Here's a message from our upline leader and head of WorldWide
Dream builders, Ron Rear:

5:32 pm, remote message from
Dr. David. Passing on. Tues, 6:49 pm, remote message from Dr. David.
Hey, folks, I just had some time here with Tom Eggleston and Ron
Rear, as you know, here golfing in Waialea, Maui, and, uh, we just
had a sensational time and, uh, I've never hit the clubs with Ron before
but, I'll tell you what, I sure learned some stuff about how to golf. We
just had an awesome time and Ron and I were talking about leadership with
that coming up, of course, in March, the thing about it is that there's
so much more room on this island for you to come and join us, we just
want you with us so badly I just can't imagine what it would be like
to have you with us so here's Ron Rear, folks:

Hi, everybody, this is Ron Rear, I just had a great time with Dr. David
and, uh, we played a round of gold here on the island of Maui and what a
great time we had. And, of course, we just came off a tremendous
Go-Diamond weekend and we're lookin' forward to Leadership Weekend
coming up, uh, just lot's of excitement and growth in the business. We
want to make sure that all of you know what's available out there for
any of you that, uh, that want to be with us bad enough. Like David
said, we sure want you with us bad, we just hope you want to be with us
as bad and, uh, someday that we can be playing here in Hawaii together
on one of these beautiful golf courses, goin' to dinner together and
listen to the ocean surf and talkin' 'n and, uh, we've had a great time
but, uh, Dr. David's lonely, you know, here at EDC, here all by himself,
so we need some EDC's, all he's got is the Jones's with him the rest of
the week for Diamond Club, uh, kinda lonely, huh, David? He's just
telling me he's got a lot of beautiful people back home that need to be
here, so just thought I'd get on the line and say that we want you here,
we know that you can be here, you oughta be here and, uh, there's just
no reason at all for you not to be here. I'm enjoying this life. There's
a great big beautiful life out here you'd enjoy and we want to enjoy it
with you. So God Bless you all, uh, get as many as you can out to
leadership, get that big picture in front of your downline and take that
dream so God Bless, here's David back, bye, bye.
* * * * * * * * * * *

Wednedsay, 2:20am from Slick Matthews. Hey, enjoy this one. Sunday,
8:24, pm from Sven Ingvold. Passing on. Hey, we were at Rudolf's
Barbecue tonight for a little breakin' of the bread and laughin' just
sharin' information and inspiration, uh, we had Randy and Rosie
Christenson, Ruby directs in the business, and Silvers, John and Ruth
ULness and Scott and Cathy Willis movin' on and and, uh, Bob and Jane
Squillace and their son Jim and we just had such a great time and here's
a message from what Chuck called Rudolf Valentino's ribs and, uh, you
can tell, we laugh allot, we had a great time, I want to say WONDERFUL
today and yesterday, I tell you folks, comin' to the functions is worth
that and I hope you heard what he said at the end of the seminar this
afternoon, he said, getting people to Leadership, the one coming up in
March, the 20 and 21st, in Seattle, will catapult your group into
the next function which is the third weekend in July, which is in
Portland and you can double your numbers from one to the other and so
we're still selling it hard and, uh, we hope that you'll do the same and
you'll have people like we had yesterday sign up for Leadership right on
the spot and where they hear about it we anticipate others signing up
this week and deciding to come and that we want you to urge as many
people as possible to do whatever it takes to come out and find what
this is all about. Remember it's association upline as Chuck taught you
yesterday that's part of that Mastermind arrangement that will help
people who are interested in your success, work with you and help you
achieve what you want out of this business. Here's Chuck Mouses message
and a little bit from Cindy on the end:

