To expose the harm caused by
Amway Motivational Organization's (AMO's).

To reveal the tricks AMO's use to recruit and motivate distributors.

To lay bare the harmful untruths, deceptions, misrepresentations and half-truths AMO's perpetuate to facilitate their purpose.

To provide the reader with
transcripts of recordings of motivational events and Amvox messages so the reader can peruse the hard evidence I base my contentions on throughout this site. Evidence that supports and corroborates my personal experience and the personal experience of many hundreds of others and that leads to the attendant conclusions related to Amway and AMO's.

To share my personal experiences with those seeking to educate themselves before making decisions regarding Amway and/or AMO's.

To make this web page a focal point for families and individuals who have been harmed in anyway by the various psychological manipulation practices of Amway Motivational Organizations. I can help those harmed to some degree. Also professional help can be found by clicking

To form an Amway/AMO victim support group and to help victims of AMO's to find legal solutions to the adverse effects of Amway cultism on their self-esteem, their families and their dreams.



1. Bashing Amway or Amway distributors.

2.The merits (or possible lack thereof) of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan.

3. Making assertions based on myth, hype, unfounded bias, malintent or lack of knowledge and experience.



The adverse personal, emotional, spiritual and psychological effects that Amway Motivational Organizations (AMO's) have on the vast majority of those unsuspecting souls recruited into the Amway business. I believe every statement, contention and consideration herein is a fair and logical conclusion based on my 4 years experience in an AMO - an experience supported and validated by many hundreds of others who have responded to this site sharing similar experiences. This site was produced to counteract the lies and myths perpetuated by AMO leaders regarding Amway and its effect on most individuals and most family (and other) relationships. This site is about the harm done by AMO's as a direct result of their cultist nature, the AMO SQUEEZE and the use of Amway by top distributors as a pretext to sell motivation to the motivation addicts they create.


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