Uh, some of you are asking how come I am here and somebody else isn't. Well,
there were a number of people that were invited to be here today but there were
some that couldn't. Like Tim and Dorey are out in Thief River Falls (in
background "Showing the Plan"). They've already got somebody personally sponsored
up there. Anyway, there were a number of people who would like to be here, all of
you QUALIFIED to be here, by the way, so if you're looking around wondering who's
here and who isn't, uh, you qualified it could be any number of different ways.
One is, it could be your growth, it could be the fact that you might be new but
you're sponsoring people and you're movin' forward at a rapid rate of speed. But
there are some specific things we're gonna share today that really aren't for
everybody. And, uh, you were asked to come here because of something that you've
done in the business and because you can get some information here today that you
can turn around and apply in your business or organization. And, uh, it's
exciting to see that. We have one couple that already in qualification (for
direct) (in background: John and Ruth, YAY!). We have a few other people who are
going into qualification. That's a done deal. We have a couple right here, the
Pervises, it's it's DONE, it's CLOSE, you can smell it. So that's exciting. And,
uh, we're gonna talk about for everybody who's here, uh, what I want you all to
leave with is I want you to leave with a plan for your next PV goal and date and,
if you are not directs, or already in qualification, uh, a DATE and a PLAN in
order to implement that. Because there isn't anybody here who can't do that and
if you're working hard like I know most of you are or you wouldn't be here, uh,
we could look at December, uh, put a plan together for December and it's not too
far off to have that happen and the reason I say that is because we have something
called "Go Diamond Weekend" at the end of January. It's kind of a nice thing to
go to. Because what it is is another function. It's a function that's not on the
WorldWide list, you know, for everybody to go to but it's for silvers and up and
it is a leadership function. Kind of like this is going to be a leadership
function too. So I'm gonna go through some specifics. Mary Ann's gonna talk
about some things that are coming up and then I'll do some of the business stuff.
I'll do the BUSINESS stuff. But, uh, oh! I know! I was going to share with you,
you know, we have some knew information, I just want you all to get a look at one
of these, just pass them around. We got a NEW MARKETING STRATEGY HERE and we're
going to have new signs that we want all of you to get for your vehicles and it's
pictured right here "AMWAY (inaudible) AT YOUR DOORSTEP". (laughter) I wanted you
to be the first to know about this. What they prefer is that you have a white
vehicle. A white van. And the signs that go on them are red, white and blue. And
it's real nice, if you drive that to work, it's tax deductible, because it's
advertising. You have to look successful if you want to be successful so on the
back I want you to note some of the new hairstyles. This was a gift from Mary
Hansen. We have a new distributor who had been in the business for quite some
time. Actually, since 1965, and saved her AMAGRAMS. There's lots of things in her
(scrapbook). Some things are little different like how to refill your aerosol
spray can. It was almost a requirement for people who wanted to build this
business, you had to have a white station wagon or you had to have a white van and
then you had to put logo on it and I can just see people starting at different
ends of the same block. The bigger person wins, you know (laughter). It's MY
territory, no! it MY territory! Fortunately, we've moved away from some of those
things and, uh, you know, we're moving ON. But, uh,


I just wanted to mention, uh, first I want to welcome you all here today, this
gonna be a really special meeting. I know Slick has done a lot of planning and,
uh, you're going to get some really key information about moving ahead. I know
that he's gotten a lot of information from Dr. Dave and, uh, and has been
mulling around a lot and conversing with Dave about this meeting and what to
cover so, uh, I'm proud of each and every one of you for being here because it
means you're putting in some effort and that's really what makes the business
work. And you've been making some commitment and that's something you had to do.
I was just laughing the other day and we were talking whining, and, uh, you see,
I'm really fortunate because Slick never let me whine. And, uh, when we were first
married we got into a MAJOR disagreement. I mean MAJOR. It wasn't even an
AMBATTLE and I was angry and I stomped off and was gonna run away. And I left
and he didn't come after me. Then I was REALLY mad. I couldn't BELIEVE it. He
didn't even care enough to come after me when I ran away. Well, it was getting
DARK. So I went home. And the worst thing was that he was ASLEEP. I couldn't
BELIEVE IT. I went screaming at him "What are you DOING?" You know what? I never
ran away again because I knew it wouldn't do any good. ANd, uh, I'm really glad
that he made me grow up. You know, he just refused to reinforce me acting like a
baby. Well, I reverted on time in this business. I remember the day we were 4000
pv and we hadn't gone silver and I was MAD. Because I thought we should have been
silver a long time ago. So I was WHINING. It was I, I , I. I worked so hard. I
had given up SO much. I had done this and I had done that. I was just whining. He
would listen about 30 seconds. He turned around and he said "Well, if you don't
like it , you can teach 'til you're 65." And he walked away. So I QUIT WHINING.