Sunday, 6:40 pm, remote message from Chuck Mouse. I tell you I have to
tell you about Sven here, I mean, he did some stuff down here, I thought
he was a minister of The Lord, I'm here to tell ya, this guy is a
minister of hot finances. Listen to this, we were in the Mall of America
sittin' on this, uh, this Truck Ride and, uh, I just can't explain it to
ya, it's called the Mon Ride but it's a truck ride, an out-of-control
truck headin' down a mountain, but, let me tell ya, Sven was the one out
of control. This guy, from the time he sat down laughed and laughed and
I didn't know what was funny, he just sat there and laughed and laughed,
this is no joke, and Slick was sittin' there puttin' his hand in a bunch
of gook that someone had deposited their from one their nostrils and,
uh, Slick didn't think it was funny, Sven thought it was hilarious, and
there was nothing we could do about it, we were on this RIDE. And so,
anyway, we had a great time. We want you to know we're just really proud
of each and every one of you here, you have great leaders, just keep
pumping the pump, doin' what you're doin' and you're gonna find out down
the road that this thing here is gonna be BIG folks for each and
every one of ya, hey, uh, my bride want to tell ya about her shopping
trip so don't believe a word of it.

Hi, guys, uh, we're havin' a great time, uh, spending time with your
leaders, Sven and Whinney, and, uh, bar none, they're just one of the
finest couples that we've met in the business. Whinney and I have been
spending most of our time here, uh, while the guys have been playin'
around, checkin' out this enormous place, uh, shopper's heaven, you
might say and we've got bags stuffed full of goodies and, uh, actually
almost too much for us to carry. . .
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wed., 2:00am from Slick Matthews. Here's a little message that, uh, Rev.
Sven Ingvold passed on to me that Chuck was on, uh, we were all down at
the Mall of America plain' on Friday. I want you to think about just
haven' that kind of freedom to be able to do that to just take a day, I
didn't have to take time off work, I didn't have to call the boss and, I
didn't have to do anything except say, Hey, Mary Anne, on Friday what
would you think about goin' down to the Mall of American and spending
some time with Chuck and Cindy Mouse just plain' around there and goin'
in rides with Rev. Sven Ingvold and watching him laugh so hard he gets
tears in his eyes, you know, I think the rides were great but I thing
watching Sven was even greater, and, uh, I made off like a bandit like I
usually do, I spent fifty cents, I bought a little insert for my
Franklin Planner, I put some pictures in and and little bit of more
dream building kind of stuff and when I open that up they kind of
jump out at me and grab me and then I also bought a Coke, uh, it was a
Pepsi, excuse me, because that's all they had down there and a hot dog
but Mary Anne came wandering back with Cindy and Gin and she had a
couple bags, uh, I did okay but just kinda add it all up and divide by
two and I'm not really sure, but, anyway, Mary Anne had a good time and
she got some fun things to wear which is, uh, no surprise to me and we
just had an absolute far out time with our spline and with our
Caroline, Chuck and Cindy, uh, it was just super, you just need to be
there, so you just need to get free and you know how to do it. It's
called "show the plan". No secrets in this business. I guess that's it,
uh, people get hooked into all kinds of other things they think is the
magic and the secret when there when they're not grown' but the secret
is to do what Dr. Dave has taught us how to do and Hunk Dory and On
Rear. It's called "Show the Plan." So YOU do that and you're gone
be where you wanner be and be places where your gone try to figure out
how you got there, uh, that's what's been happening to us, uh, cue we
are din' things we never even dreamt of and now were dreaming and
they're common' into being so just enjoy this one and hope you enjoyed
the function this last weekend and, uh, just keep plugging', keep
pumpkin', uh, we'll see you on the first, March first at the Sheraton
Inn, just, uh, bring your new folks there and we're gone have a BLAST.

Friday, Feb., 19th, 7:47 pm. from Rev. Sven. Passing on. Rid., Feb. 19th
7:47 pm from Rev. Sven. Well, Slick Matthews and I have spent the
afternoon and, uh, time that was, uh, valuable, today with Chuck and
Cindy Mace. Chuck's gone be here in Minneapolis this weekend, uh, we've
had a very good time, uh, I wanted Chuck just to say a word, hey, buddy,
and here he is:

Hey, winners, I tell you, this is one MALL down here and I haven't found
Cindy since we got in here except when she wanted me to and that was
when she wanted more money and, uh, I know I don't have my credit
card with me right now or a checkbook and I've got this little cash in
my pocket and she's got all the travelers checks with her so I thinks
she's havin' a good time. Last time I saw her she had a smile on her
face. So she's havin' a great time down here. We're gonna go out here,
we're gonna ride this roller coaster thing, get the girls on it and, uh,
there we're gonna go down and ride this truck down a mountain and I tell
you this gonna be one awesome trip and we've been down here with Slick
and Mary Anne and Sven and Whinney and they're just super leaders and
you guys shouldn't take 'em for granted. I can see now why the
organization is growin' so big and why things are just beginnin' to
happen up here because this team spirit that they have must be carrying
over to you guys and now I way why the leaders are goin' to Leadership,
the one's that are comin' out here are goin' so strong, from what I
understand, the numbers goin' to Leadership is gonna indicated
what's gonna happen here next year so I'm pretty fired up for
Minneapolis. looks to me like you guys are gonna put it on the map, I
mean right up near the top of the World Wide organization so we're proud
of ya, look forward to seeing you all here this weekend, we're gonna
have a great rally, I promise you that, then we're gonna have a good
seminar and then on Sunday I'm gonna teach you some stuff that, uh, I
think is really gonna make a difference in your business so I'm fired up
about that and that's no joke, just tellin' you from my heart, I've got
some special things to share with ya and, uh, we're gonna give it all to
you this weekend, so we love you alot and we're lookin' forward to
spendin' some time with ya and I'm gonna give it back to Sven here cuz I
see Cindy, she's wavin' out there and she wants me come and see what
she's doing so here's Sven.
Hey, folks, come and meet Chuck and Cindy. Bring your cameras and, uh,
bring your notepads and your tape recorders and we're goin' to have a
great time. They're fun people and, uh, you can do what they've done.
They'll teach us how this weekend. Bring your prospects Saturday night
and, uh, let's do it together.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, 7:54 pm Slick Matthews, I just wanna tell you that we just spent about
a week at Sun River, uh, we STAYED A LITTLE LONGER AT THE REQUEST OF OUR UPLINE, and, uh, Dr. David just said why don't you stay a couple days and spend some time with May and me and we were out on the golf course, uh, yesterday and we just had an absolute blast, I got some pictures that some of you will have a good time with, uh, we just, uh, we went out to eat with David and some other people in his business, uh, Mary Anne's got all the details on the WEDDING as that comes up and they're gonna have a small wedding with direct distributors in the business and on up and, uh, I guess that's the only way they COULD do that but I can guarantee you that that time at Sun River is the time that you just need to be there. It was DANGEROUS. I mean we were cruisin' around there, there were people who were armed with super soakers, I remember watching Kim Josloski and Bandy Christensen and Saul Wastings all armed with squirt guns or two or three or four and you'd be just walkin', mindin' your own business and people would come by on bicycles and they spray you down and we'd retaliate, I mean, we had water grenades, we were cruisin' with a Cadillac, I would open the doors and five guys would pile out with squirt guns and chase people down and, I mean it was WILD, it was an ABSOLUTE blast and we went white water rafting. I golfed three days. We played a hot basketball game with Bandy and Paul and Kim Josloski, I mean, we just had an absolute BLAST. We need to have more people there next year. MAKE THE DECISION. Come and play and associate and, uh, the TEACHING that we had on the evenings was so powerful that you will never hear except in a place like THAT. Because it was the diamonds sharing, diamonds and EDC's only, sharing specifics topics from their hearts. Designated time. It was INCREDIBLE and, uh, we'll move all of our businesses forward as a result of that. So, the leaders will be there and you know what the qualifications are, you need to be directs and you folks can DO that, uh, direct with one Ruby month, a Q-10 direct meaning qualifying September on down and, uh, it is POSSIBLE for you to be there, even if you're not a Q-10 or which would be on your way to Q-12, uh, you CAN DO IT, I mean, a Ruby month and then a Pearl with qualify for that. You NEED TO BE THERE. I just know that you CAN, and, uh, valuable information and incredible association. WE NEED YOU THERE.We want you to be there and, uh, we just have some just PRECIOUS time. . .
* * * * * * * * * * *

Hey, folks, here's another freedom message passing your way, just listen
up from brother Slick Matthews.

