The following is transcribed from an Amvox (Amway's voice mail service) message.

It is one of many hundreds of similar messages I received in two years of being on Amvox. Amvox is used as just another conduit for the "thought reform" process used by Amway Motivational Organizations in general. I chose this message because it is typical of the pervasive, contradictory, hypocritical and downright shameful worship of materialism that high-level distributors deny is there. I asked my upline diamond one day how Bill Britt (one of Amway's top distributors) could say possessions mean nothing while at the same time own 25 cars. He told me that "it's just part of God's law of compensation for all the people he's 'helped'." If you make it through this without getting queezy I suggest you join the nearest AMO and put five or six pictures of Lear Jets on your refrigerator.

Remote message from John Duff.

"Hey, Ed, man, John Duff here. I've gotten somethin' fired up I want to tell you about. I had one of the most unbelievable things happen to me today. I was sittin' downtown doin' the old J.O.B. routine, you know this thing that I'm gonna be totally free from here in just a short while and, uh, guess who walked by me? uh, it took me a couple of minutes to realize who it was. Brad Duncan. Yes, BRAD DUNCAN. He walked by. I tell you what, man, the guy was caz, not a care in the world, he walked with style and finesse, man, he was in jeans dungarees, the guy just looked so casual and I was on my way to the bank and I thought, man, hey, I have to find out where he's goin'. Hey, luckily, I FOUND him. He was at Nordstrom's, okay? He was down at Nordstrom's in the lady's department, uh, doin' somethin' and I walked in there and the sales woman walked up and says what are you doin', asked me if I needed help and I sez well I'm just kinda gettin' some ideas for Mother's day and that kinda thing, well, you KNOW what I wanted to do so I turned around and there's BRAD sittin' at the counter, Ed, and he's got a totally gorgeous diamond pendant or some type of diamond jewelry, just the BIGGEST most OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE piece of jewelry that I could find that I'VE seen and he's telling the lady how beautiful his wife is and what she wears to these functions and meetings and I just, I couldn't help myself I HAD to butt in and I said Yeh, he's RIGHT, she IS a beautiful lady and he turned around and thanked me for the compliment and said Hi! I'm Brad Duncan and I shook his hand and told him who I was, that I'm in Freddy Davis's line of sponsorship and, man, Fred, I got excited. Because I I sat there and looked at him and he was just totally caz, not a care in the world, I mean the guy was able to get ANYTHING he wanted, anything his WIFE wanted, his heart desired. It was HIS. And I thought , THERE he is. I mean, what a LIFE. THe guy just walks into Nordstrom's and has no problem paying for this. Man, oh, man! YOu talk about freedom. You talk about a dream. Being able to get your wife anything there she wants. Ed, I was EXCITED. I'm STILL excited. I was jittery, I was nervous. I didn't know what to do but I shook his hand and talked with him for a couple minutes and that's about it. So anyway, Freddy, I wanted to share it with you because I'm fired up and excited. I love ya, buddy, I'll talk to you soon and, uh, I'll see ya.


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