SLICK: Just look at the alternatives. My parents use to help me pack my suitcase.
How long you gonna be gone? You might need a tube of toothpaste.

MARY ANNE: so it never worked to whine here and I think, uh, that's been a real
plus. I want to tell you I appreciate that, by the way. It made me just, kinda,
shape up. Not be a baby.

SLICK: NO problem.

M.A. : I might think about being a baby once in while but I know it won't do any
good, so. Uh, I just wanted to cover a couple of new things that we're totally
excited about and one thing is the new shampoo, you guys, it's coming in four of
the kinds it came in, uh, last week and they're shipping them now regularly, uh,
I've got them on the table out there and please take the cover off them and SMELL
them. They are just OUTSTANDING. I have a son, I thought he's sanguine but he
might be choleric because we've got the neatest thing, it's a spin dial and you
can code your whole family, whether their hair is thick and course or fine, if
it's treated or untreated, I mean you code your whole family, you spin the dial
and it tells you exactly what kind of shampoo and conditioner to use. He did the
entire family. He did all of us and then he labeled each shampoo with masking
tape. Who couldn't use 'em? This one's for MOM. This one's for DAD. ANd BEN. And
his brothers are walking by like "Can you believe he's doing this?" I thought it
was cute cuz I might have done that too. But that was kinda cute. Uh, but it's
gonna be really easy, uh, Ben likes the sport shampoo, it says for people on the
go who don't have a lot of time. I think they call it SPORT so all of our kids
will be thrilled to have that shampoo. Don't you think? I use the SPORT shampoo.

SLICK: I use it too. (laughter)

M.A.: So be sure to look at that when you're done and, uh, leave it to AMWAY. The
brochure fold out, it's absolutely a QUALITY piece of literature. It's beautiful.
I mean this is SALON quality shampoo which I think we need. I think our other
shampoo is really NICE but the packaging was not prime-quality packaging but this
is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the prices, I think the conditioner is 4 somethin'
and I think if you would have bought a NEXUS product or something like that it
would have been 9 or 10 dollars.

So, you know, you aren't going to beat our prices for customers.

And another thing, the new AMAGIFTS are in a they're beautiful. There ONE, it is
just TIES. And then there's an inspirational one that's new. And that's really
neat, so they're out on the table and you'll have to take a look at those. And I
have to tell them about Peggy. Peggy called me at call-in and she ordered food
bars. And she ordered three cases. Well, she's kinda new , so I thought she meant
boxes. So I'm going, we're talking boxes, I think anyway, and she goes "Mary
Jane, CASES!" I said CASES? And she marketed three cases of food bars last week.
I was pretty proud of that. I mean, you can retail these products big time,
they're GOOD. And I said "How did you DO that?" and she said "I just sit at my
desk and I eat 'em and I keep Double X in my desk and people ASK." So, you know,
I think that that's,uh, I'm really proud of you for that, so that's GOOD.

I just wanted to go over some new products and, uh, I think that's IT. I think
I'll let you go from there.

SLICK: Well, I've got lots of information, uh, I'm really gonna talk about the
SYSTEM, uh, today a lot. Because I understand the value of THE SYSTEM. And a lot
of people that have been in the business and have been involved in a business
that doesn't have a system, understand it too, or people who have been in and
been out of the system understand the value of it.

