1:40 am from Slick Matthews. Here's a message that I believe is really
on target for all of us who have had or have jobs, you know, where
somebody else pulls the string and, uh, when you talk about being a sick
human being here's somebody who's identified that we're all in that rut
and also something that I think is very interesting is that you
discover, uh, not to qualify because you just never know who might be
intrigued or interested in this idea, uh, just enjoy as you listen to
this one.

Hi, Slick, this is JP. I'm here at work and I'm wondering how my
business is gonna grow and I just didn't realize that Dr. David is so
right when he says that I'm a sick human being. I had to get up at 3:30
this morning, going to work on a Saturday morning and, uh, I'm still at
work now and it just makes realize that it's a sickness that I can get
over and we're so fortunate that we have someone like Dr. David who can
help us and heal us of the sickness and I know he's gonna heal me
through you. It really makes me excited and another thing I wanted to
tell you was that I had called in from work this weekend and I talked to a
guy I gave "Pigs don't know pigs Stink, Part I" to, wasn't that
excited about it but when I asked for the tape back he told me had left
it on my table. Somebody else had taken it and this is a person that I
wouldn't have even thought about prospecting because he's so negative.
But he had listened to the tape and he came over to me and asked me how
did this person get free and I told him that maybe I could squeeze him into
a meeting somewhere. . .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, 4:39 am remote message from Teresa Julienne. THis is such a funny message
I HAD to pass this on to you. ENJOY>

Thursday, September 3, 9:42 pm remote message from Dan Smelly and Janelle
Ramblin. Hi, Teresa, this is Dan. You won't believe what happened to me. I was
goin' on a job interview, goin' up 405, rather I was parked on 405, getting
motivated on how to get out of this silly rat race, anyway, this Mercedes kind of
cruises up next to me and there's a guy right behind the driver in front and
he's FILMING THE TRAFFIC JAM and I couldn't believe it and he turned the camera
to me and I smiled and waved and I rolled my window down because he was rollin'
his down and I said "Hey, what are you DOIN'?" and he says I'M GOIN' TO MY LAST
DAY OF WORK. I'M RETIRING." And I says NO and he says "YEH!" and I ask "Are YOU
AN AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR" and he says "YEEEESSSS! Boy AM I FIRED UP!!" I didn't know who he was or whose organization he was in but here was a guy who was doin' it
and he was filmin' that last day of the commute. TALK ABOUT A MOTIVATOR. So off I
went fired up to show more plans, anyway I thought that was just the coolest
thing that could happen on my drive to WORK.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, 10:45 am from Slick Matthews. Hey, here's a dream builder. Listen to this
one and enjoy and imagine your last day doin' what this guy did on his last day
on the way to work. Excuse the first line.

Tuesday, 1:06 am remote message from Dr. David. Folks, listen to this, this is
a pretty amazing story, I was rollin' down the freeway today with Eddie Davis.
We were headed up to look at a yacht and on the way up there Eddie signaled
some gentleman with a duck-bill goin' down I-5 in bumper to bumper traffic
at 7:30 in the mornin', he was in some kind of small little compact car and
Eddie motioned for him to roll down his window and he rolled down his window
and Eddie yelled "only 40 MORE YEARS" and the guy said "Yeh, that SURE SUCKS"
and so, folks, you just heard of a man that chose to go 40 more years and a man
who made a choice to short-circuit the system by 35 to 40 years.














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