How long have you been using this business plan, how many people have you sponsored, and how much success have they had.
  4. If you don't get a straight answer -- wonder why.

  5. What kind of growth has the Britt organization experienced in this region over the past year? How many of the new distributors stayed in, how many left?
  6. If you don't get a straight answer -- wonder why.

  7. If I feel that the books, tapes, and functions are not helping me achieve my goals and decide not to participate, will you still give me the same amount of help?
  8. If you don't get a straight answer -- wonder why.

  9. Explain to me how I can be saving 30% on my non-Amway produced consumables, when it appears that on average, the retail cost is 40-50% higher and the distributor cost is about 30% above what I can find at local retail outlets.
  10. Please do a price comparison before doing this. The probable response is that they like themselves better than a Wallmart and therefore they don't mind the extra expense. Just ask yourself, are you willing to spend more money for stuff out of your business? If not... great...if it's OK with you..then that's great too.

  11. Are retail sales a requirement for earning a performance bonus?
  12. If the answer is no -- ask them to read you rules 104 and 105 in the Amway Business Compendium and explain why they are exempt from this rule.

Charles, please respond to this very lengthy e-mail as soon as you are able. It was quite easy for me to research this information and will be glad to have people contact you or vice versa so that you can verify the validity of what I have stated and have any/all other questions answered TRUTHFULLY. The group that you were involved in may have been jerks and treated you badly but my experience is that it was the exception not the rule in AMWAY and BRITT.

Nope...just your typical Britt Diamond

It is unfair of you and others to BASH the AMWAY opportunity on the web without getting ALL of the FACTS first.

The main reason for sites like mine is that distributors pushing this great AMWAY opportunity fail to reveal ALL of the FACTS. Your whole, lengthy email deals only with the Britt system and the income that is derived from it. You certainly focus on many things that you normally don't hear either during a presentation of the plan or at seminars or on tapes. For that you are to be congratulated and I want everyone to know that I feel that he has done a great service revealing the facts on this page.

Too many people surf the net and are given the false impression by your web page that your site is revealing some conspiracy with AMWAY and/or "The Britt System".

If anyone has this's simply not true. On my opening page I clearly state that nothing on this web-site should be construed as pointing a finger at a particular distributor or even a group of distributors and saying "Everybody says/does that." But if they see or hear of any of the things that are on my web-site, I ask them to GO CHECK IT OUT.

Many people have been financially and emotionally hurt by the tactics used by some Amway Motivational Organizations. This fact is very obvious if you read through some of the reader comments on my web-site and the others. It even happens in Britt's organization. Many of these stories are from different Britt lines of sponsorship and some from other organizations, but all reveal that the same kind of things happen all over the place.

If people know about these kind of things AHEAD of time, they can more easily see what they are getting involved with and have an opportunity to make a rational business decision. If they see these kind of things occurring they can stop and start asking the right kind of questions, BEFORE there is any financial and emotional damage done.

And if I am helping some distributor organizations clean up their act by revealing this stuff, Ain't it great!

Again, your situation may not have been unique to just you but it is certainly NOT the norm for the BRITT organization. Please refrain from confusing a small group of people's actions with the entire business.

AMWAY and "The Britt System" are ETHICAL! Now are you willing to be ethical and change your site so that it is "good" instead of evil trash?

Thanks for reading and responding.

Since the theme of this distributors email was a "half truth is a whole lie", I asked him the following questions which he responded to.

Question #1. Over and over I have heard the system is designed to help you go direct in 6-12 months. Clearly some people do but do you tell a new distributor how many people actually do it? (not the 100% of all who want to b.s. but the actual numbers) Is not revealing this a half-lie?

We agree. The word "designed" is key. I have never been told "all who want to" I have been told "all that do the work properly" do it. That's a BIG difference. It is a simple business, but it is NOT an easy business. I genuinely feel that too many people try to "GET" people into AMWAY. In other words they "market the business and share the products". We tell people in our organization, We will work with you no matter what your challenges (time, money, etc) BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK - NOT "PLAY" AT AMWAY. Larry Winters said it best "I became successful at this business when I shut down the Winters' social club and opened Winters Marketing".