12:24am remote message from Slick Matthews. Hey, Dr. David, your freedom
report was wonderful and, uh, I like freedom, uh, as I get up in the
morning and get a chance ta job a little bit and smell some of the
smells of the spring air, and, uh it's now changed from the smell of the
farmers fields which had previously been manure but that's now all
turned under and that's fertilizing in, uh, that cycle of life here and,
uh, I here the meadowlark and, uh, I just know that spring is upon us in
Minnesota and it's just, uh, you know, the grass clippings now, cuz,
uh,lawnmowers are movin' and, uh, kind of a renewal and rejuvenation
with spring, uh, it's kinda a newness with trees kinda recoup and,
uh, that grass comes back and all of that. It's the time that I do the
same thing and, uh, this is just a wonderful time, just love it cuz
that's the regenerating and, uh, renewal, and, uh, kinda rebirth of
things so, it's exciting and I've never really been able to experience
it like I've been able to over the past week or two. Mary Anne and I
have gotten' up and taken the kids to school and, uh, come back and sit
down and have a talk, just the two of us, and look at what we're gonna
be doin' in our business and our future and it something that's real
special that never really could have happened, uh, prior to this
business and, uh, wouldn't have happened without it and, uh, we value
that greatly and we know that one of the things that this business
offers that nothing else offers is that freedom, freedom of time and
money and I want to thank you for showin' us the way and leading the way
and, uh, we're on your tail just, uh, learnin' and movin' forward so
thank you much.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, 3:53 pm from Slick Matthews. Hey, listen, enjoy this message and pass
it on to people. Some of you who have downline who don't have Amvox, you may
wanna tape this and pass this on to let people hear a little piece of the rewards
for building a solid profitable direct distributorship where you can afford to
play and do some of the things that we're able to do because of that, cuz it is
business, so you can be here. We KNOW it.

Wed, 3:25 am from Mary Anne Matthews. Hey this is Mary Anne calling you from Sun
River, Oregon we've had just the most incredible two days out here we're moving
up with Hunky Dorey's organization and, uh, we've had just an incredible time
enjoying this unbelievable resort and I've never heard teaching that is more
incredible than the teaching we've had these two days, we just learned so much
and what Slick and I we're really excited about was having three of our directs
here with us, we are so proud of them for having qualified for this event and,
uh, I know that some of you are listening to this message, there are some of you
who are going to be qualifying for this next year. That means you need to start
your direct qualification in September and go month after month after month and we know that you can do it,uh, I'm just gonna pass this on and let you know some of the things that we've done. So here's Mary Wastings: Hey, everybody, we're here and YOUR not but we want you to join us next year we've had an awesome time, uh, you would not BELIEVE this resort. We have been bike riding and, you know, to have the time ta bikeride with the mountains, the scenic in the background is just INCREDIBLE just to spend that time with Mary Ann and Posie and Saliva and Whinney. We just have the time of our lives and, you know, WHEN YOU ASSOCIATE WITH BIG DREAMERS YOUR DREAMS START TO GROW and even Laura's (her little daughter) dreams
grew this weekend. She decided she wanted to have a pony so we're gonna have to
get to work and, uh, you know, add a few legs here to get a pony into our lives
so you just HAVE to be here next year because it's just the most incredible
awesome time and, you know, the associations, there's NONE finer, uh, to be able
spend time with Dr. David and Hunkey and Cheetah and all of their rooters, it's just incredible. Please come join us.

Hi, guys, this is Saliva, and we have had such a fun time here but it was kinda
difficult because it was hard to decide what to do, you know, should we go in the
hot tub or in the pool or golfing or horseback riding or biking or canoeing or
white water rafting, oh, let me see, I guess between all this we tried to do alot
of different things but we had a good time, oh, and, you know, it WAS Tuesday
today and I think everybody slept in until at least 9:30, I BET YOU GUYS WERE AT WORK THEN, HUH? Uh, I guess you need to build this business so that you can be here and miss work or quit work and have a great time. Here's Posie.

