After the American Journal show aired, a number of Amway distributors on Usenet also claimed that the quotes from Bill Britt were "taken out of context," and that his meaning was misinterpreted. Despite repeated requests that they provide the context so as to demonstrate how Britt's meaning was distorted, none was produced. Finally, one disenchanted Amway distributor who had that particular tape provided the full quote. Here it is. This is Bill Britt relating the story of a distributor who came to him for advice because his wife was not supportive of his Amway business: He came to me and said, "Bill, my wife said it's either her or the business?", I said, which one you gonna take? {a short pause} Now some of you aren't going to like what I'm going to say. And I've been criticized for it, but I'm going to keep on saying it. If Peg would come to me and say to me "It's either her or the business", I'd help her pack her bags. {6 second pause} Now, is Peg worth more to me than the business? Yes, Peg is worth more to me than the business. But my manhood is worth more to me than Peggy. And I'm not gonna become a wimp and make my wife happy. Cause I can't make her happy being unhappy. Now if she said, "Look, we're a family, we're going to fight about this thing". I'd say "I"m 240, what are you?" "I'm 240" refers to Britt's weight. It's no wonder the other Amway distributors declined to provide the full quote. Not only is Britt advising one of his distributors to give his wife the boot (John Hanrahan was told by his upline to "flush" his wife), he also seems to be implying that physical intimidation is the way to deal with uppity women.

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