Maybe my phrasing here wasn't quite accurate. Virtually every plan I heard, from many different distributors at all levels, had the implication that a person could go direct in 6-12 months. In all fairness, they always mentioned that no one could guarantee it. My point is that if any time period is mentioned, then the number of people who have achieved it in that time frame should also be mentioned. In my mind, that is being "open and honest." If you don't reveal this information a prospect cannot make an intelligent business decision, you are wanting them to make an emotional decision.

I know of many active distributors who ARE doing the work properly. They know HOW to work the business and ARE working the business in the manner taught by the system. Some of these distributors have been around 10-15 years and haven't made it past direct...some even haven't made it past silver.

Too many people make too many excuses. It is a tough, challenging business and people MUST BE consistent, persistent, diligent and responsible. Many people when they finally realize that fact, drop out ("it's just too tough", or "we didn't make any money") or change and start to build their business properly. It's a tough decision and it must be followed with commitment. Just look at how many marriages fail (and why they fail) and you may realize that American's are almost "commitment phobes"!

No argument with that last paragraph!

Question #2 Do you tell them how many people go diamond in 2-5 years every year? How about how many new diamonds a year? How about how many who requalify? Is not revealing this a half-lie?

No, not really. Here's why. As you said not everyone has this information readily available and most people don't care or don't care enough to ask. We were never, ever promised I WOULD go Diamond in 2-5 years only that it was a possible IF WE DID THE WORK PROPERLY. Again I think you are referring to the Plan and their you are trying to explain how the business works not ALL the details (it just confuses most people if you try). However, we do agree that if a person asks DON'T LIE. When I asked my sponsor he told me emphatically that less than 1% of all distributors go Direct and he told me why. No deceit, no tricks, just facts.

I never meant to imply that anyone was promised they would go diamond in 2-5 years. But the "2-5 year plan" is consistently used by Britt distributors at all levels when the plan is shown, it is discussed on tape, at functions and was even included in printed documentation provided by Bill Britt on instructions on how to show the plan. So the implication is there that you can do it and once again, I think if you're being open and honest, you would tell people how many people in the Britt system achieve Diamond in 2-5 years, 5-10 years, 10-15, and over 15 years.

In my opinion, not telling people the hard facts on the time, expense, and effort required to "Go Diamond" may be the reason for the "commitment phobia" syndrome. You are willing to build a dream, you're willing to encourage people to achieve that dream, yet you appear unwilling to tell people the true facts on the amount of time, effort and money it takes to achieve those dreams and what their chances of success are.

It's hard to make an intelligent BUSINESS decision when ALL the FACTS are not presented up front. When a person DOES find out about these, then they are forced to make a decision that is best for THEM. Most often this occurs after a substantial amount of money has been spent on books, tapes, and functions. If you were more open with facts, you could save people a lot of time and money. I think that this would be the "ethical" thing to do, but that would cut into BSM profits wouldn't it? Instead let's feed them false info, encourage them to spend money on things you derive a profit from, and if they don't make it, call them losers and then cry out "Some Will, Some Won't, SO WHAT, Some Where, Six Will."

People are not as dumb as you may think they are. They CAN make decisions that are best for THEM based on all the facts, if given the opportunity.

You can no longer use the excuse that the information about how long it takes to go diamond or how many do go diamond is not readily available. They can get that info off my web-site and use it if they chose to.

Re-qualifying has more to do with proper structure and honest to goodness "people skills" than anything else. If your a weak Direct or turn people off by lying to them, cheating them or stealing from them, then you probably will NOT re-qualify. It's that simple. Fact is most jerks don't make it in AMWAY. If they do make they usually have had to change or have had to be really big jerks and will fall even harder when they do fall (and they DO!!)

Once again I agree with his last paragraph.

Question #3 Much of my web-site also debunks various false facts and statistics about education, incomes, business failure rates etc. The facts I present are backed up with links to government resources and major magazines on the internet. These were in wide use while I was active and from everything I hear they are still being used today.Is it right or wrong to tell people these things?

We agree it is proper to share facts. I applaud you for this type of thing because I do not believe in "slamming" jobs either. After all people need "income" to live and to afford to do this business (capital investment - although small).

I hope you can convince others to start using "just the facts." In September, 1997 I attended a Britt open while on a business trip. A brand new Emerald in Larry Winter's organization was still using the same false facts and statistics that I was taught over 5 years ago. If the upper levels of the Britt Organization, who are responsible for training their downline to be honest, impeccably ethical and moral distributors, can't tell the TRUTH, then how can the lower levels do it?

