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What major magazines and newspapers have to same about Amway

At the bottom of this page, I have a link to business and product related articles that the Amway Corporation has provided to distributors. This information was updated in Dec, 1997. Listed below are sources that I have found on the Internet that do not appear on Amway's list.

The American City Business Journal web-site will return 25 hits (As of Dec 17, 1997). Some are pro-MLM...some are not. A few of the articles are about Amway's political connections and DeVos's $1,000,000 contributrion to the GOP in April of 1997.

The Time Warner's web site contains articles from Time, Money, People, and Fortune magazines. A search for Amway, returns numerous hits. The vast majority of these hits gave descriptions and earning information for companies where Amway is listed as a competitor, such as Avon and Proctor & Gamble, etc.

The remaining articles just mentioned Amway in one way or another. Money magazine had an article called "Living by the Rules" where a couple with a six-figure income received free advice from three financial planners hired by Money. All it did was mention that they were also Amway distributors.

I found out that Dick Smothers was engaged to an Amway distributor.

I got several hits on the Demographic Detective - What's Hot and What's Not. Amway was always in the What's Not column.

The rest of the articles were concerning Amway contributions to the GOP.

At Newsweek's International Business Resource Center, the only article returned with a search on Amway was an article about Amway winning an environmental award for their Super-Concentrated cleaning system.

At Success magazine, they don't have a search engine. So I didn't spend a whole lot of time trying to find articles about Amway, but you can if you wish. If you do find any please let me know.

At U.S. News & World Reports I got four hits on articles about Christian Capitalists and GOP contributions in which Amway and Amway's founders was mentioned. The fifth hit is an article about the tax break slipped into the Balance Budget Act of 1997 (after it had been voted on) and why it wasn't vetoed.

At Inc. Magazine, they have over 5,000 articles dating back to Aug 1988. Using their search engine returned 5 hits. Not one article was a review on Amway.

Forbes Magazine is a very good resource to find estimated revenues and earnings information, not only on the Corporation, but also on Amway Japan and Amway Asia. A search returned 24 hits. Some of the articles were on DeVos and VanAndle being on the Forbes 400 list and about Amway Mutual Funds.

I thought it would be interesting to search some of the Michigan newspapers for articles on Amway. The biggest repository of articles that I found was at the Detroit News site (with over a 180 hits). This site has some interviews with Amway's executives and several articles about Amway's sales and their growth. Most are very positive articles.

The Detroit Free Press also has about 20 articles on Amway.

I found this link in Amarilo, Texas that allows you to search 130 newspapers. Most of these articles are news reports of events, but you will find an interesting series of articles on Amway by the Times Union in Albany, NY.

The public relations office at Amway tracks all of the positive news articles and let's distributors know about them thru ABN. Most of these articles will require a trip to a library to get the contents. A large number of these articles are not Nation-wide publications, so you may have some difficulty finding them.

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The only reason these articles are placed on different pages is to keep the pages as small as possible. I am not trying to hide the "good" articles!

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