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A plea to those who have been harmed by Amway Motivational Organizations (AMO's):  

Let your voice be heard. Write to your congressperson demanding an investigation into the activities of Amway and AMO's, write an official complaint to your state Attorney General, write to the Federal Trade Commission with an overview of your experience and the harm done. The FTC can be contacted by e-mail at consumerline@ftc.gov ; by telephone, at 202-326-3128; or by regular mail at:    

Consumer Response Center , Federal Trade Commission , 6th Street & Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20580

The FTC needs only 60 complaints about a particular business or organization to justify launching an investigation.

Also, call or write the investigative units of your local TV news stations and the producers of the various national news journals like 60 minutes, Date Line, Prime Time, 20/20, and tell them your story. Only nationwide effort by all those adversely effected by Amway and/or AMO's will put a stop to the harm.

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