OKAY, what are we gonna talk about tonight? Some of you are probably here with an
eye of skepticism and others are here with a very open minded approach to taking
a look at some ideas to expand income. I don't know what the cross section is
here. Probably you people have had a good dose of information, but I would assure
you, ten years ago when I looked at this idea I was totally dumb except that I
knew that the man talking was a multimillionaire, uh, I knew nothing else about
him, I just knew that the man was here to share some ideas and I went there to
listen and I assure you as I look through the crowd here I see that some of you
are pretty sharp lookin' people, uh, I assure you that I, myself, was not like
most of you are, as a matter of fact I think I'm gonna scan the crowd to see if I
can find somebody that might look like me then, uh, the only people that I can
see with normal hair that look like me then are women, uh, my hair was about down
to here, uh, I was a puff ball head, so, uh, I was pleasantly surprised with what
I saw, uh, I'm not here to convince you. I' M JUST HERE TO TRY TO DRIVE A WEDGE

How many people here tonight could look in the
mirror at yourself and walk away and forget what you look like? You'd be
considered, uh, with short-term memory loss. However, I know
a lot of people who go look in the mirror at themselves and take a look at where
they're at and where they've been and where they're going and walk away and
forget because they don't really know where they're gonna go. They are a lot of
intelligent people that I've met, uh, I don't look upon them as people that are
dumb, stupid, low-lifes, they some pretty sharp people but they don't know where
they're going. The reason for this is that they all their lives have been part of
a system and this system is called "doing exactly what I was trained to do." And
that's wage/ salary/fee-for-service, that's being involved in a workday world
where some of you are making a few hundred thousand dollars a year and the others
of you are making fifty thousand. Anyone making over a hundred thousand dollars a
year typically is in a category that I call THE AFFLUENT POOR. They make enough
money that the banks will lend them money to buy things they really truly can't
afford to impress people they don't even like. What ends up happening is that
they get an unbelievable debt load. What we're gonna talk about is something that
is dear to my heart and it's the most precious commodity and we don't appreciate
it or know how to take care of and it's our TIME. How important is your time in
your life to you? What are you gonna use your time for? Tonight I hope to show
you a way to leverage your time to create more freedom, happiness and peace of
mind in your life. I was on the plane today and I picked up a USA TODAY and in
there under the money section there was a very interesting article. THis is, uh,
the title "Technology to Expand Cable TV Services - Digital TV Will Be Dominant
Format in Five Years". What this talks about is that there are three major
sources of telecommunications goin' on in this country right now. They are being
developed, put into place and there's a massive turf battle goin' on in the
world. There's ATT and TCI Cable, Telecommunications, INc. The last frontier of
information transfer is going to be in the living rooms and dens of America. And
that technology is so close, it's just a matter of who's going to get there
first. What I'm here to talk to you about tonight is how to be a part of that
unbelievable "moola". When people ask me what I do I say "I work with a business
coalition called WorldWide and a corporation that is, uh, my own called Hump
Motivational INcorporated" and will assure them that WorldWide is a billion
dollar operation that is about to embark on a multi-billion dollar roll out. And
people that learn how to get involved in an exponential growth curve business and
participate (inaudible) can make vast, untold fortunes. And some of you sittin'
here tonight are saying, "well, you know, I just need a couple hundred extra a
month". Well, that's fine. We're gonna talk about that too. But you're locked
into a certain way of thinking and that's not a criticism it's just that you're a
product of your environment, we ALL are. It reminds me of the story of the kid
who comes up to his mom and asks "Mom, why do you cut the end of the ham off
before you put it in the pot?" His mom says "I don't know, grandma always did
it." So the kid asks grandma why she cuts the end of the ham off and she says "I
don't know, you're great grandma always did it" (and so on) until some distant
ancestor explains to the child "I cut the end of the ham off because the pot was
too small." Well, how many of you people are cutting the end of the ham off and
how many of you people want to get a bigger pot?

And so I like to tell the story of Sam Walton. It's a great great story. Here's a
man who started as a cashier at J.C. Penny's in 1945 and built a merchandising
empire that plateau'd at 12 billion in earnings in the mid '70's and the reason
it plateau'd was because they couldn't expand because they didn't have any more
money. It takes money to make money. So we're gonna talk about that tonight, how
to do that and how to make an UNLIMITED SOURCE OF CAPITAL TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Well, he didn't have an unlimited source of capital so what he did was, he got a
vision and his vision was "I'm gonna go to the people" and he went to the people
who worked for him, the stockers, the cashiers, the janitors, and asked them to
help make get a bigger pot by investing in Walmart stock and today WalMart has
1,800 stores and its stock is worth 1.7 billion dollars. Who are the recipients
of that money? The stockers, cashiers, janitors, supervisors. Some said they just
got lucky. Yeh, lucky they didn't listen to them. I'll tell ya, there are so many
things my father could have done and didn't do, he used to say, "If only I had
done this, if only I had done that, if only I had bought this stock, if only I
would have bought that piece of property and on and on and on and on and on. He
used to say to me "David, why don't you just be like everybody else? If only
you'll be average, you won't get hurt. My dad would shake is head like this
"What's wrong with my boy?" I never wanted to get out of my bed at 8 o'clock in
the morning to go to school and my father would always say "David, the early bird
gets the worm!" I said, "Daddy, I don't want the worm." 'Cuz I was a rebel from
the system, you see? Because what I saw was point A and point B and I figured
this thing out at somewhere between 20 and 24 years of age most men and women go
into the work force. They get a J.O.B. My dad always told to get a good
education and then work for yourself in a small business so you can call your own
shots.. Well, I did that very thing and in 1980 I was working 80 hours a week for
myself and making 35,000 dollars a year. I figured it out that it came out to
3.23 cents an hour as a medical doctor. So it begins at 20 to 24 years of age and
you go along and here you are at 65 years of age and it's time to hang the
stethoscope up, hang the drill up throw your work clothes in the closet and
you're a free man or woman, right? Then you can go hunting and fishing and stay
as long as you want and you know that, by golly, the government is going to kick
in social security and do you know that IN 22 MONTHS YOU WILL BE DEAD? So what'
goin' on here? I went into my bank the other day and I literally brought in
15,000 bucks. And the bank guy said what's this for? And I said this is to pay
down my mortgage. He said, pay down your mortgage? This is ridiculous! He said
don't you know anything about income tax? Interest deductions? He said, what in
the world are you doin' and I said, I call this the one payment mortgage. I want
to pay this off pronto. And he said, I can't understand a word you're talkin'
about and I said, do you know why? BECAUSE I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU IN TWO WEEKS THAN YOU MAKE IN A YEAR AND ONE OF US IS STUPID!!!This one guy sittin' next to me on the plain, he said, uh, MAN! WHAT KIND OF A TIME PIECE IS THAT YOU'RE WEARIN'? I said, well, is sure ain't a CASIO. You see, the only reason why
I buy a Rolex is so that people will ask questions about it, okay? So he took a
look at my watch and he says, hey, what do you do for a living? I said, well,
between you and me and a fence post, promise you won't tell anybody? I said, I
I'M YOUNG AND I'M FREE. END OF CONVERSATION. So I just sat back and read my book
and minded my own business. About ten minutes later he's got drool coming down
his chin and for the next two hours he's trying to harangue me with every
possible question that he can ask about how this works and this is what I ended
up tellin' him. I said, what I do is I have a business development company and I
work with doctors and plumbers, I work with truck drivers and pipe fitters, I
work with architects and rocket scientists and what we do, my company is, we
design and implement business plans to assist individuals to become financially
independent, to double or triple their income in 2 to 5 years and that's is,

