Transcripts of Recordings of AMO Activity

This section exists for the purpose of providing the reader with material that supports the contentions I have made here. The material is transcripts from Amvox message recordings, a recording of an AMO organizational open, a recording of an emerald distributor's "strategy" meeting and more. The ideas contained in this material are repeated endlessly in the ongoing "business building" activities of distributors working in the AMO environment. This endless repetition of strategic notions results in the AMO owning and controlling the minds, emotions and spirits of the individual. For those distributors staying in the system long enough this means the virtual suppression of their capacity for independent thought and the morphing of them from individuals into clones who believe if they do exactly what they're told (be a core person) they will attain personal and financial freedom. When a clone is created there is the simultaneous creation of the "motivation addict" who will do anything to get the funds for the next function or the next few months of motivational tapes.

A Warning and Disclaimer

It is possible you may be unexpectedly lured into an Amway Motivational Organization as an effect of reading the following section. I cannot be responsible for the results of any such developments, either good or bad. Please be aware that in the following links you will be stepping into AMO territory. Hopefully, when you are finished you will be "AMO wise" and not seduced by the hype and imagery.

The Great Personal-use Caper: "The Major Function Checklist"

A great plan to get people to buy from their own business which, of course, increases upline's PV without them having to sell a thing but an idea. Plans like these are all part of the pervasive emphasis on recruiting rather than selling.
The Free Enterprise Day Checklist(what to bring with you to the function)

An Organizational Plan Showing:

This is an entire Amway plan showing to several hundred distributors and their prospects. Pay particular attention as to the different ways the Amway name is veiled and at what point the Amway named is finally revealed to the group.
Dr. Dave's Organizational Plan Showing at The Day's Inn


These show the true importance of materialism in the value scheme of AMO's and is just a sampling of an endless flood of such messages and the pervasive mindset of distributors in AMO's.
Worship of "Upline God" and MaterialismÝ
Dr. Dave's Yacht

"Come be with us" and Freedom reports On Amvox:

These are the teasing messages from diamonds and emeralds to their downline that say "see where WE are and you're NOT". What they're really saying is "make us richer and you're reward will be to spend time with US, "The Great Amsayers".
Come Be With Us/Dreambuilding/"Freedom" Reports

Promotion of Major Functions

Distributors in AMO's are endlessly bombarded with these promotions not only on Amvox but at every possible chance at plan showings, second look meetings, minor functions, product pickup, upline counseling sessions and so on. The idea, of course, is to fill the many thousands of seats at Free Enterprise Day, Leadership, Family Reunion and Dream Night. The higher the attendance, the higher the profits for the "Black Hat" AMO distributors.
Function Promotion Hype

Motivating Groupies

How to get to have breakfast with "celebrity" Dr. Dave. Just do the 9 things and you'll be there. Never mind that 5 of the 9 things are buying Amway or buying motivation.

The Christian Connection

These illustrate the Christian bias that pervades "the AMO system" and Amway itself. The truth is that "the system" eventually weeds out the "heathens" who attempt to work the business.Ý
Christianity: The Heart Of The Business

Knocking The J.O.B.

This material shows the anti-job programming used pervasively in the AMO "system" to degrade workers as "inmates in the J.O.B prison". I nearly lost my job because of the poor attitude instilled in me by my AMO.
JOB is Prison/Workers Are Sick Human Beings

How You're Really Supposed To Build The Business

A "special strategy meeting" with my former upline emerald sponsor. This transcript is full of incriminations in terms of unethical strategies for prospecting and inviting and the emphasis on the selling of motivation rather than selling products. I have highlighted major examples in bold and have included some comments in brackets. This section also has many ideas that are primary reasons people may be lured into "the business." It's possible you may be finding yourself hunting for the nearest AMO. If so, remember: I am not responsible.
Emerald Distributor's Strategy Meeting

How To Accelerate The Road To Wealth

Dr. Dave's "Fast Track" scheme and ploy to get more names of prospects around the country. This material shows two ways that Dr. Dave has devised to get the people downline from him to "become more profitable at a faster rate". One scheme is called "fast track" and the other is getting names from everyone in his downline who they feel might be interested in attending an organizational open in parts of the country where Dr. Dave has not been able to "expand his business". What Dave really has in mind here, however, is to create activity that will get him to double diamond with less effort.
Dr. Diamond Dave's Growth Acceleration Schemes


The Importance of Mickey Mouse

Amway Chief Operating Officer Edifies Dr. Dave

I inform my sponsor of the death of one of my downline distributors

Dr. Dave's Wedding

13 year-old-boy writes Amway co-founder

My sponsor counsels me on how to handle insults

Programming a Child At the Age of 3

Trick for Driving Depth


Quotes From The Book Think and Win

Emerald Distributor Advises Me To Plug People Into His Meetings

Amway and the Indy 500 /Scott Braden & Amway Indy Car

Distributor From Ireland Goes To Family Reunion In Oregon

Distributor pushes Rich DeVos's book, Compassionate Capitalism

Worldwide Dream builders is The Best - and Yager Sucks, etc.


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