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Update No. 2
Report on the Rama Computer Cult


1. Activity from September of last year to date has been marked by increasing public attention to Lenz and increasing concern on his part. On October 6, 1991, it was learned that Lenz was to have one of his monthly dinner meetings at the Tappan Hill Inn in Tarrytown, New York. A group of about twenty made up of parents, fromer members, and volunteers met at the entrance to the Inn and picketed the meeting. A camera crew from CNBC cable news photographed the demonstration. The followers arriving in their evening gowns and tuxedos were shocked. Lenz did not arrive until four cars bearing members of his security detail left the dinner rendezvoused with him, and escorted him back through the picket line. As he passed through the pickets Lenz ducked his head and hid his face.

2. The Consultant's and Contractor's Newsletter, a periodical reporting on the computer consultant industry, published a series of articles beginning in July on the problems Lenz followers were creating in the software industry by their lack of qualifications. The newsletter reported they were becoming well known in the industry and were being referred to as the "California Raisins". Lenz showed concern by reacting in two ways. His attorney, Jonathon Lubell, warned the newsletter about publication of this information (copy of his letter was printed). Also, Brian Roe got in touch with his family, warned them they might be sued, and offered to re-establish contact with them if they would cease their activities against Lenz. It is believed that Brian acted at Lenz "suggestion". He subsequently did visit home and arrived and at agreement which he reneged upon when his father sent him a letter from a former follower.

3. CNBC presented a TV segement on Frederick Lenz and his followers on "The Real Story". The program, produced by Dawn Shefler, was originally scheduled to run considerably longer and be more had hitting. However, Lubell, Lenz attorney, also called CNBC and warned them.

4. Walter Jacobs learned that Lenz had purchased a house in Santa Fe where he was, up to now, unknown. Three fathers, Jacobs, Merrill and Roe, visited Santa Fe, in mid-March, talked to the neighbors, newspapers, law enforcement agencies, and others, to acquaint them with Lenz and to obtain whatever additional information they could on Lenz. This resulted in news stories by both the Santa Fe Reported and the New Mexican, as well as considerable discussion among neighbors. Also a number of excellent contacts were established in Santa Fe which would help in keeping track of Lenz' movements.

5. Also in March, 1992, the parents of Christine Patten who had just been recruited into the group got in touch with CAN, were referred to members of the Lenz-Watch group, and in turn were put in touch with a capable exit counsellor who successfully persuaded Christine to leave the group. She provided us with some excellent information on Lenz activities. Basically, he is again recuiting heavily in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Christine attended a dinner in Los Angeles at the Four Seasons hotel at which approximately fifty followers were present.

6. On April 5th a contact at the Santa Fe airport reported that Lenz was just then leaving in a chartered jet. By a fortunate set of circumstances we were able to get a message to him while he was in the air enroute back to New York asking him to call Pat Roe. This was probably so unexpected, and, under the circumstances may have convinced him that he was being watched around the clock, that he did call. Lenz said it was the first time he had ever talked to a parent. The details of the conversation, as they can be remembered, are in a longer report. The essential part of the conversation, however, is that Lenz did agree to have some of his followers, at least Brian Roe and Trish Merrill, call their parents, which they did.

7. Coincidentally with all this a new age newspaper in the San Francisco Bay area became suspicious of some advertisements which were being placed for mysticisim, meditation and enlightenment in their paper. Following up and calling many people they found that the ads were fronts for Lenz recuiting, done mostly by a group of what were thought to be disassociated members, variously called the "Debs" or the "Bitches". the publishers of Heart Dance have published a full page warning about cult recuiting. Also we have discovered that cult recruiting in the Bay Area has become such a problem that the University of California has created a position to advise and counsell on cults.

8. As a result of the telephone conversation with Lenz four of the followers have been in touch with their parents by telephone at least twice. The calls have varied from hostile and demanding to pleasant and informal as the real personalities have broken through the cult persona. Basically the demands have been that the parents cease all association with each other and all hostile actions, "terrorism" some of them have said, against Lenz. In return the followers will "consider" staying in regular touch with their family.

9. In March and early April we began to get information indicating that Lenz was renewing his interest in the Los Angeles area, had rented a house in Malibu, and was planning to move back to the area in the spring. There are also reports that he is increasing his recuiting in the Los Angeles area.

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