I just handed him a TAPE CALLED NETWORKING IN THE '90'S {this tape says nothing
about Amway, my parentheses} and said, listen to this tape and you'll get the

So here we go, folks. If I really wanted to be brutal I would have had him listen
to a tape called PIGS DON'T KNOW PIGS STINK, PART ONE by Dave Severn.

So somewhere along the line people go ahead and get started in this process. And
the reason this occurs, in my opinion, is because if you take a look at income
number one being somewhere around 22,000 dollars a year, maybe 24, for a college
graduate these days, you can definitely see that happenin', uh, that's not gonna
cut it, uh, how far you gonna go on 22,000 dollars a year, uh, I'll tell you
right now that in Fairbanks, Alaska, it takes one and a half incomes per
household, three jobs per household just to cut it in Fairbanks, Alaska today. So
that one income's just not goin' to typically do it. So watch this one. We're
gonna add in income number two. Uh, how many of you ladies are married here
tonight? WELL, DID HE TELL YOU WHEN HE COURTED YOU THAT, HONEY, DON'T WORRY, WE'RE GOING PLACES? Well, you guys work together as a team to make things work so you add in income number two and then income number three is the one area that is
so elusive, so divisive, so deluding, and so much a slow killer, a slow death and
it's called BUY NOW/PAY LATER. And so there are three incomes that mesh together
and that's when you begin to get involved in the trap of this society called
DEBT/TAXES/INFLATION. And these are the causes and mechanisms of THE GREATEST
DISEASE that I can even envision which is called STRESS. Has anybody here ever
had stress in your life? Here's how I know. Raise your hand if you've got
hemorrhoids. If you have hemorrhoids or if you're constipated, you've got stress.
Only I can say this. I have a medical degree. Lock ALL the doors. Okay, I know,
some of you got the TROTS on THAT one, get the Keopectate. Stress causes
DISEASE. Now let's go ahead and do the derivatives of this word. EASE. I'd like
to have some EASE in my life. I'd like to relax a little bit in my life but DIS
EASE, against having ease, creates illness. It's kind of like progress. Ever
heard of progress? Pro? Means to move ahead. PROGRESS. How about this one.

How about this one? What I'm interested in is talking about success. What is
success? Is it dollars and cents? No. What dollars and cents represents is simply
a TOOL. How many people last year in America bought Black and Decker drills,
does anybody know? I don't know. A BUNCH. Probably 2 million. I don't know. What
did they want? Did they want a drill or did they want a hole? So what do people
really want? Do they want money so they can cover their body with it and go, Oh,
I'M SO RICH! No. They want this: how about having FREEDOM. How about having
FREEDOM TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL and do what you wanna do when you wanna do it instead of being told when to get up where you have to go and what you have to
do to make enough money just to do what? PAY THE STINKIN' BILLS. Number two is
SECURITY. How would you LIKE TO GIVE YOUR BOSS A PERMANENT PINK SLIP? Security is knowing that you have enough money that you don't have to worry about bills
and you don't have to worry about the mortgage, you don't have to worry about
nothin' cuz you ARE DEBT FREE. Who'd like to be debt free here tonight? Okay!!
Number three: PEACE OF MIND. Peace of mind is not a kharma-type instant
minute-made operation, peace of mind is something that is gleaned gradually
through the process of change, the process of reaching your full potential, the
process of reaching towards a worthwhile goal or working together, if you're a
couple, as a TEAM and creating a future and creating a destiny for the rest of
your life. And while you're doing that, more than just what it does for YOU, it
BENEFITS YOUR FELLOW MAN. I know that I could get inside each and every one of
your heads, if we could do a craniotomy and get right inside the cerebral cortex
and stick a few electrodes in the proper spots and press a couple of electrical
impulses I could get you to sing like a canary. But most of you can relate to the
fact that the distance between points A and B is a straight line and that going
back and forth from place to place in your daily routine gets very very old and
it goes on for a long time because somewhere around 35 years of age, here's what
happens. YOu finally realize you have been pillaged by death, taxes and inflation
and YOU ARE STUCK. You're stuck with the mortgage, you're stuck with car
payments, you are stuck with no savings account, you are stuck with credit card
debt up the yazoo, you are stuck with running out of money before you run out of
month, you are with the transmission going out on your car and you can't afford t
replace it, so you put it on your credit card. And right here the allusion
becomes a DELUSION because as we climb the ladder of success and we get a new
title, a new parking spot, a new key to the bathroom, car new car that says
EXECUTIVE on it, a raise, a dead turkey at Thanksgiving, when we get to the top
of that ladder and someone's lookin' straight down at ya and they go, NOOOT!! You
don't believe me? If you're 35 years of age right now, if you wanted to walk
through a mine field would you walk through it BLINDFOLDED OR WOULD YOU FOLLOW
SOMEBODY WHO ALREADY KNEW THE PATH? LIfe is a mine field so there are many
casualties along the way. And those casualties, when you study the PEOPLE WHO HIT
65 YEARS OF AGE, here is what it is: 1 % are financially independent. These are
RICH people, 4% are retired and living WELL, and 95% are DEAD OR BROKE, in other
words 36% are dead and the rest are living off welfare or still working and just
BARELY GETTING BY. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If
I'm gonna walk through a mind field and these people are the victims, WHY WOULD I
WANNA FOLLOW THEM? They just lost an arm and a leg or decapitated on the side of
the field.