This is where the false information comes from -- the upper levels of any organization. The new prospects don't make these things up! They just hit the play button and repeat what they are taught.

It's great that this distributor doesn't believe in "slamming" jobs and I have heard from others who feel the same way.

But unless something has changed in the last year of so, wide spread put downs of people who decide not to pursue the Amway opportunity can be found everywhere, in all organizations, at all levels. Quitters, wimps, whiners, broke losers, weinies, zipper on the side instead of the front, are all terms that I have heard to describe people who said no or left the business.

Who were saying these phrases? The very people who have the obligation to train their downline in honest, moral and ethical practices -- the Britt diamonds, including Bill Britt.

HOWEVER, how many of the things you researched produce "Lifestyle"?? Huge Residual Income?? Most provide "linear income" NOT "exponential growth".

This is always a good one. Residual means you do the work once and then never have to do it again -- right? You just spent a great deal of time in your letters detailing how much time and effort was spent in building and maintaining an Amway business.

In my opinion, Amway bonuses are not residual. Here's why -- they are paid based on volume not on pin level achieved. If you qualified as an emerald in fiscal year 96, all that means is that you get the emerald bonus, in addition to whatever other bonuses you were qualified for, in fiscal year 96. You must re-qualify as an emerald in fiscal year 97 to receive the emerald bonus in fiscal year 97.

Now, if everyone in the organization requalifies -- then great -- the income IS residual. But if one of your directs doesn't qualify in the fiscal year (and don't try to tell me it doesn't happen), then there are three things you can do: 1) Work with the DD to help him/her requalify 2) work with someone else and help them qualify or 3) do nothing and not receive the emerald bonus. Steps 1 and 2 mean that you are "re-doing the work." Step 3 means the bonus is not residual because you didn't get it.

It's true that most employment and business opportunities provide a linear growth and Multi-Level Marketing businesses provide the opportunity to have an exponential growth. It's one thing to say it can be done, another to actually achieve it.

Since Amway's SA-4400 tells us that less than 1% of all distributors qualify as Direct Distributors, lets just consider the 99% of all distributors who did not qualify as a direct. How many of them experienced an exponential growth last year that exceeded their linear growth and then tell me how many of them had a linear decrease in their disposable (and maybe not-so-disposable) income by being "core" and following the eight-team player steps. Three of these steps generate income from tools, one generates income from products and the other four are action steps.

Now you may find that many people go through life "existing" and not "living". It's all a matter of "the DREAM" and what people are willing to do, in terms of honest, ethical WORK, to achieve their goals and dreams.

There is one assumption that Amway distributors use that irks me the most. I've heard it from many distributors in many different organizations. It's the assumption that if a person is not doing Amway, then they are a lump of clay "existing", not "living", not "dreaming", "in a rut", etc.

I don't deny that some people are like this. Human nature being what it is, you can find large groups of people that fit in any category. You can find the scum of the earth in every walk of life, including Amway.

I can't speak for anyone else, but my marriage is better now that we aren't building an Amway business. We are happier than we have ever been at any time in our lives. We are financially better off now that we don't have the extra expense of an Amway business and purchasing Amway products (an average of $260 per month during 1995). We have dreams, we have goals, we have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in the sun. And we do it all WITHOUT Amway or the Britt system.

Question #4 Several price comparisons on the non-Amway produced products show that they are 30% higher at distributor cost and 40-50% higher at suggested retail. Yet, people are told "you'll save an average of 30% on your consumable purchases."

Here we disagree. Price comparisons can be manipulated.

How can a head-to-head price comparison on the exact same quantity of non-Amway produced products (so that the concentration excuse can't be used) be called manipulation?

If any of you think I manipulated the price comparison, I challenge you to print my price comparison, take it to the grocery store that you normally buy food, and do your own comparison. I'm sure you will find different prices, but if you go to a large chain grocery store, I am positive you'll get the same results as I did. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

But for the sake of argument let's say that you are correct. At the "2500" level all of the products that a family buys are bought from the profit on a properly structured AMWAY business. So, in essence, they are FREE. There is nothing cheaper than free!! Again it is all in the way you look at it.

