I put four years of intense effort into building an Amway business through an AMO system of costly tools, sales aids and functions. For four years I did everything I was told to do by the leaders in the AMO. I became an exemplary Amway distributor and because of my good performance was invited to exclusive strategy meetings with top distributors. I "showed the plan" 10 to 15 times a month. I prospected and invited everyone and their dog to plan showings and house meetings. We lined up a score of babysitters and, according to AMO teaching, benignly neglected our three children while "building the business for the sake of their future". For four years I did everything "right". I endured net business losses, ongoing fights with my spouse (Ambattles), insidious family destabilization, financial starvation and loss of personal identity all because I was PROGRAMMED to believe that this was the price I was supposed to pay for "success".

I was one of those fired up and excited distributors and was happy with Amway - knowing that someday if I just kept doing what I was doing, my family and I would be "free". Then I found out one day that my wife was SECRETLY siphoning off funds that were intended for the mortgage and food so that we could meet Amway motivational expenses (tapes, rallies, major functions, etc.). We were, after all, told a thousand times by our upline to get the funds by any LEGAL means. They didn't say a thing about REASONABLE or ETHICAL. This pillaging of our budget and the attendant fighting went on for months and months until I woke up one morning and realized that I could no longer say I'm excited, ain't it great when I really wasn't and it really ain't. That morning I told my wife I could no longer be an Ambot and that I was through with the whole enterprise for good and I quit.


The bad dream turned NIGHTMARE. This was directly the result of my AMO's system of Though Reform which is the term used by AMO's for their methods of mental conditioning and attitude-improvement but actually is simply a euphemism for psychological manipulation . Through thought reform AMO's program distributors to restrict their thinking to a dangerously narrow, self-righteous and prejudiced band on the spectrum of values and ideas. For example, anyone who commits to the business and then decides to get out for any reason loses his or her status as a human being. They become objectified as some form of subhuman entity. Wimp, loser, failure, dreamstealer, wiener and so on are some that come to mind. So it was inevitable that my wife would so objectify me for getting out of the business, leave me, and search for that winner, that ideal diamond material, that Amway distributor who would build her dream.

My x-wife freely admits that she left because I quit Amway. We differ, however, as to whether we would still be together if Amway had never come into our lives. I believe we would but, of course, she does not agree simply because her AMO-inspired opinion of me has lowered to the point where she believes I was born a loser and will always be.

My now X-wife has been in the Amway business for over 7 years. She has still not achieved even the direct distributor level. Indeed, when last I heard, she has yet to reach the level of 4000 PV a month. In the 4 years I worked the business, the loyalty and commitment that originally went to me slowly but surely shifted to Amway and the leaders in the AMO. These mentors did not discourage this estrangement. Keeping her as a potential direct distributor was more to their advantage than having her leave their business and stay with me. Further, there is compelling evidence that she was even encouraged along the way by her upline associates and elements of the AMO system in her efforts to put Amway before family - a most appalling irony and contradiction considering that the vast majority of Amway distributors and the founders themselves are fundamentalist Christians and supposedly value family (spouse and children) just below God (see letter next, below). Amway and her AMO are still telling her when and where to jump and she's still asking "How high"? They run her life completely. Further she still spends thousands a year on motivation causing a partial abdication of her financial responsibilities to our children. So, in effect, the nightmare continues.













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