So that's what we're gonna talk about tonight. Is how to get through that mine
field because at 35 years of age these three factors here burn those people out
and what they do is they lose the most important fuel for their entire life, for
their happiness, for their existence THEY LOSE THEIR DREAMS. A MAN OR WOMAN
WITHOUT A VISION WILL PERISH. AND MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH INCOME TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS WHEN IT COMES TO A MONETARY SENSE AND THAT'S WHY they get more and more and more credit and the circle gets bigger and bigger and bigger and pretty soon they run out of money before they run out of the month and what
happens is THEY BEGIN TO SHRINK THEIR DREAM DOWN , they cut the end of the ham
off, and they get a smaller and smaller and smaller piece of ham and a smaller
pot. Why did Ben Franklin say 200 years ago that most men are DEAD MENTALLY AT
25 YEARS OF AGE JUST WAITING FOR THE PINE BOX AT 65. Because EXPERIMENTS WERE DONE IN NAZI GERMANY, EXPERIMENTS HAVE BEEN DONE IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN RUSSIA, AND THEY SAID TO PRISONERS, okay take this pile of rubble that's right here today and move it over here. And they'll do it. And so they're befuddled when they're told to move that same pile of rubble back to the original spot the
next day. And for 6 months in a row, day in and day out, they go back and forth
moving that pile of rubble, day after day after day and you know what they found
out? THAT THESE PEOPLE LOST HOPE. Some of them went stark-raving mad and ran to
the fence to try escape and got shot and hundreds of them just lost their lives.
It's like George Orwell's 1984 .

So what I'm here to tell ya, folks, is that THERE IS A WAY. I'M GONNA TELL YOU
SOME THINGS THAT WILL NOT FIT INTO THE PLOT, THEY ARE PARADOXICAL, THEY DO NOT MAKE SENSE, THEY WILL NOT FIT INTO WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN LIFE SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU AND I ARE BOTH PRODUCTS OR OUR ENVIRONMENT. My parents had me for 28 years. I was in the SYSTEM. So when I heard about what I'm gonna talk to you about tonight, I will guarantee you my brain went, I had a square peg and a round hole and the two didn't fit. So I had to do some brain surgery on myself to
understand what I'm gonna show you here tonight.

HERE'S HOW ALL WEALTHY PEOPLE MAKE IT. There's an expression that goes something
like THIS. IF YOU SERVE THE MASSES, YOU WILL LIVE WITH THE CLASSES. IF YOU SERVE THE CLASSES YOU WILL LIVE WITH THE MASSES. Serving the classes means you're working for somebody else, HELPING THEIR DESTINY AND THEIR DREAM. As an employee. And yes you could get a 250,000 dollar a year job, I knew a car salesman who was makin' that much a year and he was working 16 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week,
for 12/14 years of his life and not to long ago the owner of the car dealership
was making a billion dollars a month. Guess who about lost his wife? The guy
working 18 hours a day. If you serve the masses, you'll live with the classes.
How does that work? J. Paul Getty said I can make more off 1 % of the consumer
buying habits of 100 people than 100% off of my own efforts.

Now watch this. This is what I know. In America, if you wanna succeed, you better
make a decision that consumers are JOB # ONE. They are the most important. Sam
Walton succeeded because he knew that consumers are number one. What we're gonna
talk about on this diagram is that products, goods and services must MOVE TO
CONSUMERS TO CREATE VOLUME WHICH CREATES PROFIT WHICH MEETS THE DEMANDS OF THE CONSUMERS. On this side of the diagram what we're talkin' about is SUPPLY. On this side we are talking about DEMAND.

Now, in this country, the cost of goods to the consumer vs what it cost to
manufacture, 80% of the cost is in marketing. I'm gonna show you a system where we
have an advertising budget of less than 1 %. We wiped out a 30% expense that most
other companies have and we will pay 66 and 1/2 % of all the volume to the
following: Company XYZ which equals YOU. You have your own company. Mine is
Hump Motivational Incorporated, yours is whatever you want to call it. What
we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to figure out some products, goods and
services to put through this system, so here's what we do. WE HAVE 20,000
PRODUCTS GOODS AND SERVICES {not true, more like 5 or 6 thousand} that are peddled
through 2000 {actually a few hundred} different manufacturers. What's the best
stuff to market. Well, let's find out what people are buying. Anybody here today,
uh, by chance, brush their teeth? If you didn't, don't smile and don't breath.
Anybody here today not use deodorant? If you didn't , don't raise your hand.
Anybody here today open up a refrigerator? Anybody take some food out of the
refrigerator? Anybody take some vitamins? Anybody put on a pair of socks and
shoes? Anybody shampoo their hair? Anybody put on any body paint? Anybody use any
fruit juice? Anybody put gasoline in their car? Anybody have a car? Anybody buy
tires? Everything I'm talkin' about, folks, is marketable. Everything that I'm
talkin' about that is marketable, WE market. 20,000 products, goods, and