I want to give you an example so you understand that. There was a time when
people in Nelson's organization had some slick financial guy who came into
the business and got a lot of people including Theron Nelson and a whole bunch of
others especially in his organization including Bill Haw and all those guys
to invest large amounts of money. Some of you may have heard this, I want to tell
you exactly what happened, uh, they INVESTED. As a matter of fact, some people
borrowed money to invest and then they got people they knew in their downline to
invest. Jim Harstead lost over $400,000 that he's still paying back. He's just
about got her covered. But he's been doing that for a number of years here and
he's one of the people that weathered the storm. Well, because of that many of
those organizations lost, first thing that they lost was WorldWide. I mean they
were part of WorldWide and they said, "Huh, uh! You guys BLEW it! So you are ON
YOUR OWN!" And Nelson's organization was out of WorldWide. They were on
their own. So every once in a while I'll run across somebody who was in the
organization and I see a tape that says TM and it's got a number on it cuz
Nelson had to create his own WorldWide. Just in order to keep the flow going, the
information, to teach people and all that stuff.

So when you get to like "Go Diamond Weekend", they spent a LOT of time talking to
about "do NOT encourage your people to invest", you know, I guarantee I have
NEVER told anybody how to invest their money or what to do with it. I WON'T
because that is your personal choice. We can talk about different options but YOU
make decisions. We're real real careful about that because of what's happened.
Actually, Nelson lost 13 million dollars in that deal. I mean we're talking BIG
BUCKS. You know, when people make a lot, they get hit. Heavy duty. So that's not
something that we do, but the value of the system, you see, what happened, you
hear Jim Harstead say on his tape say "we were out in the swamp a number of
years." That's what he's talking about. They were out in the swamp trying to
create this business, trying to do it without a system. Man. Imagine that.
Imagine trying to build this business without having a place where you can take
your people to plug them in so they can be taught like the emeralds and diamonds
come in. Imagine trying to do that. You see, that is how you build this business
- through the use of THE SYSTEM.

The system is just incredible. And, uh, that organization has come back into
WorldWide in the past few years cuz they fixed all that. There are still some
old people you're gonna run across, if haven't already, you WILL and they'll say,
'well, I was in such and such a business and,uh, they did this or that or the
other thing and, uh, that's what they're takin' about, just so you know. I don't
tell everybody that but you are folks who need to know that. You just have to
know that the system that we have is incredible, you know, when Hunky Dorey got
into the business, uh, they didn't have a system like we have. We're talkin' 20
years ago and they tried building a business and he shared with me how often he
had to go out and try to service his people and pump 'em up and teach 'em what
they needed to know because you couldn't just rely on the ten core tapes.
Somebody who didn't know how to do a one-on-one, you had to sit down with every
single person and teach 'em and if you wanted to make sure that it was duplicated
right you had to go downline and teach every single person how to do that. Jack
was on the road, once he retired, he was on the road over 17 days a month.
How many of you want a business like that? No thank you. NO thank you. But that's
what they had without the system. That's what they had in order to create a large
organization you had to be IT for your business. Now the benefit that we have is
that you don't have to be everything to your business [not true]. And that's why
we have the system. I want to tell that Hunky Dorey and Dr. David are two
of not only the most powerful people in the WorldWide organization or in Amway