Here we disagree. How does anybody pay for any purchase? They pay for it with time spent providing some good or service, either at a job or in a business.

At the 2500 PV level, you have reached a point where the labor involved in building and maintaining your Amway business is achieving an income that pays for the products you are purchasing. Maybe you don't have to take any money out of your checking account to pay for these products, but you are still "paying" for these products with the time and effort spent on your Amway business. Let's say that you are putting in 10 hours a week, or 40 hours a month in your Amway business at this level. Looking at it from this point of view, you are "spending" 40 hours of your time and effort to pay for that $200-$300 worth of products. I am certainly NOT spending a weeks worth of my time from my "linear income J-O-B" to pay for the consumables I am currently purchasing from local retail outlets.

Another way of looking at this, is that the 15-20 people in your downline are spending more money for products out of THEIR pockets, so that you can get your products for free. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch in ANY distributor system.

One other factor that you have to add into the cost of these products is the business expense of owning and operating an Amway business. This is YOUR expense -- not Amway's. From personal experience and testimonials from other readers, I believe that a married couple will spend, on average, about $5,000 a year building an Amway business. This includes buying books and tapes, going to weekly opens, monthly seminars, and quarterly weekend functions. This cost also includes travel, meals and hotel accomodations.

Obviously, how your 2500pv organization is structured will dictate how much of the bonus money you will keep. Let's assume you keep around 50%. That would mean your Income From Operations would be around $400-$500 a month. Now lets deduct your expenses (on average $200/month) and tax liability (depends on your tax bracket but lets assume $75). This leaves you with $125-$225 for products IF your organization is well structured. Shall we even try to factor in the higher cost people are paying for their products? Nah...let's just ignore that.

Besides even if they are more expensive you can use it all and get all of your money back. Try to do that at one of the "Marts" or "a wholesale club" (which is really a retail outlet that discounts things a bit and offers only "boy scout troop" sizes of everything consumable).

Come on -- how many times will you let me buy a bottle of LOC, use it all, return it for the full purchase price, and then buy another bottle of LOC and do the same thing? If you will let me do that forever, have I got an order for you!

Question #5 I could go on, but I'll end with this. You came up with a lot of justifications for system profits. I listened to tapes for almost five years, went to all but 1 major weekend function, went to almost every seminar/rally, went to almost every training session/ night owl after opens, almost every team meeting, Britt school, etc etc. Not once did I hear of anything that you brought up in your letter.


They are not "justifications" they are factual truths. I think that it must have assumed that you knew all of this and/or it was not an appropriate subject to discuss at a large venue "conference". As you and I have admitted, this is a topic that must be fully depicted and understood. Sound bites and bits won't do! It's also kind of a touchy subject because you are questioning "money" and business "finances" and that can come across as prying to some people.

There were many opportunities at small gathering with upline that this kind of information could be discussed...but not even an inkling was ever breathed about this kind of stuff. The ONLY thing EVER discussed was income from Amway bonuses.

It sounds like you were "on fire" for 5 years! Were you "on fire" or did you "attend" the business?? (This is not a personal attack, I want to make a point). Only one thing builds the business, "the work" (list, calls, STP, follow-up, get started or "next!"). Now, when you have downline going to functions YOU MUST GO.

If you took the time to read my story, you would know that yes I did the work, sponsored a bunch of people, and still didn't get anywhere. Neither did more than a handful of people in the region.

You need the proper training to keep your group growing (you know "the speed of the group is determined by the speed of the Leader"). All of the "participation" in the world of Amway WILL NOT alter "the work". Given a decision, because of time or money challenges, always bag the participation. THE WORK IS WHAT BUILDS A BUSINESS -ANY BUSINESS. You can participate yourself into the poor house or WORK your way to wealth. THE BRITT SYSTEM IS THERE TO SUPPORT "THE WORK"!! TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE PAST WERE NOT ABLE TO STAY MOTIVATED, GET INFORMATION, STRUCTURE PROPERLY, AND/OR STAY FOCUSED. THE BRITT "SYSTEM" CHANGED THAT - PERIOD. The system itself is a tool - you can kill (exploit money) with it or you can build something extraordinary with it. The choice is every distributors "right".

Look, it is obvious that you were in with a bad group.