So then, the next question becomes, David, what is the format of developing a
business like this? And I will tell you it goes something like THIS. Everybody
here tonight works for a network. Or owns a network. THE WEALTHY DO THIS. THEY
NETWORKS HAPPEN TO REPRESENT COMPANIES LIKE MCDONALD'S, KFC, PIZZA HUT, ETC. OF THE GEOMETRIC NETWORK TYPE THERE ARE TWO TYPES AGAIN. Now I have to simplify things. I'm not some kind of economics major, I never studied anything, I quit economics 101 after 2 or 3 days of supply and demand. So this is simple for ME.
And I hope it's simple for YOU.

It takes money to make money.

It takes capital intensive to put together a geometric network.

Well, there's another type of geometric network and I will call that a no
risk/non recourse network where you, personally, don't have to put up the capital
in any way, shape or form. {This is not true. The capital is "put up" in a
deceptively subtle and attritional manner through ongoing business costs not explained
to most distributors when they start their Amway businesses}.

But you can share in the equity of the future of the concept and here's how I'm
gonna do it. We have a liaison and what I mean is this is an operation that's an
umbrella corporation that provides shipping and receiving, warehousing, computer
record keeping, toll free numbers, 10,000 employees, 10,000,000 square feet under
one roof, is in 58 foreign, negotiated with the FTC, Attorney General's Office
and other levels of government in this country, negotiation with 2,000 different
companies {again, exaggeration at best} in terms of product supply and adding
dozens and dozens every week and every month and on and on and on and on. An
operation that happens to be a multi-billion dollar corporation that today
according to Fortune Magazine just recently in the last week or two is the 30th
largest privately held corporation in America. Last year it was the 46th, the
year before that it was the 70th. I predicted a year ago, some of you remember,
that is was going to be the 25th largest this year so I missed by it by a foot,
well woop-de-doo.

Now watch this. No debt. No stockholders. 30th largest privately held corporation
in the United States with 500 million in cash reserves, in 58 foreign countries
outside the United States and Canada. Now we're talkin' about some pretty heavy
duty stuff. I told you earlier that WORLDWIDE represents a coalition of
businessmen and businesswomen that is a billion dollar enterprise about to
embark on a multi-billion dollar venture. THis is a think tank of individuals
that used to be doctors, lawyers, pipe fitters, Maytag repairmen, 7-11 clerks,
real estate developers, truck drivers, carpenters, potato shed managers. It is a
melting pot of individuals of different colors, creeds, sizes and shapes, ages
and professions, and mentalities except the one thing that they all have in
common: they understand the power of building a geometric network to make goals,
dreams and aspiration to come to fruition and reality. They are the people who
can look in the mirror at themselves and say "this where I was, this is where I
am, this where I'm goin" and turn and walk away and not forget their vision. That
is what success starts with.

So over here on this side of the equation, what we're gonna do is we're gonna
explain to YOU that if you went back in history and studied how merchandising
occurred in America in the late 1800's, people would go to these little specialty
shops, the plumbers shop here, the hardware shop there, over here the furrier,
over there the blacksmith and so on and 90 % of the people were in business for
themselves at the turn of the century in this country and then came the
industrial revolution and what happened was the people started moving out of the
farms and moving into the major urban centers and now 95% of the people work for
somebody else.

And I'm gonna show you some economic figures and facts that will astound you and,
if the shoe fits, I hope you're willing to wear it. And it occurred with the
industrial revolution, people going into the urban centers, people like J. C
Penney and Sears and Woolworths and came up ideas that they would create these
general merchandising stores and then move to the suburbs and link together to
make malls and parking. They never thought of the MegaMall, I don't think. I was
there with Ken and GInny just a few weeks ago lookin' at his new Rolex watch I
got tired just being there at that mall and Ken said if we spent 4 minutes in
each store we could see the whole mall in five days. I said, Ken, I think I'd
rather go home and shop out of my own catalogues and SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY

And so then what happened was the big discounting giants like Walmart came along
and, of course, he (Sam Walton) set the prototype and they came to these margin
strategies with these 22% margins. That's how they would mark up their products.
Then what happened was companies like Costco came along and Sam's Wholesale House
and they went to a margin of 7% and then we look at the mail or business which
was in the early '80's just about 3,4,5 billion a year business and by 1992 the
mail order business has gone over 200 billion dollars. WHY? I would think some
people would want to know what's goin' on. What does that mean? Some guy back in
1981 name Roy (?) came up with the idea to put shopping on the TV sets. Why NOT?
Sure, see if it works. If it works I'll be a multi-billionaire. Yeh, he'd put
something up like a toaster and say "we've got 1500 of these units to sell for
only 14.95 " and so on. And that vision has grown and now we see the growing
trend to use technology to put information and merchandising into the home and it
will be a quantum leap.

How many people would have dreamed about a hundred years ago that you could hop
on an airplane and fly from New York to Seattle in four hours? Why was Edison
flunked out of school in the first grade, never had any formal education and
laughed at and called an imbecile to try 10,000 different materials for a
filament to make something called an electric light (all this is delivered fast
with an hysterical tone and nearly impossible to follow but the gist of the spiel
is that there are always groups of skeptics that work to impede progress, ergo,
nix on Edison because he might put the candle industry out of business and nix on
the inventions of the sewing machine because what will women do with all of the
resulting idle time)

I know Henry Ford was accused of being a total nut case. He went to court because
he was slandered by some reporter and the media shamed him because of his idea of
making the internal combustion engine that would move a human being at 60 miles
an hour which would be harmful to his health, maybe even cause his heart to

Anybody here ever get a speeding ticket? Okay. On the freeway? Okay. You were
probably doin' over 75 miles an hour. Did your hear explode? You know what I'm
talkin' about? You may ask me what I'm gettin' at and what I'm gettin' at is that
you're cutting the end of the ham off before you put it in the pot.