but some of the most powerful people in this country [this is egregious edification] And those of you who've gotten' close to 'em can comprehend that. Uh, Hunkey told me recently, uh, I wasn't the only person standing there, he had another diamond offer him $10,000 to spend two days with him so he could pick his brain, listen to him, ask him questions, see how he looked, find
out how he thought, just watch, just be with him. $10,000. That diamond
understands. Hunky just laughed and said thanks for the compliment. And we've been
able to spend that kind of time around Hunky. And around Dr. Dave. When I was
talking about reading Napoleon Hill, uh, we were at the emerald level and I was
sitting next to Hunky, we were at Palm Springs and he just came over and sat down
and I pulled out Think And Grow Rich and I pulled it out and asked Hunky if he
could jot something down and you know what he wrote in there? Here's at the emerald
level, he wrote "READ EVERY DAY", Hunky. You see, the people that read in this
business are gonna be the people that have the huge organizations. Hunky
is a master of his mind. Bar NONE. There's nobody that I've ever seen or that
I've ever been close to that has more control over their mind [and everyone else's] than Hunky. Dave's comin' close. But Hunky can determine how he will feel about a
situation based on what he tells himself. He'll assess the situation, say 'No,
I'm not goin' to feel that.' He'll decide and then he'll tell himself by the
message that he speaks to himself how he will feel. He's got that much control over his [and your] mind. I see him on purpose act like he was angry. He can just call it up just like this. BOOM! And he'll ACT it and because he can put the emotion behind it and he can do it and then he'll go
on with his day. So Napoleon Hill is a place where everybody in this room should
be reading. SOMETHING of Napoleon Hill. Continuously. If you're just starting
and you haven't read Napoleon Hill, and you haven't gotten' into that yet and Og
Mandino and some of the other fun books, they're GREAT! And they have wonderful
lessons. But, a good place to start is "You Can Work Your Own Miracles", you
know, that's kind of a primer for Napoleon Hill. He talks about he unseen guides,
he talks about infinite intelligence in some of his books. Part of the reason for
that is when those books were written, the people would have rejected it if he
had said GOD. Okay? They would have never read 'em. But today, just so you know who he's talkin' about, like when he talks about the "unseen guide" and infinite intelligence, he's talking about God. So, he's a firm believer and he did that
even before he became a Christian. See some of those books were written prior to
that but he understood every person who ever been successful in anything who's
written about it always talks about a higher power. In one way or another, they
ALL do. So it's essential and Napoleon Hill did that too. Even prior to his
becoming a Christian. You can see the changes in his writings as the time goes
on and Hunky is the master, and is more of a Napoleon Hill living legend
than some of the people who are actually running the Napoleon Hill foundation. He
truly is. He's connected with some of those people that did the rewrite of
"Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion". ANd he spoke with them for like an
hour and a half on the phone. I mean Hunky knows his books better than these
people. I KNOW he does. So, if you want to create the kind of attitude that's
gonna take you through the storms in this business, you need to program yourself
for success by reading and by learning that what comes out of every adversity
is the seed of an equal or greater benefit. You need to know that, you need to
believe it, you need to just live according to that. And when those little things
will happen and you react instead of act, just stop and think "the size of a man
is determined by the size of the things that make him angry." I'll think, oooh,
this is STUPID. You know, I have to do an attitude check. You see, those are the
things that other people don't know. People that aren't in this business, uh,
that aren't in this organization , don't know.

