Thursday, 6:24 pm remote message from Ted Becker. David, Ted Becker. Just wanna
pass this on to you, you know, uh, we're closin' in on Family Reunion but most
folks don't really understand the impact of Family Reunion and I think not only
from a financial standpoint but also from the emotional standpoint. Uh, no one
ever did anything without really ever having made a decision. That's really the
first level, the high level performance and most people, as we know, don't really
make a decision until they come to a big function and one of the things I kinda
harken back to is, uh, I got in the Amsuds business in October and had somewhat
of a business goin', uh, nothing to really write home about and, uh, come Family
Reunion which, of course, was July, uh, you know, literally probably nine months
later, it's really when Jack Doughy, whatever it what that he said that Friday
night, really ignited my emotions to understand what the business is all about.
I'd really been trying to understand for 10 months what it was about and that one
key sentence or key phrase is really what did it. And, uh, just to understand
what the impact was, 7 months later I was a direct distributor, not withstanding
the money you make and so people often say, well, when do you make the money in
Amsuds, uh, it's when you make the DECISION. And so, uh, you know, it's just a
profit and loss statement, uh, it's just a decision, uh, you know, the quicker
you go direct the quicker you're makin' money and so, based upon your investment
of several hundred dollars to go to Reunion, I mean, you're lookin' at 2000
dollars a month NET CASH to your pocket, I mean, I can't understand where
people's thinking is when they can't understand what they're gonna have to invest
to do this and I think people have to understand that it's the QUEST and the
FIGHT to get there to get the information.THAT'S WHY PEOPLE WHO GO THE BIG
FUNCTIONS END UP WINNING, and, uh, it's like you said, it's he who shows THE
TO REUNION ENDS UP WINNING THE MOST. So my message to anybody sitting on
the fence is to just to not look back cuz you're liable to fall over backwards on your head
just, uh, tip yourself over forward on the fence and land on your feet and get runnin' off to
Family Reunion. So I hope you pass that on to a few folks and, uh, just let them
understand that this is not just a passing fancy, it's something very important in
their future for buildin' this business.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, 7:21 pm from Slick Matthews. You guys, just listen to this message, uh,
take heed to this and, uh, people should be giving money orders, uh, $50 each to their
upline directs to secure tickets for FED to ensure that they are part of that FED
experience that's gonna be comin' up in October so, you know, we're takin',
uh, MONEY ORDERS from people and puttin' those on hold and so, we're
aimin' in that direction so, NUMBERS, just get lots of people to experience that,
uh, it's not a long drive, uh, as you know, we're lookin' at, uh, depending on
how drive, it could be ten hours, uh, it could be 11, uh, depending on where you
are. I know that some of you have spent 30 hours to 35 hours one way to Portland.
I mean this is just a hop, skip and a jump and it will be an incredible,
incredible experience. FED is diamonds only on stage. You gotta be a diamond to
set foot on stage, and, uh, it's powerful, hey, if you thought Family Reunion
was powerful function you just add to that as you go to FED because it is big and
it is, is, is it's just POWERFUL. POWERFUL. Hear ALL the new diamonds. So, uh,
you just start puttin' it together and listen to his message from David Humphrey
and Jack Doughy.

Friday, 2:15 pm remote message from Dr. David. Hello, folks, this is a
message by Hunky Dorey and I want to let you know that from my perspective now
is the time to be IMMEDIATELY harvesting your group for FED, I mean it's time to
work on it like never before. Everybody that went to Reunion's goin' to FED, and
get everyone that didn't go to Reunion to go and everyone that's NEW get them to
go, I mean, it's like there's no tomorrow. NOW is the time.

Wed. 9:40 pm, remote message from Carry Bastille. Hey Dave here's a message I
thought you'd appreciate. Ain't it great. Diamond.