So watch this. When this medium is available and even if it wasn't, what we have
right now, what I'm gonna show you, we have a system. We have access to 8
different catalogues where people call toll free numbers so that they can
purchase the 20,000 products in these 58 foreign countries and then use UPS or
Consolidated Freightways to deliver products to their door and all the consumer
has gotta do is dial up a number and you can make money and have your own
business. Is there anybody here, beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you could figure
out how to make an extra 200 dollars a month, you could get EXCITED? Raise your
hands or LIE.

So here's what I know. People that make 300 grand a year are broke because
they've just got bigger toys, that's all. Let me tell you who really gets into
trouble financially are the people makin' 30 to 40 thousand a year cuz they're
makin' just enough extra money that they're dangerous. I've got several bankers
involved in the business with me that HATE what they're doin'. I'm not
criticizing banks I'm just criticizing the credit card mentality and I
encouraging you all to get surgery, PLASTIC surgery. Cut up your credit cards.
Except for one card.

What I'm talking about is one of the most unique marketing concepts in the world.
Picture this. When I say IBM what do you think of? Computers? When they started
they made weight scales. Who would have thought ten years ago that we would have
dentists working today for 25 bucks an hour working as dental hygienists? Who
would have thought that DuPont, which today is into plastics, started by making
gun powder. You can take examples like this: Amway, Shackley, Mary Kay. What's
that vitamins, soap, body paint.. R.J. Reynolds, aluminum, I guess. Tobacco.
Well, how about his one? They own Nabisco, they own Candyland. How many people
here, uh, in 1965 were alive. Raise your hands please. There are at least a few
of you that are under 30 years of age. How many of you think your parents wanted
to buy Japanese products in 1965? Not a soul. Would a man stranded on a desert
island since 1965 want to buy Japanese products? He's uneducated as to the
changes in the last 30 years. He's still into cutting the end of the ham off
before putting it in the pot. Okay?

What color is the ace of spades? Black? If everybody thinks it's black say black.
Black. Well, if I had an ace of spades that's red, you'd say it was initially
black but painted red.

So watch this one. Ten years ago, I was in a hotel, in a suite, with about 12
other people listening to a presentation. The guy that made the presentation got
up in front of us told us that "let me assure you of something ladies and
gentlemen, there's a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant and an architect here
tonight and I assure you that every one of them are far in excess of me in
intelligence and education to the point that they're overeducatedly STUPID!!
Unless you make 60,000 bucks a month you can't tell me a thing about making

So listen carefully. He showed me what I'm gonna show you here tonight, he had a
12th grade education, in fact he worked in a potato shed and he was making 600
bucks a month in 1973 and his wife was making 300 bucks a month working in a
beauty salon, in any case, that was his life and he saw this particular marketing
plan, because his wife raced out of his house one night to go to a meeting
probably something like Tupperware or AMWAY or Shackley or some kinda, you know,
MARKETING some PRODUCT and he raced after her and went to this meeting and sat
there on this couch watching this well-to-do guy put this plan on this white
board in Tri-Cities, Washington and here's this guy name Jack Daughery with his
Lucy Striks rolled under his sleeve, right, with his torn blue jeans and his
flip-flop sandals on sittin' like he's got a rear tire blew out, with a plate of
cookies that was supposed to be for all the guests, sitting on his lap, whining
about (inaudible). As he was participating in this gastronomic delight, filling
his face like a stuffed pig, the guy showin' the plan walks up to him and says
"are you excited?" Yeh. And the guy says "why don't you notify your face?"
OOOOHHHHH. Well, I sat through this. THis, guy, in 14 months, they tripled their
income, they both quite their jobs and they have not worked another day since
they were 28 years of age. When I met him he was 35 years of age, reported to be
a multi-millionaire and had just finished taking a four-month hiatus with his
wife and children and two dogs in a motor coach around the United States and
while they were gone they made five business phone calls and their income
increased 20% when they returned.

How many of you people would have a pink slip nailed to your forehead for takin'
off for four months? Huh? Okay, well, he came back and his business had grown.
Well, your curious, what kind of a business could you do that in at 35 years of
age and I asked him a few very pointed questions. Number 1: give me an idea of
what your work schedule is if you haven't worked in 4 months. He told me he was
totally unemployable. I asked him, well, what do you DO though? When do you
work? He says my hours are 4 to 6 in the evening. And I asked him what kind of
volume do you do and he said 25 million a year. And I asked him how many
employees he had and he said "Just my mom, Lucy." And I said you must work in
some huge robotic kind of factory with all kinds of huge machines and there's
Lucy at the main control pushing the buttons. I asked, "how big's your physical
plant" and he yelled to his wife Rita "how big's our physical plant" and she went
"huh?" and he said "you know, how big's our spare bedroom?" and she said "oh,
it's about 8 X 10, about 80 square feet." and he said "yeh, we're working out of
an 80 sq. ft. spare bedroom, what's it to you?" Twelvth-grade education, 25
million a year, working in a potato shed? You know, I'm walking around thinkin'
to myself "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic and so am I. "