That's a typical excuse -- blame the people. You have no idea who my upline diamond was, but they just had to be bad -- huh? The system has to be good cause the system says it is.

I am sorry to be so blunt, especially without their side of the story, but we were always taught by our upline Emerald's to be open and honest about everything AMWAY and/or BRITT (and everything else too). That's why we believe "build a friendship - build a directship". Friendship involves integrity as does the AMWAY business. As a sponsor people need to "love" their downline and to meet them where they are at. This means working very closely with the people that are committed. This means building a plan around their finances (budget), time, attitude, goals, dreams and commitment level. That is some people get more attention, we ALL only have a certain amount of time.

It seems that your sponsor was taught by an upline Direct or Diamond who just wanted to "GET" people into their business "en masse". This is exactly what happens when people don't get the full story, they only hear "sponsor" and what they do is "recruit"!! YES, THERE IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE! The short term results may appear the same but the long term results are vastly different.

A sponsor is your friend. Not a psychotherapist or a marriage counselor (although they may be able to help people's outlook's and encourage a PMA just as any friend may). This is why I remind you that AMWAY is a "people" business not just a marketing business.

That's funny -- I was taught that the downline was to take ALL problems to their upline for counseling. It didn't matter if it was business related, personal finance, -or- marriage problem.

Yes, you CAN state on your web page that the people that you were involved with did not treat you "properly" but that is as far as it goes. Many other groups in Britt are not so misinformed, condescending, deceitful and mischievous as the one you were in. Please don't let the actions of a few "bad apples" ruin the entire Britt barrel.

It is my opinion that my upline direct did treat me "properly". He was a fine fellow. The only misinformation, condescending, deceitful, and mischievous behavior I have discovered since I quit has been from the upper pin levels of the Britt barrel.

One last note before I go. Not disclosing everything about AMWAY immediately is not the same as lying or lying by omission! If we are prospecting someone to sponsor and they ask "is this Amway" or "like Amway" or "connected to Amway" WE ANSWER "YES IT IS, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT?" Period. Not revealing "this is AMWAY" to someone is not lying to them because they may know or may not know what that means. WE will talk to them, show the plan and genuinely evaluate them. Hey, no pressure. They evaluate us and we evaluate them. Remember we are looking for good people not "a project". There are people WE WILL NOT SPONSOR no matter what they want! The reason is they potentially could "blow out" my entire group! As you can testify to, a bad person or group can do an immense amount of damage to something good so "screening" is key.

Wow -- this line is so thin I can barely see it. While I was an active distributor, I listened to many tapes that discussed contacting new prospects, how to check their interest, and how to show a short plan, also called a QI (Qualifying Interview). I can't even count the number of ways that was taught to deflect questions and on how to avoid saying the "A" word.

I reckon it's all in your point of view. You talked about Amway's image problem from 20 years ago earlier. In my opinion, this curiosity approach is one of the biggest reasons why there is still an image problem today. How many "moral, honest, and ethical" businesses teach ways to hide their name?

What the Britt System has failed to acknowledge is that many people don't like being deceived by the failure to admit it's Amway when a distributor is asked "What is this?" You just admitted that you will only disclose it's Amway when you are specifically asked "Is this Amway?" If the unknowing prospect doesn't ask the "right" question, the Britt system teaches you any number of ways to avoid giving the "right" answer.

I received the same training years ago and, unfortunately, used the same justifications. But now I have a different opinion of this "ethical" practice. I believe what you said at the beginning may be an excellent way of describing this: A half truth is still a whole lie!!!

The following is a third email I received from the same distributor.

Books, Audio Tapes, Videotapes & "FUNCTIONS":

WOW! What a big topic! Here goes...

Profits from sale of the motivational materials (AMO) (Books, audio tape and videotape) made by all "Direct" distributors is real. The Britt "system" has "standardized" the costs as $6 for an audio tape and $12 for a "standing order" videotape (some other videos may cost higher). Royalties are paid to the speakers, narrators, etc. by AMI. Bear in mind that The profits are designed/intended to defray the costs inevitably incurred by ALL "Direct" distributors for "running" a large Amway organization. All purchases are voluntary (not coerced in any way) as described in the Britt "tool agreement".

You must be in a different Britt organization than I was in. There is substantial evidence from many distributors in the Britt organization who felt like they WERE coerced into buying BSM's.

