Below is a transcript from a sequence of Amvox messages that passes along the slanderous notion that Procter and Gamble's logo is a satanic symbol and that P & G contributes a large part of its revenue to a satanic church. Amway distributor, Randy Haugen and others and the Amway Corporation are being sued by P & G for this activity. The suit has been expanded against Amway to include the deliberate use of false and disparaging product comparisons, and unfair competition via the operation of an illegal pyramid scheme. The suit alleges that Amway competes for customers unfairly by operating a pyramid scheme in which most of Amway's products are consumed by Amway distributors.

Exhibit F, transcript from Amvox communication system:

Thursday, 1:24 P.M.
Remote Message from Randy and Valorie Haugen
"This is a great message, listen to it."

Thursday, 12:17 A.M.
Remote Message from "This is Randy [Walker] double Your numbers."
"Hello Randy, attached is a very interesting message. Love you.
Bye, bye."

Wednesday, 11:38 P.M.
Remote Message from Jeff Musgrove
"Randy, this is Jeff -- hey you may have already
received a message like this, uh, before but, um, figured I'd send
it to you just in case you haven't. It's, uh, pretty interesting.
Anyway talk to you later. Love you man. Bye, bye."

Wednesday, 10:25 P.M.
Remote Message from Roger and Susan Patton
"Hey Jeff, it's Roger Patton.

"I wanna run something by you real quick that I think you will
find pretty interesting. Just talking to a guy the other night
about this very subject and it just so happens that a guy brings
information in and lays it on my desk this morning, so here it

"It says the president of Procter & Gamble appeared on the Phil
Donahue Show on March 1, '95. He announced that due to the
openness of our society, he was coming out of the closet about
his association with the church of satan. He stated that a large
portion of the profits from the Procter & Gamble products go to
support his satanic church. When asked by Donahue if stating
this on television would hurt his business, his reply was 'there
are not enough Christians in the United States to make a
difference.' And below it has a list of the Procter & Gamble
products which I'll read:

"Duncan Hines, Folgers, Gleem, Bold, Crisco, Jif, Bounce,
Puritan, Always, Cascade, Secret, Attends Under Garments,
Cheer, Sure, Oil of Olay, Joy, Head N Shoulders, Wondra,
Comet, Pert, Camay, Dawn, Prell, Coast, Downy, Vidal
Sassoon, Ivory, Gain, Luvs, Lava, Mr. Clean, Pampers,
Safeguard, Oxydol, Pepto Bismol, Charmin, Spic N Span,
Scope, Puffs, Tide, Crest, Zest, Top Job

"It says if you are not sure about a product, look for the symbol
of the ram's horn that will appear on each product beginning in
April. The ram's horn will form the 666 which is known as
satan's number. I'll tell you it really makes you count your
blessings to have available to all of us a business that allows us
to buy all the products that we want from our own shelf and I
guess my real question is, if people aren't being loyal to
themselves and buying from their own business, then whose
business are they supporting and who are they buying from.
Love you. Talk to you later. Bye."













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