Okay. So what's cookin' here? Here's what's cookin'. THis is what got my
attention.This guy comes up to me and says "Imagine if you could make money off
of every long distance telephone call made with this card." And I said, "how's
that?" And he said, "that's simple. THis Liaison corporation has a contract with
one of these two types or corporations which is MCI which in turns provides you
with a marketing agreement for you as an independent contractor owning company XYZ
under the training and tutelage and information supplied people by WorldWide
they can provide that service to your consumer and make up to 66% and a half off
of all the transactions and, off of this, a few percentage points. I said "M. .
.C. . .I . . ., MCI." He says "money comin' in." Okay. I was ready. That
alone was like catalyst. Part of my brain started gettin' a little excited. And
he says "take a look at this. This is a VISA card, right? Watch this. THis
liaison corporation has a contract with BankCard Systems where you can market
products and services through your company XYZ and have your consumers charges
their purchases on their credit card and get 1.7 % of every transaction. THAT got
me excited. He said " take a look and this card? What's on it?" And I said VISA.
And he said "what else is on it?" And I said "No. NO! Howard and Matilda
Snodgrass? Howard and Matilda? They were my next door neighbors when I was a
child in 1965. Howard and Matilda had a Shackley and Amway and Kirby and a Fuller
Brush distributorship. And they used to go up and down the streets of the
neighborhood. They had signs on the side of their Pinto and the sign said "Thanks
for shopping AMWAY. They would sell their products on Tuesdays and Thursdays and
all I remember is Howard used to come up to our home every three months and
deliver a box of soap and dry away in his car as it would expel STP straight out
of the exhaust pipe and kill the mosquitos as it went down the road and I would
plead with my Dad to please never let me become like Howard Snodgrass. " I said
"Jack it says AMWAY. Why does it say AMWAY? Is Howard in the credit card business
now?" He said, "DAvid, listen carefully, this is used all over the world by 5
million vendors." He says "Are you ready for this?" He says "I bet you your
father is a member of Triple A, isn't he?" I said "NOpe, The Canadian
Automobile Association." He said, "well, yours is a little bit of a difficult
case." He said "look at this. This is the Amway Motoring Plan which is what
you're going to join if canceled your CAA membership." This month in December in
the Kiplinger Letter it talks about the AMWAY Automobile Network where you can
save hundreds of dollars buying a new car through the network and then there's
the Amway Real Estate Plan. What's that got to do with Howard and Matilda? What's
that got to do with "Tine Bubbles"?

I'm gonna a draw a line right here and you're gonna be on one side of the line or
the other, you're either gonna look at yourself in the mirror and walk away and
forget or you'll remember because the line that's crossed is one of the most
critical lines you'll ever cross. It's where you're going, where you come from,
where you're at now, where do you wanna be and how you gonna get there? How many
people right here tonight go from point A to point B every day and drive the car
of their dreams. If you're drivin' your dream car, raise your hands, right now.
If you're not, why are you driving that car? Because you've got to get from A to
B. How many people, right are working a J.O.B. of their dreams? Raise your hands.
Why not? What's your PROBLEM? How many people have worked for a boss that they
feel like going up to everyday and kiss him on the cheek, give him a big hug and
say "oh, boy, I LOVE working for you." How many people here kiss their alarm
clock every morning, MMMMUHH.? How many people go in the morning to work when you
have to push that time clock and take your little shammy with you and shine it up
and say "good morning, I love you." How many people have ever been pulled over by
a state trooper as you're drivin' down the freeway on the way to work and he said
"I'm gonna have to give you a ticket for reckless driving lady.' And she says
"Why officer?" And he says "Because you were puttin' the curlers in your hair and
make up on and driving with your knees."

What I'm here to tell you is I'm not here to get you excited about AMWAY, nor
about 20,000 products, nor about WorldWide, nor about networks, I'm here to get
you excited about one purpose and one purpose only and that's to get the stupid
money thing out of the way.

Here you are at 22 and 65 years of age. Instead of making this a 40 year plan,
let's get this money thing out of the way in 2 to 5 years.

That's what you wanna do. Get the money thing out of the way so you don't have to
think about it and start really living and I'm not saying you're hear to sit on a
beach and suck your thumb the rest of your life and play frisbee and turn into a
beach whale or somethin'. I'm gonna say, yes, productivity is important but when
you're under the financial gun and the time constraints of your job, it takes so
much time outta YOUR life that you do not have enough time to BURP or say HI or
have a relationship with anybody anymore. YOU ARE SO WORN OUT. YOU ARE SO AND SO
BEAT UP THAT THERE'S NO PEACE LEFT. How many people do you know that cross each
other in the threshold of their doorway every day, WORKING TWO SEPARATE RUTS,
going separate directions. YOU EVER BEEN THERE? Okay. Well, how many people do
YOU know right NOW at 75 or 80 years-of-age or 65 laying on their death bed . .
.(the rest was whispered to the audience and was inaudible).

ONe more story and I'm gonna dig in deep. I know a lady who works and whose
husband leaves for long periods of time for his job and I asked her how they
handled this situation with a 2 1/2 year old child and she said that they had a
nanny and that it wasn't a problem. I asked her about her child's emotional
reaction in her father's long absences and she told me that her daughter cries
when he leaves. I ask you, what is your greatest treasure on this earth? Who's
got CHILDREN? Your greatest treasure is your children. Your relationship with
your FAMILY and CHILDREN. And sometimes we find that out too late. What were here
to do tonight is to do some searching.

To show you how to get this money thing taken care of quickly. Now WATCH. So here
we Go. What are we gonna do? I'm gonna tell you how to create a geometrically
progressive network in a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME and I'm going to assure you
that we are going to show you the difference between automatic pilot residual
permanent retired type income which can be garnered without having to have your
wife collect on a life insurance program or having to collect on a disability
program. THis is going to be something that you don't have to wait until you're
65 to collect on through social security, this will be something within the
first month you can create a profit and create a residual income. In your first
month in the business you can create a hundred dollars a month profit if you
wanted to and if you really wanted to get to work in this you could in your first
month of business make more than 500 dollars profit and I have a guy who's a
janitor named Ernie Hooker and Ernie in his second month in this business part
time had a bonus check for 868 bucks (yes but BONUS CHECKS are NOT profit, ergo,
Ernie still had to pay his downlines bonus checks from his bonus check [gross
income], i.e. this is very deceptive and a common deception that misrepresents to
the unsuspecting the actual profit that distributors make) and in his 7th month
had a bonus check for $3,800.

