An "AMbush" is an e-mail message sent by a current or former Amway distributor via an anonymous e-mailer to authors of so-called "Anti-Amway" websites. AMbushes are usually one or two line "snipes" but, on occasion, can be longer and scathing diatribes against the character, mental stability, motives and integrity of the website author. Occasionally a really demented Ambot will send the same AMbush several hundred times (see example below). An AMbush seldom, if ever, debates specific contentions made on the "offending" site and is a cowardly act of spite and reactivity. An electronic hit-and-run. About 1 message in every 100 to 150 is of this cowardly nature.

I use my real name and my real e-mail address on my site. I have nothing to hide and truly believe I am doing a service to the unsuspecting population not only in this country but internationally. I invite people to respond to the considerations put forth in this site. Those that disagree with my position are also welcome to respond. However, if you disagree, you must refute point-by-point the major contentions I make in the Lies My Upline Told Me section that is an exposition of
Harmful Ideas, Untruths, Tricks, Half Truths and Misrepresentations. I WANT discussions on these issues. Yet, no one who has ever written with a contrary stance has EVER argued against any SPECIFIC contentions put forth in this section. If you don't do this it means you haven't read the core of my position or else you won't confront the truths therein.

Since I refuse to have an anonymous site or use a phantom E-dress I must deal with the occasional AMbush. I will use this section to feature AMbushes most indicative of what I speak. As you will see they are not only cowardly, they embody the very "negativity" the Ambot disdains.

Below is one of the more exemplary responses. It accuses me of being hateful toward the Amway Corporation so, obviously, the author didn't read my page carefully, especially the
clarification. If there is hate ANYWHERE on my site it's in this man's message which, unlike my sight, carries very little TRUTH (How could it? He doesn't know me. However, I know AMO's quite well).

"Al" admits he is a FORMER Amway distributor. In other words he QUIT. In the AMO I was in, "Al" would be branded a LOSER. Not only that, his statements about "good business sense" in his message would be laughed at by high level distributors because in their view ANYONE who doesn't "do Amway" has NO business sense. So "Al", according to AMO doctrine, is not only a loser, he's a big dummy.
Al makes the following statement:

The book Think and Grow Rich is one of the all time great books, and I find you to be totally ignorent when it comes to success principles.

But this guy can't even spell ignorant right. Read for yourself.

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 22:30:55 -0400 (EDT)
To: Ashley Wilkes <>
Subject: Fwd: Your Site

I am a former distributor that just ran into your site and others and am
amazed at the hate that is out there for Amway Corp and some of it's

I was active in the business for a couple of years, and learned many
valuable lessons, and skills that I use in my own business today. I think
it is pathetic how you misconstrue what is really going on, but I have to
give you credit for twisting things just right (or left should I say) for
your own agenda (whatever that is). You have taken a lot of the strong
points and have made them look like scams or ripoffs. The tapes,
functions and books are the key to building a unity within any type of

I attend seminars today, and whether they be sales or management or
training seminars, I can tell you that they are a lot more than $12 for a
seminar and rally, and in most cases are $80-100 or more per day for
information that sometimes is not that good.

I will say that I do listen to some motivational sales cassettes, but even
there they are far more expensive than any tapes that I listened to in the
Amway business. The tapes are the best way to get information out to any
sales organization regardless of industry!

The book Think and Grow Rich is one of the all time great books, and I
find you to be totally ignorent when it comes to success principles. I see
you work at a college so it is no wonder that you are a public servant,
and don't have any business experience.

I respect someone that is willing to risk to make a better life for their
family regardless of the business. What you are doing is affecting people
in a negative way, because you couldn't cut it or were unwilling to make
the proper adjustments.

You obviously don't have much of a life, otherwise how could you find the
time to write down verbatim what someone said on a tape or phone call.
This alone tells me you are a sad individual that has nothing better to
do. My wife would look at me and laugh if I told her that I was going to
transcribe tapes to put on a website! What a joke.

Success is based on God's principles, and it doesn't matter if you use
those principles in a MLM business or Martial Arts business like mine.
They work if you apply them.

For you my friend I feel sorry for you, because you are one of those
"Timid souls that no neither victory or defeat".

Even though I am not involved in Amway anymore, it makes me sick to see
someone try an twist things for their own pathetic agenda, possibly
affecting someone negatively.

Well buddy, your work will definately bear fruit, because "YOU REAP WHAT


Al Perhacs

The following message was sent to me over 200 times:

From: <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 97 07:19:46 -0500
To: Ashley Wilkes <>
Subject: cool page

amway rules!!













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