Slick Matthews: here is a play by play of the events that took place yesterday.

Monday, 9:56 pm remote message from Dr David. Ladies and gentlemen, what
can I say but here's a great commentary by Ed Davis and Chuck Mouse. Here's
another great story on Amvox to share with you. Here she comes.

Monday, 4:49 am remote message from Chuck Mouse. Passing on.

Sunday, 9:47 pm remote message from Chuck Mouse. We're here at the Columbia
Tower and I have the PRIVILEGE of standing here with Ed David as we, uh, greet
the people coming into this ROYAL dinner for just a ROYAL couple, David and May
Hump. And we're just excited and I'm gonna let you talk to my buddy Ed
DAvis. Hey, gang, I'll tell you what, it's official. It's doctor and Mrs. David
and May Hump. And, I tell you what, what an awesome wedding. What a
ceremony, uh, what a group of PEOPLE here. It's the most elegant EXCITED,
positive situation you could possibly imagine. We're excited for them. We know that
you send them your love and they cannot wait to see you at FED, they're just so
excited about meeting everybody in the organization, so, uh, let's send them all
our love and best wishes and you guys have a great time, just want to let you
know from Ed and Snottie Davis, we LOVE YOU.

Chuck Mouse: you know we kicked it off today at, uh, five o'clock and, uh, at five
o'clock, or course, the wedding started, you can imagine the bridal approach, the
walking down the runway, the pictures, the, just beautiful arched flowers, uh,
here on the top floor, most glass, looking out over the sound and, uh, you can
see the ships in and out, the ferries, the traffic, now close to being dark the
lighting and everything is just beautiful and, uh, of course, Jack, uh, there's a
minister here very close to David at this point in time and Jack got up and, uh,
gave the words of wisdom and that was followed, of course, by Tim Goat and then
Curt Goat's son sang songs off and on in between and it was just a great great
event, uh, they lit the candle, uh, symbol of, uh, two candles coming to one, uh,
the symbol of two joining together making a whole and, uh, then we had a
communion and, uh, instead of just the bride and groom, uh, breaking bread and
participating in the communion, David shared that with everybody here. It was
quite quite special and from there we went into the reception line and I don't
know, what do you think, Ed? Two, three hundred people in that reception line?
and all the trimmings, you know, the hourdouvres, the, uh, the, uh, non alcoholic
beverages, you can imagine, the harp music being played, uh, during that
reception and, uh, he has a small string quartet that's gonna be playing, he has,
uh, right now you can hear the piano in the background, uh, we're seatin'
everybody, we're waitin' for the head table. This will be followed by dancing
and, uh, the pearls and up are goin' out to David and May's house now to, uh,
just, uh spend the evening with 'em, I don't know why, David must be a little
timid and shy right now and, uh, just wants to have his friends close to him, you
know. So, uh, anyway we just wanted to share that with you . We LOVE you. We
appreciate you. . . .(cut off)














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