There are diamonds that will never know what you folks are privy to. I guarantee
it. They WON'T. Part of that is that their upline diamond doesn't know what Hunky does, what Dr. David does. They'll NEVER know it. So they can't teach 'em if they don't know it. And I can tell that when I listen to some of the tapes. I can TELL. I'm not criticizing any of 'em but I can TELL. Because there are things that are spoken by people on the tapes even at the diamond level
that are not spoken by Hunky or Dr. Dave. And when you study, you'll
understand that. Because you'll pick up things. You'll pick up NEGATIVE things or
doubt things or things that should not be spoken.

So what we're gonna talk about is really programming yourself
for success. A lot of this is just gonna be detail. For those of you who are teachers, I'll give you
the anticipatory set. That is, the overview. I'm gonna talk about some specific
things to do at sign up, uh, the importance of some of those things, uh, we're
gonna talk about goals, uh, specific goals, I already mentioned that, uh, talk
about faith because faith underlying all of that is essential. That is the
ingredient that is going to make or break your business, that's gonna determine
how big it's gonna be, uh, gonna talk about personal use as part of that personal
use and retail, uh, major functions, okay, things to do to sell major functions
and why we do that, THAT'S THE ONE THING WE SELL IN THIS BUSINESS, MAJOR FUNCTIONS, that's the one thing we really focus on selling and I'll explain why and, uh, and then a plan for each of you for your organization, what you can go
out and do with this information when you leave here, you see what we're talking
about is duplication. If you take the information and go out and you
strategically meet with your people over the next 6 to 12 months, this is
absolutely, it's just gonna be a total explosion in your businesses. That's the
reason for this meeting. Is so that you can set yourself up to have that happen
in the next 3 to 6 to 12 months. That's how powerful the information is and, uh,
I'll talk about reading but I'll probably talk about that at the end. So I'll
give you just a hint on that is, uh, I was talkin' to Dave and I listen to things
that Dave says and he always speaks to me in real interesting ways, you know how
some people speak in parables? Well Dave's kinda like that [kinda like Christ, you mean?]. I spent a few hours with him when he was back in town, I met him at the airport and we went to the
Mall of America. We needed to go look at watches he told me and,uh, anyway, we
just rode together and he said, he said, "you know Hank Keifer, Hank and Carla,
their business just goin' crazy", I mean he just throws out little things like
that and he sez,uh, you know, "they're growin', there's action all over the
place". Of course, what's my next question? "Gee, Dave. What are they doin'
different?" You know, that was my question. He said "Hank made a decision about
two months ago that he was gonna read no less than one hour a day" Dave said,
"That's IT." He said anything beyond that hour is gravy. And he said THAT made
the difference. Hank and Carla, that's their commitment to do that. That was
interesting. I didn't say another word until the next day when I say David, I
said "Dave, Mary Anne and I had our meeting this morning and talked about some
things that we're gonna do and goals that we set, whatever." He said
"INTERESTING, what did you DECIDE?" (laughter) and I told him and just went (some
kind of expression). You see, that's how he talks. He doesn't sit around and say,
"Hey, you do THIS." (bull) When you're READY, when your ears are open, then
you'll hear those little things like that. That's how he is, he doesn't often
tell me things until I ask. But sometimes when I talk to him, I hear things that
I don't even have any sense to ask. Okay? That's how he leads. So, pretty
powerful stuff.

But, uh, anyway, I wanna talk about sign up because, uh, there are a lot of kits
movin'. Eight or 10 THIS week. [kits have a bunch of Amway products and some distributors information. Much of Amway's product sales is in the sale of these kits] It's an incredible problem (laughter). You should keep more in stock, but, anyway, isn't that a nice challenge to have? Okay? That's the kind of growth that you want, just to have that kind of challenge on a weekly basis. That would be ALRIGHT. So, anyway, so, you folks are signin' people
up and, uh, it's kinda funny, but when I went up to North Dakota last time, I
said, every place I'm showin' the plan, everybody's gettin' in. [typical exaggeration used strategically to "get people excited] Isn't that crazy? It's just WILD. And, you know, it's the SYSTEM. It's what's happening. It's the EXCITEMENT, it's the BELIEF LEVEL, it IS, it's just INCREDIBLE. And we're seein' that EVERYWHERE. And I know it's happening with a lot of you in this room. I know Greg told me he'd better sign up because his sister-in-law was gettin' in. You two, signed up a new couple totally on your own yesterday? Isn't that
EXCITING? That person was at, I saw him, Dr. David's open. You know, use the
SYSTEM. Get people around the diamonds and emeralds in the business. Okay, for
sign up, when you sign people up, first thing is you sit down with people that
only want to build a big business. If somebody tells me that they want to build a
big business, uh, that's what I ask 'em,uh, I say, what are you're lookin' for. If
they say they want to build a big business, I'll say, "well, GREAT. Here's what
we need to do. Okay, you need to lead people because they don't know. You are the
leaders, otherwise you wouldn't be here. So, if you're gonna be a leader, you're
gonna need to lead people and you need to lead 'em when you first meet 'em so
when you talk to somebody initially, YOU are the person that's in control of the
conversation, now that doesn't mean you have to talk all the time, but you can be
in control of the conversation by asking questions. That's how you maintain
control in a conversation. Ask the questions. Okay? So you can lead people
anywhere you want to when you're talkin' to them by asking the right questions
and when you do that, the first thing you ask people when you're signing them up
is "what is it that you want out of the business?"And if they say well I wanna
build a BIG BUSINESS for profitability, you say, well, okay, here's what you
need to do in order to do that, I'm just gonna share with you what I KNOW. You
don't have to do any of these things that I'm gonna share with you but these are
things that have been PROVEN to make this business work. Okay, what are they?
Obviously, make a list of names because you generate business through a list of
names and, see, we do that with anybody who's even lookin' at the business
because that's the first thing you start with is, you know, take a look at this,
see the plan some more, listen to these tapes, make a list on names, but that's
the first thing that they need to do. From that, what you want to do, if you can
is you want to book a meeting.