Right now there's a guy named Kevin Ming? and Cathy (not sure of last name) who
is associated with Clark and Marlene (Graevy) over here, and that couple lives
in Seattle and I met that guy a year and a half ago and a year and a half ago,
when I went to HIS home, he was sittin' in his lazy boy recliner with a big old
torn t-shirt, big old curly beard, messy mop of hair and he was bicep-curling
12-oz amber beauties. Today he's clean-shaven, he wears a suit, he looks like a
business man, today he speaks with fine elocution, today he just this past month
from a position working at Boeing, working on electronic panels, just kind of
welding and soldering things together, just went over a level in this business
that will provide a bonus check for about $4,000 (more deception). So at work
when guys come up to Kevin and chide him a little bit and say "hey, Kevin, howz
that little Amway thing going?" He says "Look at THIS boys." Show them his check
and says "I'm just as confused are you are."

You want to get people excited about this business, keep 'em off balance, keep
'em confused.

Now watch. First goal is to make $2000/mo in income. How we gonna do that? We
are going to do that by creating 7500 in purchase volume in a month. This is not
to be compared to your regular income whether you make 4 times that or 10 times
that because $2000 a month would be equivalent to you of approximately $600,000
in the bank. If you had a CD at 4% which would be equivalent to about 24,000
dollars these numbers aren't exact but somewhere in that neighborhood. If you had
a 2.5% CD it would be 960,000 dollars. Well how many of you nice folks are
bellying up to a nice little bank account of about 600 grand right now? Now
watch. What we're gonna do is we're going to instead of utilizing the principle
of "my gosh, I'll tell you what, I've gotta go up there and hit this thing hard
every day, every month like a dentist that I was talking to the other night who
gotta do 50 grand a month just to pay the overhead before he make a nickel. His
overhead is 76%. Pretty soon you're gonna have to be in a moon suit to work in a
person's mouth. That's what I call crackin' the nut everyday. Now watch this one.
How many people do YOU think in a month when they go to Cub Foods or go to shop
at the MegaMall or go to some wholesale house to buy some clothing and buy some
furniture and buy some presents and buy some food and buy some diapers and buy
some gasoline, etc. might mean $300 a month for a family. Well, what if you had
25 households doin' 300 a month? Well why would they wanna do (inaudible) 300 for
this? Why would they wanna go out and do 300 somewhere else? What do you get
here? You get a PRODUCT, you get discounted prices, you get delivery to the door
and you get equity in your future and you get tax deductions. You can create YOUR
financial destiny. That's why. So some people get excited about this because
they can figure out how to save an extra one to two thousand dollars a year. And
people get involved in this and they DO make a business out of it and they're
excited because they can figure out how to get a 2000 dollar a year tax refund.
There's all kinds of reasons but 25 families times 300 equals 7500 and that's
2000 dollars a month what's the next step? Let's say that we make a list of
names that we use is your raw material in this business and the people that are
on their list are the same people that shop anywhere else. And so we introduce
the IDEA, what we do is we SHOW THE PLAN. We go to their home and sit down at
their kitchen table and we go have a two-on-two presentation or we can go to your
home and you can put a bunch of chairs in your living room and get 12 to 13
people in your home and somebody comes in and shows the plan or we have a meeting
in a hotel like we're doing here tonight or we have a meeting like we're gonna
have at the Minneapolis convention center next Friday with Teddy Becker's comin'
to town. They're called OPEN MEETINGS.

So. This PLAN is shown to people and what this is, it's simply a presentation
format where we offer it to people. There's no hard toes. I don't know what's it
cost to buy a pair of Shriner's shoes? Anybody know? How about a pair of Nike
jogging shoes? About 18 bucks. What does it cost to sign up in this network
thing? ONe hundred and twelve smackaroonies and there are about 80 dollars worth
of products in the kit, so it's a WHOPPING 32 bucks to get in. So this is
designed so that ANYBODY of whatever meager financial means can MAKE it. That's
why I say that WorldWide has people that used to be janitors or pipe fitters and
architects and doctors as well as warehousemen. They started with NOTHING many of
these people. Guess what? I know a doctor who got in this business 10 years ago
that had to get a cash advance on his VISA card to sign up because he didn't have
enough money in the bank. YOU'RE LOOKIN AT HIM.

Okay. So here we go. Let's say that each of these six makes $2,000 a month. Now
what we're looking at is setting up 6 wholesale outlets. Where can these outlets
be located? Minnetonka, Minnelonka, Bemidji, Anoka, Canoka, Samoka. Okay? INdian
names? So you got these six wholesale outlets. How many people you got workin'
for you Dave? What you're lookin' at is setting up independent entity contractors
that are home business people. How many bosses have YOU worked under, for crying
out loud? What you gotta begin to understand is you got a system here where this
like a franchising type of operation without the attendant risk involved. What
happens is with each of the makin' $2000 you're gonna qualify for a 4% leadership
bonus that come's to about $600 a month and can be much greater than that, times
6 which equals 3600 dollars plus your $2000 you add in up here is 5600 dollars
and what you have just seen is bonus number one and bonus number two and there
happens to be 10 other bonuses and if you add that in in my experience what
you're gonna find is that if you multiply 5600 times 12 that's 67,200 dollars a
month right? Hello? Some of you think I was kidding. Sixty seven thousand two
hundred dollars a YEAR. Add the other bonuses in and in my experience it'll make
you over $100,000 a year. Just remember, if John is working 50 hours a week and
Susie's working 40, that's 90. If their combined income between the two of them
happens to be 4200 dollars a month for 90 hours of effort and somebody walked up
to you and said "what's your greatest passion in the world?" "Well, how would you
like to take your greatest passion in the world and turn it off for two years?"
"Why?" "Because I can show you how to go and do THIS. Invest about 6, 8, 10, 12
14 hours a week and create an extra hundred thousand dollars a year residual
income only part time. And you're sayin' "What's this guy doin'? Smokin' his
FRONT YARD?" I t doesn't compute! Cut the end of the ham off before you put it in
the pot! Don't make the pot bigger! Why buy a bigger ham? So. What I'm gonna tell
you is that the reason it doesn't compute is because most of you, when it come to
economics, are still using carrier pigeons. (Some makes a remark inferring
something about the size of Humphrey's nose and he makes a big joke out of it)

