Shabda short extracts

Some statements by order members about the promotion of homosexuality as superior to heterosexuality, from the FWBO's order magazine, Shabda

'It does seem that many of the most successful Kalyana Mitras have an erotic interest in their mitras. Some, of course, are predisposed to this attraction, others have deliberately chosen to change their sexual preferences in order to use sex as a medium of kalyana mitrata - and to stay clear of the dangers of male-female relationships without giving up sex.'
(Subhuti, September 1986, p125). See fuller context for this quote.

'Certainly there was a "culture" of homosexuality within the Movement at that time...I certainly felt a pressure to "become" homosexual ... '
(Arcismati, December 1997 p14)

'Homosexuality was encouraged. It was seen as better than heterosexuality.'
(Sanghaloka, December 1997 p24)

'I wanted to talk about homosexuality and how it can have clear spiritual benefits and advantages over heterosexuality, and how such an idea is not like seventies furniture - once fashionable, now clearly silly as some Shabda reportings in have suggested - but a persuasively arguable point and in many cases true.'
(Maitreyabandhu, June 1998)

'I know that a significant number of heterosexuals have, one way or another, found themselves persuaded into homosexual acts with more senior or experienced members of the Order during their involvement with the FWBO.'
(Tejananda, July 1998)

'The real beauty of a sexual relationship between an Order Member and a Mitra is that if the OM is sufficiently mature then the other person stands to gain considerably from the experience. This was the basis for the famed Greek model of love between the older man and the younger one which served that society so well for so long.
'Tejananda's final point is that we should be careful not to "alienate the vast majority of its (Society's) members by engaging in, or condoning behaviour which they would find morally reprehensible and utterly repugnant".... he is quite right to point out that such bigotry does exist and that we must be very careful not to inflame ignorant passions by introducing such radical concepts too abruptly and without the opportunity to carefully explain the context that surrounds these ideas and principles. Thus one would need to be discreet in negotiating these principles with the general public.'
(Jayamati, August 1998, pages 58-59) See Jayamati's letter in full

'Tejananda uncritically takes as empirical sexual categories which are in fact ideological and should be subject to interrogation . Tejananda is wrong to suggest that there is a "heterosexual" majority of Order Members for whom same-sex attraction "isn't relevant". It's ridiculous to say that "homosexual overtures" should not be made to "mitras who are heterosexual" in any circumstances. Is sexual preference fixed?'
(Jnanavira, August 1998, page 61) See Jnanavira's letter in full