Monday 1:12 am from Slick Matthews. Hey, here's a message I'm passing on from MY upline, and yours, Rev. Sven Ingvold.

Sunday, 10:53 am from Rev. Sven Ingvold. Passing along. Psalm 126 for the Amway distributor taken from the new international version of the Bible plus paraphrases added which I'm going to indicate by saying quote/unquote. And this was given to me by one of our distributors and I thought I'd share it with you. It was an inspiration to them as it was to me and it might be to you also.

When the Lord brought back the captains design , quote: "brought you freedom from your job" unquote, we were like men who dreamed, quote: "ability to dream again", unquote, our mouths were filled with laughter our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, quote: "surrounding communities", unquote. The Lord has done great things for them, The Lord has done great things for us, we are filled with joy, restore our fortunes, Oh Lord, those who sow in tears, quote: " it's hard work", unquote, will reap with songs of joy, quote: "it's worth it", unquote. He who goes out weeping, quote: "discouraged and downhearted", unquote, carrying seeds to sow, quotes: " SHOWING THE PLAN", unquote, will return with sounds of joy bringing sheaves with him, quote: "LOTS OF PRODUCING DISTRIBUTORS", unquote. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed., 12:33 am remote message from Rick Skidmore. Hey, Jim, I just wanted to play a message for ya I got on my answering machine, uh, just kinda talks about the essence of this business. I was in Denver last week and I know one person in Denver, he's a guy I worked with in public accounting, uh, I talked to him a little bit about the Amsuds business before he and his wife moved down to California and actually I had showed him the plan and he was interested in the business but when he moved he ended up getting sponsored by someone in Ron Peryear's business and , uh, I happened to run into them last week, uh, the only people I know in Denver and I ran into them, and we were talking a little bit, they had just gotten back from Family Reunion this weekend. They left me a message, I just wanted to play it for ya since we have enough time, here it comes. "Hey, Rich, Bla-Bla, here. Sure was great to see you last week. I just want to leave you a quick message. We got back from Family Reunion and it was FABULOUS and, uh, actually went to the nondenominational religious gathering/service on Sunday morning, and, uh, boy, that was very powerful for me, and, uh, for Nancy too and I want to thank you because you definitely played a role in I guess in leading me to where I am in my spiritual life with The Lord right now which I feel now is the essence of this business . Now I fully understand what you were saying. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for what you did and it's, uh, it just fantastic work you're doin' and, uh, that's great and if there's every anyway I can help you out, I will definitely do that. I owe you alot. So take care and, uh, we'll talk to you soon. " * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed. 2:00am from Slick Matthews.

I'm passing this message on to you and I realize that, uh, I'm not passing this on to all directs but, uh, you WILL be directs and, uh, I know that this is something that's comprehensible and, uh, I'm jus sending it to a few people and, uh, I believe that it's pretty powerful. It gives you a sense of where Dr. David is coming from and where we'r all goin' so here it is.

Wednesday, 11:03 am remote message from Slick Matthews. Uh, directs, this a pretty powerful message from Dr. David. Uh, it's the kind of thing that I know for each of you, you can comprehend it and, uh, identify with it and I encourage you to be very selective as to who you might sent this to and, uh, you know, utilize it, uh, in a way that will not, uh, it obviously won't go into general distribution cuz most people when they get into this business they cannot identify with what Dr.
David is talking about her so, powerful message. Listen closely.

Wednesday 2:34 am remote message from Dr. David.

Hello, folks this is a very selective message. I'm certainly not sending it out for general distribution. This is primarily directs and above. If you would like to pass this on to a few key select-type people that would be fine. I want you to listen very carefully to the content because I don't want to send this to anyone who is not prepared to hear this kind of information or may be offended by some of the verbiage in it but this is a key message, I'd like you to listen carefully. God Bless YOU.