Boy, am I ever glad I'll be golfing Sunday in Orlando with Ken and we'll have
Randy down their with us, gosh, it's gonna be great. Where are we gonna be? At
the Hyatt Grand Cypress down there in Orlando? UnbeLIEVable. Anyhow, I'll
somehow forget how big my NOSE is when I 'm down there enjoying myself. So. Where
was I when I was so rudely interrupted.

This does not compute. Of course, if I was going to the Kentucky Derby I would
want to see thoroughbred horses and not Clydesdales. Of course if I went to the
Indy 500 I would expect to Indy cars and not Volkswagen beetles. Well then, why
doesn't the technology of creating wealth make sense? Why does it elude so many
people? Why is there a sea of devastation financially in this country, if you
study the following graph, when there is opportunity galore much to the
antithesis of what you've heard through the media and various people who were
proponents of trickle-down, anti this and anti that, that this economy stinks in
this country. We have got 250 million people in this country, we have a free
enterprise system available and most people are not participants in the event.
Why? Why does 90% of the population work for somebody else?

But watch this? If you take a look at money over here and time on this axis, this
is 1960, this is 1970, this is 1980 and this is 1990 here we've gotta bind. If
the CPI went up like this about 1975 and double-digit inflation hits an the price
of home doubled and tripled in two to four years and this thing began to curve up
like this and then people's incomes went like this (down) and started to tail off
like this and there's a divergence of the curve, in 1960 15% of homes had double
incomes and in 1990 we've got 80% DINKS: double income, no kids. OBSCENE. Yuppies

Now, why is it that this is happening and if you don't think it's happening you
are missin' the boat. Most kids today are raised to think that that's they way
they have to be. Well, why would we have telecommunications revolution goin' on,
a microcomputer revolution goin' on, a television revolution goin' on, yet,
financially, people don't know how to do it. Because they're products of a
perpetuating ill mentality of "work a day, get a dollar" and all I gotta do is
just get my education, get a job somewhere and somehow we'll have the money for
the mortgage, the car and the kids and somehow we're gonna get there and it's
gonna be okay. That's 98% of the population.

Let's study college graduates from 20 years ago. One % of the interviewed said
they write down their goals every month and reaffirm them and have done it for
many years. 4% said they write down their goals we're trying them now and again
but we've got somethin' written down, 95% of them didn't write nothin'. And isn't
there an interesting correlation between success and writing down goals and
having a determined plan to make it. How many people do you know write now would
walk up to some ticket agent at the airport and say "Hey, listen, give me a
ticket. " "Where do you want to go?" "Who knows? Just give me one, we'll GO."
Folks, this is what's goin' on.

So. Let's go ahead and finish this up. Somebody's got to sponsor YOU. I'm gonna
show you a very quick four month progression of what could happen income-wise for
YOU if you participate in system similar to (inaudible). Somebody sponsors you.
There's a 30% wholesale-retail markup on the goods. Let's assume that you're
doing 100 pv. Not 300 like I showed you before cause that's not believable, I
can't imagine 300 dollars in Amway soap a month, remember there's 20,000
products, we're not here to talk about Amway we're here to talk about the whole
system of networking, whether that be WorldWide or GM, Ford, Chrysler, Coca Cola
or Coldwell Banker or Shearson, Leyman and Hutton or whatever companies are
involved in this. If you do a hundred, you get 3%, if you do 300, you get 6%, if
you do 600, you get 9%, you do a 1000 you get 12%, you do 1500, you get 15%. Is
there ANYBODY that can read my writing? You must be a pharmacist. So you do a 100
dollars that first month, that's $33 your first month. YOu make a list of names,
we're gonna go and share this plan with people and give them some hope and some
future and show them idea and let them see it a second and third time. Let's say
that in your second month you sponsor six people off your list. Your goal is to
sponsor 15 to 20 wide in say 6 to 12 months but let's say you get 6 involved your
first month. Let's say each of those 6 do a 100 and you do a 100. That's 700 in
volume, am I correct? 700 in volume, you get a 9% commission paid to you from
your sponsor which equals 63 dollars and everybody that you sponsor does 100 so
you pay each of them a 3% bonus so you subtract out 18 bucks and that equals $45
plus 30 of your 100 equals $75 a month. That's a thousand dollars a year. Now
let's say you saved a $1000 on your purchases and let's say you got a $1000
income tax refund. I'm not guaranteeing that, if you're not doin' business, you
better NOT take any money. However, that's $3000, that estimate. Is there anybody
here who could get excited about an extra $3000 a year, raise your hand? How many
times to you go up to your boss and ask for a $3000 a year raise before he finds
you very old. I suggest that you find employment elsewhere. So let's say now that
you go a little bit further on in this thing and you're still kind of wondering
does it really work and you're kind of concerned because your neighbors think
that maybe you're Snodgrasses and they saw that you have some Amway products in
your kitchen.

My sons says "Dad. What do you want me to be when I grow up?" I say, son,
anything you want. It's up to YOU. He says, "Dad, I wanna be just like you." I
said, why is that? and he says "Because you're so goofy." He says, "You're just a
big kid."














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