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Why is there so much criticism of Amway on the Internet -- My views

ACLU of Southern CA Challenges Companies Who Force Employees to Waive Right to Sue http://www.aclu.org/news/n021798b.html

If you feel it is wrong for Amway to require U.S. distributors to give up their constitutional rights so that they can be in business, please contact The ACLU and voice your concerns.

Group of high-level (emeralds and a diamond) Texan distributors file $200 million lawsuit against Amway and distributors. Read all about it at the Houston Chronicle. If you wish to read the lawsuit, click here.

Introduction and Disclaimer
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The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing
Written by Robert L. Fitzpatrick

The 6-4-2 Example in the SA-4400
A closer look

Emerald and Diamond Incomes
Here I try to come up with their 6 figure incomes

All the ways DD's and above profit from your losses
Read this and you'll know the "real" importance of the system

Email from DD's and above on System Profits
Silvers and above confirm that your upline is making a TON of money from you

The New Amway versus the Old Amway
What it was like 10 years ago compared to today

Amway is the best home business out there
Find out how MLM's rate in Money Magazines best home business list

A Britt Distributor talks about The Work & Income from the Britt System

Statistics on success rates of distributors
These statistics come straight from the SA-4400 -- All you have to do is read the darn thing!

Does Amway Produce More Millionaires than any other business?
I hope you're not suprised that the answer is no!

Business Failure Rates
Statistics from the Small Business Administration

Dun & Bradstreet Ratings explained
What does a Dun & Bradstreet rating mean to a Direct Seller?

Check out what major magazines have to say about Amway
Here I check out many of the major magazines on the internet for articles on Amway

Do 68% of sales get returned to distributors
Let's look at this logically.

Amway Retirement and Willable Income
Work hard for 2-5 years, retire on the beaches of the world, and then will your income to your heirs...Right?....WRONG!

Amway product price comparison
Do you save or spend more?

Buying from your own store - The Pros and Cons
Some things you should consider about opening an Amway Store

How do I do a 100 points?
It's not as easy as you are told

Can you really build the business with 5-10 hours per week?
Find out how most of your spare time can be eaten up by "The System"

You can build this business on a Shoe-String budget
My personal expenditures

Profit/Loss and your Taxes
If you lose money...how does it affect your Taxes

Divorce Rates
Reader's Digest debunks a popular myth about divorce rates

Income & Retirement Statistics
Compare IRS and SSA statistics against Amway distributor statistics

Education Statistics from the U.S. Department of Education
Graduation statistics and income statistics

The "System" Versus Education
Submitted by a former Amway distributor

The 2-5 Year Plan - How long does it really take to "Go Diamond"
From Amway's own Amagrams -- Since 1992

How many new Diamonds and Emeralds - From 1992 to present
The number of new Diamonds and Emeralds by State

The companies Amway deals with and the number of products
Are they really mostly Fortune 500 companies?

Amway's Sales figures - 1959 to 1997
Also find out when Amway opened up in their foreign markets.

Amway Distributor Counts around the world
These counts come from Amway's Web Site

What Amway Products Are Available by Country
Suprise! Only a small percentage of foreign markets sell something other than Amway products core-line products

Miscellanous Stuff


How to get a refund on BSM's and unused products -- The BSMAA actually makes it easier for you to get a refund!

If you are upset over what has happened to you in an Amway Motivational Organization, Here is what YOU can do to help

Tips On Work-At-Home Schemes
A Better Business Bureau Consumer Information Series Publication.

Amway's Business Compendium
The rules and ethics an Amway distributors are supposed to use

Amway's new Intent To Continue (ITC) and Business Support Materials Arbitration Agreement (BSMAA)

Fact of Fiction web-site--The rest of the story

Links to More Amway information sites

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All that you will find here are peoples stories, both pro and con. All of the email that were just thank you's, requests for information, or hate mail are omitted.

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