Okay, folks, listen up on this one. Many people have started out with a dream, a vision, words from The Lord and a burning in their hearts to see that word from The Lord fulfilled in their lives. But the longer it took for the dream to come to pass the less their heart burned for it. Finally they released it all together and let the dream of God for their lives slip right out of hearts and hands into oblivion. There's nothing more tragic than this. To release your dream, your vision, the very purpose for which you were born into this world. You were born to be remarkable. NO one else in the world is just like you, your genetic makeup belongs just to you, your fingerprints are so individual that there are no other fingerprints like them in the entire world. YOur blood type, your chemistry, your eye color, all of these are so unique, so special that there isn't any other human being on the face of the earth exactly like you. You are truly one of a kind. Likewise, your dreams, your visions, your word from The Lord is just as unique. God has a special plan for you and only for you and no one else. He hasn't given that particular plan to anyone else. You are so special, so unique, so remarkable, so individual that God even had a hand in your life before the foundations of the world. Ephesians 1-5

To let go of your dreams is to let go of the fire in your heart would bethe greatest tragedy you could ever experience. Would be the equivalent of letting go of your uniqueness, your specialness, your individuality, your calling, your giftings. Furthermore, if you are concerned about being odd or different, what if your dream is a little different from the dreams of other people? So what? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday 8:59 pm from Slick Matthews. Powerful. Powerful, simple message here from Hairy Jim.

Thursday, 11:02 pm remote message from Dr. David. Boy, oh, boy, I gotta message here from my buddy emerald direct, movin' on to diamond, Hairy Jim and, uh, listen up on this one, is there TRUTH here?

Thursday, 2:36 am remote message from Hairy Jim. Hey, Dave, thought I'd justread you this little quote in this little calendar we bought FROM THE BUSINESS with all these positive quotes and bible text on it and stuff and I thought thiwas an interesting way to say this but it's really true and it says TAKE AWAY MY CAPACITY FOR PAIN AND YOU ROB ME OF THE POSSIBILITY FOR JOY. ISN'T THAT TRUE, YOU KNOW, ALL THE THINGS THAT GO ALONG WITH THIS BUSINESS. IF YOU TAKE AWAY THE POSSIBILITY OF FAILURE YOU ALSO ELIMINATE THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCCESS. WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF FAILURE IN THE BUSINESS BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO AND WE KNOW WE'RE GONNA SUCCEED AND WE'RE GONNA MOVE ON SO, LOVE YA, DAVE, BYE. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, 12:13 pm remote message from Cary Bastille. .Hey, Dave, thought you'd appreciate this one. Diamond.

Saturday, 1:28 am remote message from Lamarr Morman. Cary Bastille!! Um, I've been doin' my reading here and I've gone back and reading some other things. Just wanted to pass this along to ya and to anybody else who might want to listen to it. "Men who place themselves so heavily in debt, they cannot take a day off, enjoy life or meet the needs of their families. Families are servants of money. THey are never free to live as they desire because they are slaves to this debt. INstead of getting out of debt through God-given strategies, they get impatient and get caught up with the lust of the eye in wanting some new thing and running up their bills all over again. God says "Owe no man anything but love. YOur love is worth too much to spend it for debt payment. YOu were born free and God wants you to live free, a debtor to no man or anything but love. It's impossible truly to love a person you inwardly resent because you owe him money. Worrying is borrowing against tomorrow." How true that is. So true. That came out of COMMUNICATION, SEX AND MONEY by Edward Lewis Cole. And I just found that fascinating that God said we were BORN FREE and that God wants us TO LIVE FREE and you can't actually live free unless you're out of debt. And God says "owe no man anything but love." God doesn't want us to owe anybody anything, you know, "knock and the door shall be opened unto you", "ask and you shall receive", uh, God's principles, just thought I'd pass that along to ya and, uh, we'll talk to ya soon. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed. 2:05 pm from Rev. Sven Ingvold Hi, Randy, I'm glad that you and your pastor are inspired by my doctoral thesis. I really don't have time to phone people and I choose not to initiate, uh, you can have him meet me but I would suggest that he come to an open or a rally and meet me there before or after if you come to the one's in Minneapolis. I f you want him to phone me, uh, I would be open to that. He can reach me after one in the afternoons normally, uh, Monday through Friday except Wednesdays at 560-7270 and after 10:30 at night but my phone is very busy at night and, uh, so those gives him some options, uh, this Friday I'll be in Dallas Texas, leaving in the morning so there 'll be exceptions but, uh, I wouldn't tell him if I were you that I don't have time to phone him. If he want to give me a jingle and ask me some questions that would be great, uh, I would be open to that. And those would be the times at that number when he could reach me. See you soon.

Wed. 5:37 pm from Rev. Sven Ingvold. Hi, if I'm not mistaken, I know your pastor. We went to North Memorial Medical Center for a course in clinical pastoral education years ago. I'll find out when he calls me. See you tonight.














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