If you want to have a big business growing fast, it's "here's A, and A has B and
you wanna get a meeting and you're up here somewhere, you're the sponsor up here,
it's that you have a meeting for A who invites B and you might want to do the
follow up personally because when you're working with somebody who's brand new,
see, they can't do a follow up cuz they don't know what to say or what to do [oh,
you can't give them the follow up tape?] so what you can do is you can get a CARD
or you can you, you know, as you're talkin' to this person, when I'm talking to
somebody here what I'll do frequently is I'll just say, you know it's really been
nice visiting with ya, I really look forward ta, you know, continuing our
conversation. And, what I do is I open up my calendar and stuffed in back of my
calendar, I'll pull MY card out and I'll turn it over on my calendar and I'll
have them write their name and their telephone # and their address, then I'll put
it right back into my file. When I get home at night I take those out and then I
lay 'em out in front of my planner and then I call those people. Well some people
are too quick for me because I called to do a follow up with a guy down in
Chicago and right before I called him his upline has called him and booked a
meeting with him at his house that I'm doing this Thursday. And he said, "Well, I
think you're already comin' down here you're gonna be at my house on Thursday, I
said "Well, GREAT. Somebody's on the ball. Okay? So, you know, it's a matter of
doin' that follow up see? Remember, you are the person that knows (garbled) so
you wanna book a meeting and that's the idea and , you know what you're doin'?
You're trying to go deep, you're tryin' to get to C, you're tryin' to find D down
here or wherever it is, because what happens is as you get down here you have
credibility. Usually with people that you know personally and I just went through
some of this recently at nuts and bolts, is usually if you're the sponsor right
here and you share this with somebody you know, can they listen to you very well?
Uh-uh. The best thing that you can do with people that you know real well is you
can call your upline in to do meetings for you because this level right down
here, starting at this level, is where your upline has credibility because they
people don't know your upline. Okay? Or they don't know YOU, excuse me. This line
is where your upline is going to work, I'll get this right, and you get down in
depth and that's where YOU become the expert one level lower because these people don't know YOU or chances are they don't. So you want to get into a sphere of influence of people that you're NEW to AND THEN YOU BECOME THE EXPERT. Okay? [the real reason, Slick, is that the people who know you can see what you're really up to] I had some people at a meeting just last night not to far from here and I told them straight out I said "the person that you need to plug in to is John." Not me,
because I'm too familiar. People know me as a counselor from Milaca High School
and these people will bring their sphere of influence to a meeting and they'll
see me as a counselor from Milaca High School that vacated a sinking ship or
something like that. I've heard that. So, anyway, they have a preconceived
[read: accurate] idea about me so I'm not gonna have power with that group of people.
So what's gonna have to happen is somebody who's more neutral, who they don't
know, and that would be John, would come in and do the meetings for them. And then
when they're farther in depth and maybe move out of town [referring to location of
new recruits] to the Twin Cities or Princeton or somewhere else where I'm not as
well-known and I can be more effective so think about that as you're workin' this
business. You gotta know where you can be effective and if you're goin' in and
you're workin' with people that know you a lot and have preconceived ideas and
are kinda yuckin' it up are kinda having a good time and not listening to ya, the
little flag should go up to say "I did this once, what I need to do now is I need
to get my upline to come in and do this." Or I need to get in depth. And your
goal is depth. Next thing that I do with people is say "Here's your first
standing order tape and you'll need this tape because the tape is the life blood
of your business in this way: none of us can relate to everybody. No one can
relate to everybody and the thing that happens when I meet people is that they
might not relate to me at all, you know, you can tell that. They might be excited
about the idea but you might talk to somebody and you might try all the different
things that, you know, you find out what their hobbies are, what their interests
are and you might find out that you have absolutely nothing in common with 'em.
Absolutely nothing in common with 'em. Does that mean that you can't help them
build the business? NO! No, not if you use the SYSTEM. See if you're all by
yourself you CAN'T. But if you have been getting your tapes on a regular basis,
you see, I listen to standing order tapes and I might listen to one and say "boy
I don't relate at ALL to this couple." But, you know what I do, I log away in my mind
what kind of personality they have, uh, what kind of experience they've had
personally, and then I put that tape on file. You see, I got a load of tapes and
you raid it every time I come to North Dakota (referring to a specific downline)
(laughter). I'll open up my trunk at a meeting and I'll think to myself "Let's
see, what rally tape is goin' to relate to this couple?" And the only way you're
gonna find out is that you're just gonna have to listen to a gob of rally tapes
and these or the ones we get every other week. You get a rally tape and you take
those and you just mentally. . .I used to write down, you know, what kind of
personality, what kind of experiences and I used to keep a file. If you wanna do
that, GREAT. You know, as you're listening to it, maybe in the back of a planner,
just jot down the name of the tape and then the type of person you think they
might relate to because all CPA's aren't going to relate to Dave Severe unless
they're a real strong personality. I don't just give Dave Severe to all CPA's.
You might wanna give them Ron Rear if they're a little bit softer. Otherwise,
you know, that person can blow 'em out of the business. But, see, if you wanna
have a BIG BUSINESS, and I know that all of you do, is that you want to have
something that will duplicate the system that you're a part of. STANDING ORDER TAPE. Not only standing order but the tapes that we have, those 10 core tapes.