Amway recently released a new "Tool agreement" enforced this fiscal year. This covers books, tapes, literature AND "FUNCTION" tickets. All these items are covered by a "buy back" rule. Further, Function ticket cost MUST be refunded EVEN IF THE FUNCTION WAS ATTENDED!! This rule states, in effect, that the ticket cost (only) will be refunded (if you were dissatisfied with the function) for a period of 30 days AFTER the function occurred (hotel, transportation, and other associated costs are not reimbursed). MORE EXACT INFORMATION ON THIS WILL BE FORTHCOMING.

It is interesting to note that this Business Support Materials Arbitration Agreement only introduces two new pieces of information that are not already contained in Amway Business Compendium. Yes, even the bit about the tickets being refunded was ALREADY in the ABC before this form.

I have a page that contains the contents of the Intent To Continue and the Business Support Materials Arbitration Agreement off my main page.

Diamond Direct distributors do make large sums of money from huge "function" events. However, they also are responsible for "investing" large sums of money in order to hold the "function" event. Typical venue rental is 5 days. Net Profits should be used to assist downline Direct distributors grow their organizations.

Question: In a capitalistic society, is it "fair and reasonable" for a successful person, such as a Diamond Direct distributor (or higher) in Amway, to make a substantial profit off of their substantial investment of money, time, and manpower??

Sure is

Doesn't any "investment opportunity" (stocks, bonds, commodities, industries, etc) work in a similar fashion?

The SEC also requires these people to disclose information about the "investment opportunity." Where is Britt's prospectus on tools?

One (possible) Answer: As with any business, the "consumer" needs to fully understand that a profit is being made on AMO "tools" "up front" (prior to purchasing any materials) and that while they are useful as "aides" in building a business, the Amway Corporation considers "tools" a separate "business" to the products. Recent indicators are that Amway Corporation as well as Britt Worldwide are taking major steps to assure that this "notification" becomes a reality. However, some would contend that this is "stating the obvious" but it avoids ambiguity.

So obvious that for years many distributors denied that a profit was being made. When that lie was exposed, they started saying there wasn't much profit involved. Now that this lie has been exposed, Amway is going to "disclose" this information. All they did on this form is say that some distributors buy these BSM's at wholesale and sell them for a profit and that speakers get paid for appearances. BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL! What a revelation!

Consider also that "the Britt system" has proven to dramatically increase the overall growth of the Amway business.

Have you got any statistics on this? My experience was that 50% of the people who attended a major function was always attending their FIRST function.

30 years ago no "system" existed. Consequently no (monetary) incentive existed for successful "Direct" distributors from one organization to "share" their knowledge with other organizations. This resulted in an overall "randomness" of techniques, philosophies, structures, and the like to exist in each organization. Hence, each successful "Direct" distributorships had their own closely guarded "trade secrets" on how to build a large, profitable Amway business organization. These divisional practices, in effect, caused huge rivalries between groups or organizations and many misconceptions (door-to-door sales, "party in the home", peddling products, etc.). This is commonly referred to as "the old Amway". Tapes were rare and of very poor quality (old, portable, battery operated, reel-to-reel tape recorders were used (no REVOX, Maggies, or Uher's to be found)) and microphone placement was usually very poor as some speakers did not want to be tape recorded for fear of information "cross-lining" the organizations or groups.

Compare that with the present day where DAT is used for recording by AMI, tapes are readily available on a wide range of subjects, ALL information is consistent, a distributorship's "success" is NOT dependent on "which group they are in" and another distributorship's existence in any given area is not seen as a "threat" or "competition" (this is the basis for most of the "saturation theory"). However, some people view "the old Amway" as a "more ethical" way since all income was "product based". Well, there is a price to pay for everything (no free lunch) and the price then was POOR IMAGE. Today the price is "ethics" or "the big guys make big money that is NOT derived from the product side".

I have no problem with the tools business as long as it's held up to the same standards as any other aspect of an MLM. The negative image is that it is hidden. High-level distributors give the impression that their lifestyle is only from the "product side" that's just not true.