Hey, guys, gals, this is Hunkey Dorey and I wanna tell you somep'n. I know you
just got out of Reunion, your sky high and I wanna tell ya, friends, if you're
not on FED like a big 600 pound ape, you're REALLY MESSIN' UP. You've go to tell
'em. If it's out of town people, you gotta get 'em hotel rooms, not YOU, but you
gotta make sure they get a reservation for a hotel room. And you gotta tell 'em,
you know some of em' don't have the 55 bucks, so whatever you gotta do you gotta
start showin' your group right now when the GLOW IS STILL ON FROM REUNION and get
it locked in your mind and their minds. Get it on your calendar so sump'n else
don't crowd in there and, uh, move it out, so, we know you'll do that and, uh,
that Bastille organization, it's rock and roll time, so we love you. God Bless.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Wed. 1:35 pm, from Slick Matthews.

Here's the situation of Leadership, uh, passin' this on to leaders, uh,
make sure that everybody gets this message, uh because we're in a
situation where we have a timeline we have to work with here because of
limited hotel space in Portland for Leadership, uh, I've received more
applications to get more people into Leadership because I just know how
critical it is to the future of their business and their personal future
so, uh, just press hard right now.

Wed. 12:59 am remote message from Dr. David.

Hello, folks, this message is going out to diamonds and emeralds, uh,
and Pearls and, uh, you'll have to send this message on to your own
directs and then, uh, also going out to, uh, some directs in
non-emerald legs as well as some of my personal group. Regarding
Leadership, I want to update you. Hunky and I have been talking back and
forth about this and I've been talking to Marty at Convention Planning
and, uh, she has been doin' some hard-nosed negotiation. We are stuck in
kind of a rock and a hard spot situation she's had to release, uh, a
bunch of blocks of rooms and managed to have still maintained a few and
so what were gonna need to do is,uh, each and every one of you guys are
going to be competin' with each other for this last, uh, stretch run
here and, uh, so what we're gonna do is, uh, what I'd do is, uh, as you
talk to all your people and, uh, I wouldn't rely just on Amvox, of
course, to get this through to people, I mean, uh, obviously not
everybody's on Amvox. YOu gotta really be on a calling crusade here,
we're on a 10-day stretch run here and, uh, till I say WOW!, uh, to
compete for these rooms we got here so, I mean, we should be bogeying'
in a wild fashion and, uh, I should have more for you on the exact
number of rooms that we have left and, uh, they'll let you know but, uh,
I tell ya, I think we're, uh, we're runnin', definitely runnin' real
real tight, I think we're somewhere in the neighborhood of about , uh,
probably got room for about 150, uh, couples, somethin' like that at the
very most so that's not much considering the number of directs in the
organization, that's just, uh, maybe two couples per direct MAXIMUM,
somthin' like that, so, uh, I'll have an exact number for you tomorrow,
we'll let you know but we need to hammer hard here in the last ten days,
you know, obviously, uh, you know it's probably gonna happen here in
less that 10 days but, uh, let's just keep shootin' hard with our groups
and go through the stretch run and Marty is desperately negotiatin' with
other locations to see if we can add to that but that's about where
were at right now and I'll give you an exact number tomorrow so let's
keep hammerin', God Bless you and, uh, go ahead and pass this on
down through your people. Take care.

3:19 am, remote message from Slick Matthews.