The way that you can have a big business in this organization is that when
somebody says well, gee, I'd like ta do it, the first tape that I'll give
somebody, see, it takes Mary Anne two weeks to actually get somebody started on
Standing Order Tape and she's really behind because people are adding standing
order. So you know what I do for the first tape is I will generally give them
"Getting Started". If they wanna book a meeting and they wanna know that to do
I say "Here is your first Standing Order Tape, called Getting Started." That's
their first SOT. And then I'll say, well next week, we'll usually get one tape
and then get two tapes so and I make sure that Mary Anne gets the sequence
right because I don't want to immediately blow their budget, you know, it costs about $30 a
month for SOT. But they're started, even if they didn't get the same standing
order tape everybody else did, they're started on SOT and they're GOING. And
THEN, you see, that tape, Getting Started, tells them what to do, tells them how
to set up a meeting, tells them a little bit about inviting, tells them the
rationale for what is done in the business. Another tape I'll probably give to
'em is "The How's and Why's of Contacting and Inviting." Or, if don't want to get
them too confused, is I'll just TELL 'em about two or three invites. One with
people that you know and then one with people that you don't know. And then you
just embellish it [read: deceive the prospect] one way or another. You know, I'll be talking to somebody and they'll say "Well, you know, I deal in finances." and I'll say "Hey, I do to." Okay? They'll say "What do YOU do" and I'll say "Well, I do personal finances, I sit down with couples and individuals , and teach them how to create some financial security, residual income, and whatEVER. I just adapted it (the business) to what the guy told me he did. So, you know, you can do that, but find a couple of those (invites). So, anyway, is what the tapes can do is they can do things that you can't do, see, we have people at a distance that want to know what to do, even people that we're
prospecting and I they say "they think they'd like to" but they want to know how
and what to do and so on so what I do is I send them a tape. You know, I'll send
'em a tape that tells 'em how we put this together. So, if you have a distance leg
you can't be there to do everything so that's what those 10 core tapes are for.
So, that is a real KEY, uh, the other thing that we do, obviously, as I say
"Well, do you have MCI here?" Do you know that on your telephone sign-up, when you call up, you can actually do it right on the telephone. Just say "I would
like to get this new person signed up on MCI right now" and you put them on the
phone and Amway takes care of it on the spot. They don't even have to do the
paperwork. Isn't that aMAZing? Cuz they already HAVE the paperwork. Amway just
took it all. So, when a person signs up, they already have roughly 140 PV in a
bonus check their first month. What a way to start. You know, they get a bonus
check their first month and away they go. So, those are the things. I talk to
people about functions. And this is at sign up and if you don't talk to them
about functions you're missing it. They need to know about things that are coming
up. Things where they can gather more information. Talk about the small ones
like the regionals and minis and I talk about the major functions. I say, "Here's
a date. I write down here's your next opportunity to take a look at this." I
write it down and I also write down the date for the next major function. The
next one is called Family Reunion. So that people know what they need to do. I
just say "I know that you might need to start saving pop cans or whatever you
might need to do in order to be able to do that (attend major function) but, uh,
that's at sign up.

