Tuesday, 1:08 am from Slick Matthews. Here's a message from your upline
Pearl direct, Sven Ingvold.

Monday, 1:03 pm remote message from Sven Ingvold. Seeing your success in
building the business, Slick and Mary Anne, underlines the message in Rich
DeVoss's new book Compassionate Capitalism, People Helping People Help
Themselves. As I pass along to you my comments to our group on Amvox about
the impact of this book in illustrating that.

I finshed reading today Compassionate Capitalism. I'm excited about the
impact this book is going to have and has had in my life and my thinking about
my Amsuds business and the effect it's going to have in your business as
you PURCHASE and read it. As you know, it's going to be made available as
a STANDING ORDER ITEM coming up sometime in the near future and it'll be
at a discounted price with a personal message in it from Ron Peryear and
Bill Britt. And I got my copy from Dr. DAvid when Ginny and I were speaking
at Leadership in March. THis just an outSTANDing book. IN the last chapter
on what happens when we reach out to help where he has a section called
"Hardwork means discipline" and I quote "The more self-discipline
we have the less subject be become to the discipline of others. If we had
a perfectly self-disciplined society we wouldn't need laws but most people
are not very self-disciplined so we need them. Through self-discipline we
find freedom. If we don't have self-discipline someone else will end up
in charge of our lives. We have to choose." Someone shared with me
recently this statement "Only the disciplined can truly be free and
Rich DeVoss says the same thing in that last chapter. I cried through the
second chapter on "Where are we going?"Which included the story
of Joe and Norma Folio and Joe Folio says in that chapter: "And suddenly
I realized how it all works", he says "in our own times of suffering
God is preparing us to help others who we will meet along the way when our
own dreams die God is strengthening us to be there for our brothers and
sisters when they lose dreams of their own. These are tough times, our dreams
are threatened by forces beyond our control, so sometimes we lose the battle
but together we will win the war. With each other's self we learn to dream
again and then one day when we least expect it you're surprised to see those
dreams come true." If you develop self-discipline, if you continue
to persist in the pursuit of your dreams, use The Business vehicle that
you're part of to do that, you will achieve and we wish the best for you
and we're looking forward to you getting this book, I do not know when it's
coming out but when it does YOU WILL PAY THE EXTRA MONEY WHATEVER IT IS
and get your copy. It will help you enormously. It's a great book.And look
forward to seeing you benefit from it as I have.













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