Sites Focusing on Controversial Groups and Recovery

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American Family Foundation (AFF)
Information about cults, cultic groups and psychological manipulation

Apologetics Index
Apologetics Resources on Religious Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines, Etc.

The original Cult Awareness Network
Alerting the world to the dangers of destructive cults
- not presently on the web -

Cult Awareness and Information Centre (Australia)
Information on cults and "isms"

Cult Information Centre (London)

.ex-cult Archive

FACTNet International
A non-profit library, archive, news distributor, and referral service protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by mind control and cults

Freedom from Abusive Relationships

Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
Dedicated to respect for human rights, spirituality, and consumer awareness (Steve A. Hassan)

Carol Giambalvo's Cult Information and Recovery
Author, lecturer, consultant. Helping individuals make a fully informed choice in a way that is consistent with ethical standards

GRIS: Group of Research and Information on the Sects
Researching, studying, spreading information concerning ''new religious movements'' (English, Italian, and French)

A Journal of Social Issues

Influence at Work - persuasion and compliance

Recovery resources for folks hurt by their involvement with abusive and controlling organizations and relationships

A student organization aimed at disseminating information about high pressure, destructive groups

Rick Ross, Expert consultant and Intervention specialist
Information concerning controversial groups

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing
Support, information and encouragement to survivors

Joe Szimhart, Cult information consultant, Intervention specialist
Information/links on cult and related behaviors, exit-counseling and recovery from controversial groups and abusive relationships
Championing psychological freedoms in cults, corporations, nations, and families

The Watchman Fellowship
A readily accessible Christian response to cults and new religious movements

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
Helping rebuild lives after a negative group or relationship experience since 1986

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