Folks, we got a just a small window of time here, maybe five to seven
days to just wrap up things, I can't even promise on that but I heard
from Dr. Dave just a day or so ago that, uh, right down there and that,
uh, Marty has blocked out some rooms but she also had to give some up,
uh, just because of the Final Four comin' in and, uh, you know, they
could only guarantee so many rooms and, uh, if there's a time for ya to
push hard it would be goin' in ta this weekend and getting those people
who are kind of on the fence or maybe even people that you haven't met
yet, uh, just gettin' the plan in front of people, saying, hey, here's
what we got goin' on here you need to be here and you put an application
in front of 'em and people will fill it out. That's happened to me in
the last week, uh, several times so I just encourage you to just do
whatever you can do right now to get people over the line, pull em' in
to get to Leadership cuz that's the future of your business over the
next 6 to 9 months and, uh, that will set you up for family reunion and,
just, you need to do whatever you can do to help people make that
decision because that is a key to their financial future. If people
can't afford it, that's all the more reason why they need ta somehow or
another figure out how to get there, you know, help 'em, show how to
move a ClearTrak or do somethin' like that that's not gonna put their
family budget in jeopardy and it's also going ta give them idea of what
we have, that we have business. THis business is one where you can go
out there and you can make some money by marketing some things. It's
called a marketing business. So, just, uh, do whatever, but put that
push on right now cuz any one or two or three or six new people in your
business there at Leadership will make tremendous difference when is
come around the next function and, uh, you're in control of it so get
the phone, uh, ringin' and anybody, ANYBODY who's, uh, borderline,
get 'em IN..
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, 2:27 am remote message from Dr. David. Hello, folks, I 've asked Slick
Matthews to put together a little, uh, message that I'm gonna pass on to you
regarding the reason why we need to pump hard for Family Reunion. Now you realize
we're down to the wire here and things are fillin' up at a rapid rate of speed
and each and every one of ya, have goals that you have told yourself your gonna
hit so dig, dig, dig, and scratch, and, uh, fight and claw as much as you
possibly can right now to get every last soul there to this particular function,
uh, Hunkey's Family Reunion and, of course, we're working towards our own Family
Reunion here, you know, in less than 24 months or so so, listen, Slick's got it
all right here beautifully laid out, uh, the dream, the reason why, guys. I'm
telling ya, listen up, love ya a bunch and let's go ahead and pump your numbers
where they NEED to be, love ya

Thursday, 5:49 pm remote message from Dr. David. Hey, folks, this is Chuck Mouse,
diamond direct distributor got a few words for you so, listen up and pass this on
through all of your organization. Thank YOUUUUUU.

Tues, 12:30 pm remote message from Chuck Mousee. High Dave, Chuck Mouse, here. I'm
on the run, just wanna pass a word to you and tell you my feelings on a subject
which, I'm sure, has not been addressed heavily enough and that's something
called Family Reunion. And I know some people as soon as they hear this are gonna
hit DELETE and that's a mistake on their part. You know, as I think back over the
last seven years and where we've been headed in this business and I think back
to where my mind was mentally the first time that I met you, I was judging my
future based on my current situation which was NOT very positive and I judged my
future based on my past failures and I couldn't see myself as a Ruby. I couldn't
see myself as a diamond. There was no way in the world that I could comprehend
that. Yet I stepped out on FAITH and I think that that's the key that most
people are gonna have to have here, to step out on FAITH, become part of
something that can change because if people are not willing to change, their
situation will NEVER change and I know this may sound pretty harsh and pretty
strong but most people can't make a decision because they have nothing to make
that decision on, uh, I couldn't make a decision based on whether I wanted to go
or not, I had to make that decision based on YOUR EXPERTISE, on what YOU'VE
learned and what I learned through YOU was that, HEY!, this needs to be done.
Yeh, sure, we pawned some stuff, we sold some stuff, we, we borrowed some money
to go to Family Reunion but, you know, we all have to pay a price of some sort or
another. I mean, you have a vested interest in me, if you can't get me to where I
wanna be, you're gonna lose money. SO I KNOW YOU WOULD NEVER GIVE ME BAD ADVICE
nothing that would hurt me financially, even though for someone new at the
beginning it may seem like A FINANCIAL STRAIN, long term, though, it will not be.
CINDY PICKED OUT A 300 MERCEDES YESTERDAY. She's fired up about it. I couldn't
have done that THROUGH MY NORMAL JOB. My mom and dad have a housekeeper and a
groundskeeper. I couldn't have DONE THAT THROUGH MY NORMAL JOB. I sit at a desk,
it's 10:30 in the morning, everybody else IS AT WORK and I think about those
things, I think about where we are today based on THE FAITH and stepping out.
Let's get to Family Reunion. Let's get the people there, they need to be there.
Ain't it great.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed. 11:46 am from Slick Matthews.

