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Most of this material was contributed by Triumphing Over London Cults in early 1995. See their website for more recent information. Also see our links.

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[TXT] baptism.txt 11-Apr-1995 19:48 36k [TXT] beantown.txt 31-Oct-1992 02:12 26k [TXT] boston.txt 28-May-1994 19:47 36k [TXT] campus-advance.1 21-Mar-1995 14:58 3k [TXT] campus-advance.2 21-Mar-1995 14:58 5k [TXT] daniel.txt 25-Aug-1994 20:39 5k [TXT] edge1.txt 24-Jul-1994 19:53 10k [TXT] edge2.txt 18-Apr-1994 22:55 22k [TXT] edge3.txt 18-Apr-1994 22:55 18k [TXT] edge4.txt 18-Apr-1994 22:55 12k [TXT] edge5.txt 18-Apr-1994 22:56 19k [TXT] edge6.txt 11-Sep-1994 00:38 18k [TXT] edge7.txt 11-Jul-1994 15:15 9k [TXT] edge8.txt 11-Jul-1994 15:42 9k [TXT] edge9.txt 11-Jul-1994 01:16 10k [TXT] edge10.txt 05-Aug-1994 00:31 34k [TXT] edge11.txt 26-Aug-1994 12:05 18k [TXT] edge12.txt 02-Oct-1994 00:07 17k [TXT] edge13.txt 24-Nov-1994 00:00 26k [TXT] edge14.txt 18-Jan-1995 19:47 28k [TXT] edge15.txt 20-Feb-1995 18:05 15k [TXT] edge16.txt 11-Apr-1995 19:48 32k [TXT] edge17.txt 24-Aug-1995 02:12 25k [TXT] hierarch.txt 11-Apr-1995 19:48 118k [TXT] indianapolis-church 11-Apr-1995 19:48 26k [TXT] krainock.txt 21-Mar-1995 15:02 7k [TXT] milan.txt 11-Jun-1994 07:53 49k [TXT] newsnt.txt 06-Aug-1994 13:37 24k [TXT] respond.txt 24-Jul-1994 19:29 57k [TXT] while-shepherds-watch 21-Mar-1995 15:11 30k

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