Hi, you guys, I just have to tell you from the heart that this is the most
awesome week that Bandy and I have ever spent, uh, in our lives and, uh,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday 1:36 AM FROM SLICK MATTHEWS. PASSING ON. Friday 7:53 pm remote
message from Dr. David. Passing on. Friday 7:50 pm remote message from
Dr. David. This is a freedom update report folks. I'll tell ya
somethin', I can't wait for the day when yall will be givin' me your
freedom report, when we're spendin' those freedom days together.
John and I and Eros went to school today and after dropping them
off at school came home and had a nice long jog and spent some time
with my boys what I call my dogs and went pick up Erin and I had taken
her geckos to school because she had, uh, show and tell day and that was
with all the other kids and was the only Daddy at the whole school there
with my daughter and after that we went had, uh, tacos for lunch at
school they had a great little luncheon deal for all, just a handful of
parents were there, uh, John and I took off and went to the batting cage
where we banged on those balls cuz he's got a great game he's gonna be
playin' tomorrow, well, we just had a great time and we want you
with us. John David's got a couple words to tell ya, just to tell ya he
loves ya and he wants all of you dad's to be free just like his dad's
free. Here ya go. "Love you everyone. Dad's get free. Love you a bunch
and go diamond." See you later.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sunday 10:19 am.

Remote message from Dr. David. Hey, folks, this is Dr. David
with my buddy Jumbo Head and, my oh my, we're at the Indy 500, we've got
people, man, this is unbelievable, this is what I call a freedom report, I'm
gonna turn this phone over to Mr. unbelievable Head. Hi, guys, I'm at the Indy
500 with 500,000 people here, excited, and all wantin' to do somethin' with there
lives and all needing to do something with their lives, anyway, we're havin' a
great time here, just talked to Scott Braden, spent a little time with HIM, he's
gonna win today and we're havin' a great time, man, uh, 25-30 pace cars just went
by and, uh, it's wonderful, man, we're here with Bill Britt and Tom Eggleston and
Dan Devoss, say high, Dan. High everybody, how ya doin'? That's Dan DeVoss, man, ain't it great! Love ya.

Here's Jeff Moore. You gotta be with at race side. Do
the O's and come join us. Okay, here's Terry. How ya doin' guys, boy I tell you
it's great being with all these EDC's and with Dave here and we're just havin' a
ball, we're watching right now motor cycles go by and state troopers and there's
a guy standing on his bike riding with no hands, so there's a huge crowd, you can
hear the crowd in the background, it's amazing and exciting, we need you with us.
Just a sec, here's Bill Britt. Hello, there, a few words, how ya doin' , guys,
this is Bill Britt at the Indy 500 and we wish you could be with us, if you keep
building your business you'll be here like we are, good bye. Ain't it great,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 1:53 am from Slick Matthews. This is just a GREAT message from Dr David.
Listen and enJOY.

Wednesday, 1:45pm remote message from Dr. David.