Hey folks, I'm on the road here headin' down to Chicago, uh makin' a swing back
through Rochester and, uh, uh, just showin' the plan. ANd you folks are out
there, you're pumpin' the pump, you're just talkin' to people, you're showin'
this plan, your workin' downline, you're just lookin' for new sets of eyeballs
you can get this idea in front of cuz you're lookin' for those people that are
like you, those people that have a dream or wanna have a dream, used to have a
dream and need to have a dream in order to kinda pull their lives back together
or put it on the right track or PUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER or to take care
of the finances or get the time to do the things they wanna do, whatever it IS,
whatever that dream is for them, they just NEED it and they need it, uh, bigtime.
So, I tell ya, just, you know, every breath that you have just keep pumpin'
Family Reunion. Family Reunion, Family Reunion and everything, carry it in your
pocket, carry applications in your pocket, hand 'em out, put them in front of
people, just say HERE, you know, HERE it is, just 235 dollars a person, you know
with the TAX ADVANTAGES AND STUFF, we're lookin' at 165 dollars so you need to
just pump it, pump it, pump it and, uh, and help people plan for it and help
'em budget for it, help them do anything they can do to make sure that they're
there. And you will see a business that will just explode because decisions are
made there so with every ounce of fiber that you have should be hooked into, hey,
right now, FAMILY REUNION, helping people do THAT and just movin' on here so
we'll, uh, we'll be in touch and, uh, let's just, uh, let's just keep this ball
rollin' and let's see numbers doubling from year to year and YOU CAN DO IT, we
know you can, we've just seen incredible things happen in' in past years and
we're gonna see more so just make that commitment and just, you know, NO
COMPROMISES, don't back off for ANYTHING. We love and be in touch, bye.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, 1:51am from Slick Matthews. Folks, I just want to pass this
message on to you. l passed it on to Dr. David because I wanted HIM
to hear this and I think that this is relevant to all of us, uh, in
several ways. This is from a person who's a highly educated
professional, uh, who got over something called status in order to look
at this business and build this business and was somewhat resistant as
most of us are. Uh, the thought of doing something different, making that
commitment to go to a major function and pay that money without knowing
exactly what they were gonna get and, uh, I guess I was somewhat
persistent, uh, you might say that in terms of, uh, encouraging 'em to
go and here's his response after one year, uh, it was one year ago they
went to their first major function and this year the beauty of this and
the excitement of this is that they're taking a group back with them
and, uh, a growing group that's just moving on in the business and, uh,
I'm just excited for, uh, their ability to say okay, I'll go, I'll take
a look, I'll trust you, I'll have faith in you, and, uh, that's what
people need to do in order to move forward in this business, you
just need to go where you haven't gone and if you'll just listen to
this, it's a special message and, uh, I just know that it will be a
motivator for many other people if you can take a piece of this and
share it.

Friday, Feb. 19th 10: 25 am from Murry Blight. Ya, Slick, uh, Murray
here. Just thought I'd touch bases this morning, uh, I was wandering
through the Wall-Street Journal and a couple things slipped off the page
at me that I though I'd pass on to you here. But first I wanted you to
know that Jill and I are really excited about going out to Leadership,
uh, to Seattle this year and I recall last year I just didn't want to
go. And I remember it took you four phone calls before I finally decided
to do that but on three of those calls I said no. Uh, eventually I
decided to go out on faith and boy what a change that decision has made
in our lives. You know, was taking to someone yesterday who said they
just couldn't afford to do that. Couldn't afford to go out to
Seattle. And that same person smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. That
one's got me baffled, you know, if he would cut to just one pack a day,
if they would poison they're body only THAT much, the savings would fund
all the major functions. Well, it's hard to help people who won't help
themselves. Anyway, in the Wall Street Journal I noticed that, uh,
Boeing plans to slash 28,000 jobs. Boy I bet you that's 28,000 people
who thought that would never happen to them and, you know, I got to
wondering. I wonder how many of those people had the forethought to start
building an Amsuds business before this bit happened. Um, also, I was
looking at Clinton's tax package. I notice that it favors vocational
schools, uh, this is apparently in recognition of that, uh, we're in a
white collar recession, you know, I'm so glad that I didn't let the
status of a law degree become a stumbling block to my seeing the
advantages of this business and, uh, boy we are so lookin' forward to
going out to Seattle and association' with the winners out there and
I just wanted to say thank you for not givin' up on me with three no's.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *














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