This is referred to as "negative" or "some people still want to give Amway a poor image". The total truth is that it ALL HAS A PRICE - there is no free lunch! Old Amway or new Amway it takes "old fashioned" and "new fashioned" WORK to build a large organization - it always has and it always will. Also, the people with the MOST SUCCESS will ALWAYS make "THE MOST" (BIG) MONEY IN ANY BUSINESS!

The real question is:"do I/WE have the same opportunity to make "big money" in this (or any) business?" If the answer is "YES" then a person should focus on how to do it instead of being jealous of "the big guys".

I also think that you should address how many achieve that level of success.

The real issue may simply be jealousy. Jealousy is defined as "hostile toward a RIVAL or one believed TO ENJOY AN ADVANTAGE".

It's not "jealousy" that caused me to create two pages, three now, about system income. It's an aspect of the business that deserves more attention that it has in the past. Much of the advice given to people are to buy this tape or attend this function. Many times these people don't understand this advice is given with a profit motive included with whatever reason.

Now, certainly freedom, lots of money, luxury vehicles, numerous homes, private aircraft, and the like may be "believed to be an advantage" but only if you allow them to be by looking at these "things" instead of the opportunity to achieve success.

Actually, I look at these things as materialistic.

The "advantage" referred to in the definition is really intended to indicate someone's "control over you". Hence the need to develop and propagate the widely purported "AMWAY is a Cult" theory (AMBOTs anyone?). The TRUTH is that in Amway everyone is provided the same opportunity. In some aspects, NEW distributorships have a better opportunity ("advantage") than their predecessors! However, "pure jealousy" stifles motivation and action by an individual to perceive others as having an "advantage" over them or as a "rival". I submit that JEALOUSY is the "CAUSE" of these issues and conversely that ALL of these "TOOL issues" are only the "symptoms" of jealous people. [This is not meant to offend, only to examine as a possibility]

NO, THIS IS NOT "PSYCHO-BABBLE" OR "AMBOT-SPEAK"!! It is true wisdom (no, not mine!). So, if it is TRUE, let's test it!! OK?

IMHO, this actually IS ama-speak.

We ALL listen to radio station WIFM (What's In it For Me) right? So if a distributorship is financially responsible, does the work, builds an organization, starts to make a little honest money, and can realistically achieve any level of success desired and pursued, does it really matter what Bill Britt, Dexter Yager, or Ron Puryear, make from "the system"? I think not. Anyone can view "the system" as a money making scam for the people at "the top" IF IT IS VIEWED THAT THE "TOOLS" ARE OF LITTLE OR NO VALUE!!

Value is always in the eye of the beholder and is a tough issue to argue. Certainly for those who derive a profit from the "tools" business, there is value. Certainly for those who derive a profit from products using these tools, there is value. How much value is there for those people who lose money year after year after year and never achieve their goals?

Although the standing order tape program is "voluntary", once a person is on the program, the purchase decision is involuntary until you decide to get off the program. You have to buy the tape regardless of the value to yourself. Actually, under the rules of the BSMAA, I think you can return these tapes to your upline if you chose to, but I don't know what your upline would do if you constantly did that.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that a voluntary support system is necessary to build an Amway business. Tapes on how to build the business should be available for voluntary purchase. It becomes excessive when you start getting tapes of speeches made at functions that you attended or seminar tapes that begin with "We aren't going to teach you anything new" and don't!

In that case, then yes, it's a price fixed, pyramid scam - 100%, no argument! HOWEVER, if the "tools" of the business ARE of great value ("a bargain") to building a large organization - just as large or larger than Bill's or Dexter's, then they become a valuable resource - an "ADVANTAGE"! It's what a distributorship does with the information that IS IMPORTANT! Using it immediately, effectively, and properly steers people away from JEALOUSY ("eyes on the goal"). However if it is not used properly or not at all, then these "tools" provide individuals with the perfect vehicle for JEALOUSY ("I'm just lining the "Direct's" pockets with my hard earned money!")

I've said this before and I'll repeat myself here. The issue is not that people are lining the "Direct's" pockets with their hard earned money. The issue is the secrecy that is being maintained over the "tools" business. Some people may take advice differently if they know that the person giving the advice is making money from it. Then again, maybe not.