Next thing we're gonna talk about are goals. Most people do not move forward in
the business because they do not have these clearly defined. And we're as GUILTY
as anybody. I confess that we are too, that you can get so busy with the activity
of doing the business you don't clearly define where it is that you're going and
you're just kinda doing it. I know that they are people who've been out there
just showing the plan like crazy and, yeh, boy I've been showing the plan, and I
say well "what kind of results have you gotten?" and they haven't gotten the
results that they WANT and part of that is that they don't know where they're
going. And I've just kinda been doing a little inventory lately, when I talk to
people, I just say well, "when do you expect to hit your next, uh, PV level?"
"Uh, SOMETIME." "Uh, do you have a date?" "Well, NO." Well, you have to have a
date, you know, and this is something that I encourage each of you to do and
people in your business. You have to have a goal because, if you don't, you just
kinda go through life like we normally do when we have a job. Hey, you get up in
the morning and you kinda wash your face and brush your teeth and you get in the
car and you go and you're kinda on autopilot and you really don't get anywhere,
you're just 10 steps forward and 10 steps back. You have to crystallize where it is
that you're going, what it is that you're going to do. And if you don't do that,
you will not move on to the next level. And you guys have set some goals and you
said "bland or high water, I'm gonna get there." You know, one way or another
[usually it's "another"] I'm gonna DO it. And when you do that, you know what happens? I should have you guys stand up and turn around because you can see the fire in their eyes. You
CAN. There's a different intensity when a person sets a goal and says "I WILL, no
matter WHAT, reach that goal. I WILL." They become different. They walk faster,
talk faster, I've had people commenting on you but I don't want you getting a big
head or anything so you can leave anytime. NO. Just kidding. But I've had people
commenting on you guys just because they've SEEN the change. [They've become Ambots] They've seen the change of somebody who makes that DECISION to move on big time and they KNOW THEY'RE GONNA DO IT NO MATTER WHAT. If you're at whatever PV and you're not a 1000 yet, just say "I'm gonna DO it, one way or another." And if you don't have it, you know, generated within your group, just say, okay, you get into that
second month and you look at that and say "I've got 300 PV here to go. Well, what
am I gonna do?" Say "I'm gonna do SOMETHING. Say who do I know that needs a
Cleartrak? Who do I know that might need a water treatment system?" You know what
happens? You DO it. If you say, one way or another. You see, that's the kind of
thing that Mary Anne and I we do and I just say as an example, if I said I was
gonna do so many plans, I wouldn't come home until I found somebody. I WOULDN'T. There's another guy who does that. Just set that goal. You know who I'm talking about here? People who are on the way right now, on track to go direct. Okay? It
HAPPENS. You set the goal and what we're doin' is we're giving you the formula
that they're already using. Okay? You have to set the goal. And then you have to
say "one way or another I'm gonna do this.  "Check upline, see, occasionally I'll
sit down with somebody and say well "I'm goin' direct in July." Well, what's your
SOT. "FIVE." So how many do you have to add each month? Well, I'm not so sure, that
sounds like a lot. Well, you help people reset their goals. Say, how many plans
do you have to show in order to get people started? Standing order tape is
basically an indicator of serious people in your business. You may have to
rethink your goal and say well, "maybe July is too soon." Well, it MIGHT be but
you can shoot for that goal. You know, over the next two months, see what
happens, but if it isn't working then have plan B, which might be September,
September's a good time for the goal because you go into the new fiscal year as a
silver and you qualify Q-12. Wonderful time. Just Q-12 is worth 4 to 5 thousand
dollars per person for the trip that they send you on. It's also worth anywhere
from 6 to 10 thousand dollars cash bonus, it's also worth, when you're profit
sharing, it's also worth anywhere from $1700 who knows how many dollars, it
depends on the size of your organization for your profit-sharing bonus. Okay,
see what we're talkin' about in terms of dollars? So, it looks good, plus you're
in the 25% bracket, I mean, that's all right. That beats the 3% all ta heck.














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