Hey, Hunky, I want to give you a freedom update, I am out here on the Spruce
Creek Trail. Just spent a beautiful, beautiful two hours on my deck, uh, JUST READIN' THROUGH THE BOOKS, READIN' NAPOLEON HILL, READIN' THROUGH THE BIBLE AND SPENT SOME TIME WITH GOD and had an awesome time. There's beautiful weather here today, it's about 80 degrees
here already, about 11:43 am and, uh, just came out on the trail, breakin' a sweat, got my dog with me and, you know FOR MOST PEOPLE THIS WHAT'S CALLED HUMP DAY, YOU KNOW THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK AND THEY'RE DOIN' WHATEVER THEY CAN TO GET THROUGH THAT HUMP AND THEN MOVE ON TO THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY AND, UH, I thank God for my relationship with you and your tutelage, what you've taught me to help me move on to freedom and bring a whole slew of other couple and families with me is just, uh, really rewarding to know that my RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU AND ANITA AND RON AND GEORGIA AND BILL AND PEG HAS BEEN SUCH GREAT FRUITION AND, UH, I KNOW THAT THERE'S A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER FOLKS THAT WANT THIS FREEDOM THE SAME WAY I WANTED IT and they want happiness in their lives, they want joy, they want peace, they want contentment, they want security and, uh, I DON'T KNOW ANY OTHER WAY TO ACHIEVE IT AS EXPEDITIOUSLY AS WHAT WE'RE DOIN' HERE so, uh, I was just walkin' over the property and takin' a look , uh, we talked about puttin' in tennis courts, swimming pool and a horse stable and so it's gonna be total joy to share my compound with my fellow distributors and, uh, who wanna be with us AND PAY THE PRICE we've taken a day and enjoying hump day with some of the folks who gettin' close to freedom and maybe goin' over the the private country club and playing golf or havin' lunch or maybe goin' down to lake Meridian and do a little jet skiin' or just to bang a few balls in the tennis court or go for a horse back ride the the Spruce Creek Trail, whatever our fancy leads us to or just listening to some great inspirational music on my indoor/outdoor sound system, you know, whatever it takes, but, uh, it's gonna be great to have some folks with us and knowin' they can get up at the crack of noon or midmorning or early morning, whatever they want, to preparin' their day for whatever leads them by their spirit or by their choice, so thanks much Hunky and Slick, love you guys a bunch and, uh, look forward to seein' you at Emerald Club and I'm really excited for us to bring out a bunch of new emeralds next year and diamonds of course, I'm real fired up about FED, the numbers we're gonna be pumpin' into FRESNO, RAPID CITY and the KING DOME, it's gonna be GREAT and od course you're gonna have a bunch of people back on the east coast there in Knoxville Tennessee so, hey! brother, love you a bunch, God BLESS YOU.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, 9:36 pm romote message from Dr. David. Well, folks, it's now
freedom update time again. It's Thursday evening, July 28th, uh, we're in the
middle of the fairway I just clobbered my 225 yard drive and the 13th tee and
we've got, I think, a par five here. The sun is probably about an hour from
setting and we have just, uh, beautiful virgin grass everywhere, gorgeous
homes,MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR HOMES, surrounding the fairway. The moon is about
three quarters full and I guarantee we're havin' a GAS out here and it's just a
great feelin' to be surrounded by mountains, green trees and cumulus clouds,
gorgeous, beautiful blue sky, I mean, uh, the air is so fresh, there's beautiful
sparrows and beautiful blue birds flyin' around and, uh, I be glad to have you
with us, uh, saw Greg and Laurie and they told us about this awesome trip on the
Enterprise in the Mediterranean goin' to the French Riviera and, uh, spendin'
great time over there with Doug DeVos and his wife Marie and livin' free, you
know, they have a helicopter pad on top of that awesome yacht and I mean to tell
you folks, it's just livin' the live of the rich and famous so I want you with
us, remember, all it takes is DO THE O's, brothers and sisters, just DO THE O's,
have the RIGHT ATTITIDE, stay focused, keep believin', work together as a team,
be equally yoked, have a mastermind, stay plugged into your upline, keep
listenin' to your brother's upline AND YOU'LL BE FREE WITH US. LOVE YA A BUNCH,
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, August 1, 7:37 pm remote message from Dr. David. Hello, folks, this
a FREEDOM UPDATE. We just wanted to, uh, give you a little CALL. I'm out here on
the high seas in a new, uh, cabin cruiser, a beautiful afternoon doin' a little
fishing down by Morey Island, Gig Island near Mount Ranier and I mean to tell
you, uh, it's been AWESOME and, uh, I got John David and Erin with me and April
and we've had a co-yachtsman in here givin' me a little hand in learnin' how to
motor this, uh, mini yacht around and his name is Eddie Davis so I wanna let ya
say high to Ed but I want to say I look forward to the day yaw'll move on and
get yourself free like me and Ed and I know a bunch of you are really on the
road to bein' free and, uh, we're excited about FED comin' up, we're excited
about emerald club comin' up and, uh, there's nothin' like freedom so I want you
to hear a couple words here from emerald direct goin' diamond, Ed Davis.