The point is, no matter what steps AMWAY, Britt or Yager took to improve "the system" it can not, could not and WILL NOT, STOP JEALOUSY! If tomorrow Amway Corporation took over ALL responsibility for "the system" and handled it ALL (as zero (0) PV, with BV only) as products in a separate "Tools catalog" I DO NOT THINK IT WOULD CHANGE "THE NEGATIVE" PERSPECTIVE SOME PEOPLE HAVE OF THE BUSINESS A BIT! JEALOUSY WOULD STILL REIGN! The new cries would be that Amway Corporation is getting richer! So, they would re-structure their bonuses (or create a new one) and again the "big guys" would "benefit". THIS IS THE MAIN REASON I ASK PEOPLE THAT ARE NEGATIVE ABOUT "THE SYSTEM" WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO SEE DONE TO "FIX IT"? All too often there is no reasonable response. No "corrective action" or "change this to that" is provided. That's because no one can "fix" jealousy. Jealousy is an emotion and no one can "fix" another person's emotions. Please do not misunderstand me, it is human and natural to be jealous. It is how an individual recognizes and deals with that emotion that makes a huge difference. Handled properly and positively, it can actually be a way to motivate yourself and others!

Actually, I do have a sound idea that would eliminate all the problems real or perceived with the Amway business. Here is an example of one moral dilema a distributor faces:

You have a contractual obligation (per the business compendium and now the BSMAA) to train and motivate people "whether or not not they choose to buy BSM's." But you only have a limited time to devote to helping people and so you choose to work with the ones "who will grow the fastest" because they are generating the most profit for you from products AND tools.

You are in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. You agreed to abide by Amway's rules, but it interferes with your profit making capability so the rule/regulation/code of ethics is ignored. And since you are an independent business owner, the only way Amway can deal with this issue is to terminate a distributor's business. Something they have shown a clear reluctance to do.


If everyone in Amway followed the Rules/Regulations and code of ethics to the letter, there would be no need for web-sites like mine! Of course, if everyone followed the law all the time, there would be no need for police or the judicial system.

Here is what you can do to "make it right." Since there is a contractual agreement (the SA-88) between a distributor and Amway to follow these rules/regulations and code of ethics, establish an enforcement procedure, which would include termination for PROVEN REPEATED rules violations. This enforcement would have to be applied equally at ALL pin levels. If a 1000 pv wannabe repeatedly violates the rules after being warned about them -- gone! If a crown ambassador does the same thing -- gone! All it would take is a few examples to show that Amway was serious about enforcing the contractual agreement between them and the distributor force. That would take care of all the unethical and immoral tactics that I have seen and heard from many other people.

But of course, that would put ethics above profit. Am I living in a dream world or could this happen?

We ALL should check our "jealousy level" by asking ourselves "Am I jealous of my supervisor? the company President? The CEO? I work "for" them and they "use" me to make themselves and others MILLIONS!! If you are NOT just as angry/jealous at them as you are of Britt and Yager ask yourself why?? Is it because the company provides you with a paycheck (or "linear income")? Received a raise lately?


If so, did it "make even a small difference" in your lifestyle?


Are people glad to see you, do they encourage you, praise you, and/or even applaud before you speak in a meeting?


If you operate a computer using Microsoft software are you angry/jealous of Bill Gates? Why not? He is a huge success, is worth BILLIONS and convinced people (Brain-washed, computer using CULT members) and others that what they NEEDED was a computer with his company's software! Why doesn't he pay his people enormous sums of money for the software they develop and/or give his software away to millions of people? After all, he has plenty of money, right? Can YOU EVER achieve what he has by working for him? MMMMM.....?

Actually he IS giving away hundreds of millions of dollars for free hardware to libraries across the country. The Microsoft corporation is matching his donation with free software.

So if jealousy was the issue I would create a web-page of the dirty, underhanded tricks he, as any coporation, probably has done. But jealousy is not the issue.

In Aug 97, one of my readers pointed out a couple who built their business to the diamond and then EDC level primarily on sales of MCI. They even discouraged personal use of the products, letting people make their own purchase decision as to where THEY wanted to purchase their products. They did not try cute tricks to convince their organization that they were actually "saving" money by buying more expensive products. Believe it or not, I can admire a couple who builds an organization in this manner, although not enough to join their organization.

If everyone in Amway was like this couple, their probably wouldn't be a need for web-sites like mine!



And the other BIG question, is of course, how many people do? The answer is very few!

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