EDDIE: Hey, gang, we're on board David's new yacht. And it's got a beautiful
name to it, here I'm lookin' at it right here, it's called DOUBLE, and, uh, it's
got diamonds all over it, uh, it's a beautiful 28 foot cabin cruiser, it's got
sleeping capacity for about six people, a nice head and galley and fishing
cockpit, command bridge, uh, up above, and uh, we just had a blast here and, uh,

DAVID: And you know, uh, sometimes kids are a great motivator to all of us and I
know that, uh, my kids have got a message for some of YOUR kids and, uh, have a
couple of words to tell ya so let me just pass this over to John here real
quick and I think he's got a couple of things to say to you.

JOHN : For all you kids out there,TELL YOUR PARENTS TO GO DIAMOND.

DAVID: Hey listen, WE LOVE YA, and it looks to me like we got little Eros comin'
around here and, uh, right now, she's gonna say a few words to ya and, uh, I'm
excited, folks 'cause, uh, the lifestyle that Hunkey Dorey has and Ron Rear
and, uh, I have is exactly the same kind of lifestyle that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF
YOU CAN HAVE anytime you wanna have it and any PLACE you wanna have it and so, uh,
get excited here. Erin, come on over here, honey, come on up here Erin, so let me
tell you what folks, just a second, let me pass this on to my sweet little Erin
and she'll give you a couple words. Honey, what do you want to tell these people?
What do they need to do, go what?


DAVID: Because diamond will buy them freedom right? You need to say it ONE more
time, go what?


DAVID: Double diamond. Whatever YOU want folks. Get yourself whatever pin you
want. God BLESS ya. Come join us and, uh, we're excited for ya.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, 9:53 pm remote message from Dr. David. BOY oh BOY, listen to this
freedom message from Carry Bastille, Pearl headed Diamond.

Wednesday, 7:47 pm remote message from Carry Bastille. I'm just drivin' down
Range View Drive here on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon headed down to the
Seattle open and I'm just thinkin', Dave, I can't help but think, I'm lookin' out
over Puget Sound I'm seein' clear blue crystal waters, lookin' at the beach and I
can see the people walkin' on the beach and I'm just thinkin' about choices,
you know, I left my daughter at home and my wife's in the middle of scramblin'
with product pickup so she can get to the open and I'm just thinkin' about
choices, Dave, and I'm thinkin' about YOU WALKIN' ON THE BEACH AT 10 O'CLOCK IN
THE MORNING VERSUS THE REST OF THESE PEOPLE WALKIN' ON IT IN THE EVENING and I'm thinkin' about choices and all the choices that people could make and alot of
people are gonna make choices tonight to stay home because of the heat rather
than go down to the Seattle open and I'm just thinkin' of the fact that because
people are smart enough to make a CHOICE TO PUT A WHITE SHIRT ON WHEN IT'S HOT
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday 4:41 pm, remote message from Bill Hawk. That sound you're hearin', uh,
we're on lap 137 here at the Indy 500, this is great, all the Britt Executive
Diamonds let me have ya say a few words, uh, here's, uh, Crown, Paul Miller. Go
Minnesota, Paul Miller here, (thick southern drawl) right here ringside at the
Indy 500, things are lookin' good, listen, bring it on fellas, this is
inCREDible, all the EDC's on the Britt team, come on, join us, love you guys,
hold fast to your dreams, don't listen to your brother-in-laws and you'll do just
fine. Okay, here's executive diamond, Theron Nelson. Hey, good afternoon, I tell
ya, this is some kind of a scene here, there's more people than the whole state
of Idaho just right down here, but what we need are some more YOU here, I'm
lookin' at the crowd, I've got my binoculars and I can't find any of you here,
I'll be lookin' for ya next to join us here at the top.














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